We Got Kicked Off Federal Reserve Bank Property For Talking About Bitcoin

Tai: This is Tai Zen. I got my buddy, Leonfu.com right here the Warren Buffett of cryptocurrency’s investing and the Oracle of Austin, Texas.

So we’re here guys, as you guys can see from around us here, we’re at the Federal Reserve in Dallas, the 11th district right here. And we just want to make this video really quick, guys. Leon, myself, we’re from Main Street, we’re not from Wall Street so we don’t get privy to what they print money and do all that fancy stuff.

So we wanted to tell you guys, if you work for the Federal Reserve, or if you have friends and family that work in there, you got buddies inside there, then you don’t have to worry about Bitcoin and you don’t have to worry about investing in Bitcoin

But if you’re like Leonfu.com and me, we got to look at Bitcoin alternatives guys, because that’s the only way that the little guys like us on Main Street are ever going to come up.

Leon: That’s right, unlike the Bitcoin miners who actually have to do hashing and spend electricity to write themselves a check of 25 Bitcoins every 10 minutes, these guys, they just press a button and they got all the money…

It’s like, instead of us, instead of the miners spending all this money on electricity, doing the proof of work. There is no proof of work here.


We try to knock on their doors and try to get inside and become one of their members but they wouldn’t allow us, man. They said, “Hey man, we don’t allow no Asians in here, and we don’t allow any poor folks in here.”

So that’s why the next best thing, we’ll stand out here, maybe we’ll get some extra bucks or something, but you know, just all joking aside, guys. This is a reason why Leonfu.com and I, we really strongly believe in the cryptocurrency movement because you see how fortified their building is.

It’s one of the biggest buildings right here in Dallas. If you look all around us right there, there you go guys, it’s one of the biggest buildings around. It’s not big because they’re broke, it’s big because they can print money whenever they want to, and as Leon says, they don’t even have to use a printing press anymore.

Leon: Yes.

Tai: If you’re in doubts about the cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin the Ethereum and all those things like that, you might want to look at the history of how these guys spread money and how it’s destroying our financial system.

And they can’t stop guys, they can’t stop because they’ve started something that they don’t have a solution to, and the only person comes up with the solution to fix the problem they’ve created is Satoshi Nakamoto with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and now we have guys like Vitalik Buterin with the Ethereum.

Leon: That’s right. It’s building on the work of Satoshi and maybe we can put these guys out of business one day.

Tai: Yeah, we foresee the future where that Federal Reserve logo will be there no more. It’ll be the logo for Bitcoin or be the logo for the Ethereum, or whatever comes next that’s going to dominate the cryptocurrency scene. So we just want to make this fun video real quick, guys. Right here, in front of the Fed.

Here comes the security guard so we’re going to have to cut it off, guys…We’re just taking a picture in front of the Fed…Okay, all right… Okay, no problem…. Hey, we’re not trying to break the law here guys…. You know how the tourists are…

Tai: Hey Leon, come over here. Did you guys see that? They heard us talk about Bitcoin on their cameras and they sent the security out to run us off. So we go ahead and in this video here guys, give us a thumbs up if you guys like these videos. If you guys don’t like it give us a thumbs down and make sure you subscribe. And we’re going to end this here before they throw our ass in jail or something talking about Bitcoin in front of the Federal Reserve.

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