Waves Platform For Investors #5 – 5 Reasons To Invest Into The Waves Platform

 What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen. In this video, I want to share with you my thoughts and LeonFu.com’s thoughts. We just had a call recording and for some reason, the call recorded did not turn out correctly. If you know of a good call recorder app for a Samsung or Android phone, please let me know.

I have tried over two dozen call recorders already and none of them work very well. They’re not clear. They’re not crisp. Besides, those records are not in MP3 or MP4 format which I can easily upload to YouTube.

So if you want more information about ICO and how to invest correctly, please help me find a good call recorder app so that I can record and just upload it right away every time I call LeonFu.com to discuss a particular cryptocurrency. Because sometimes, the time from when we make the recording to when we actually upload it is too long, which is annoying.

Anyways, in this video,  I want to talk about what Leon and I just discussed. We actually had a half-hour discussion between me and him after the investor Q&A with the waves platform creator Sasha Ivanov in Moscow, Russia. Since the call recording did not turn out well, I have to shoot this video without Leon in the background.

So in this video, I want to share with you five reasons you might want to consider when investing in the waves platform. And since I made the first three waves platform videos in Times Square in New York, I’ve done some more research.

Based on the amount of money that they have raised and the discussion we just had just a few minutes ago with the creator of the waves platform, I have changed my mind. I have increased a small position inside my waves investment.

I just want to say that so that I’m transparent with what I’m doing. Leon did not increase his bet size on the waves platform, but he said that it did increase his confidence in making a little bit of money into the waves platform ICO. However, we do agree on these five points.  So let’s get into it.

One of the reasons why I decided to increase my bet size on the waves platform is they have more funding now. In the past, there was not enough funding for most cryptocurrency and software projects.

However, in this one, they’re going to raise over $5,000,000 USD. Leon and I would not be surprised if they ended up raising over $6,000,000 USD and became the number two most popular ICO or the second most funded ICO behind the DAOhub.org, which is an ICO running at this moment. So that’s the first reason they have more money now to the market and to develop their software projects.

The number two reason that I got from hanging out with Sasha is that he had originally created the Coinomat. It is an instant exchange where you don’t need to put in your identity and do all the other stuff to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, he did not have enough funding for that project. Then another project by Roger Ver called ShapeShift (shapeshift.io) appeared and became successful.

So Sasha has learned from his mistakes with Coinomat, which were not gaining the traction and not moving fast enough to partner up with all the exchanges and everything like that, then applied towards the waves platforms. So that’s reason number two.

Reason number three is that most software projects fail because they try to do too much. If you look at the Android app store and the iPhone app store, or if you notice most of the software projects and the applications that succeed,  they only do one thing.

For example, Snapchat only does one thing is shooting instant videos and chats which quickly disappear later on. If you look at Uber, they only focus on giving you rides. If you look at Airbnb, they only get you a place to stay. Therefore, all the most successful apps that are in the app stores usually focus on resolving one problem or one solution.

We believe that the waves platform, which we understand better after talking to the creator Sasha, is focusing specifically on creating a Fiat Gateway or a methodology for a Fiat Currency such as the US dollar, the Eurodollar, the Pound, the Yen and things like that to go into the cryptocurrency world.

The fourth reason is that Sasha learned from the mistakes of another cryptocurrency such as Lisk, Ethereum, NXT. Based on the investor Q&A, I know he learned a lot from the mistakes that made NXT failed.

NXT was actually the first Bitcoin 2.0 that came out even before Ethereum but they failed even though a lot of features they have are very powerful and very good. Nevertheless, they did not have a very good business and marketing mindset behind it.

That’s why they create good software but no one uses it now. It’s fallen to the sidelines simply because they did not push it in the market like the way they did with the Ethereum. Sasha claims that he’s learned from that and from other Cryptocurrencies and apply it towards the waves platform. So that’s reason number four.

Reason number five that I decided to increase my position with the waves platform ICO and the same reason that LeonFu.com is more confident in his investment with the ICO is that we have the ability to talk directly and communicate directly to Sasha and he has been very responsive.

We reached out to him to for this investor Q&A and he responded very promptly, very immediately and he was working with us on the schedule to have this hangout. So the fact that we are getting all the questions answered.

Sometimes I think the questions might not have been answered directly like we wanted to due to the language barrier. However, we tried to do our best to communicate our questions as investors.

I think that he did a decent job of being upfront and answering the best he could with the language issues we had to answer our investor questions and the investors’ questions from our YouTube audience.

So those are the five reasons that have made LeonFu.com more confident in maintaining his current position that he has with the waves platform. It’s also the five reasons that have motivated me to increase my bet size by a small bit in the waves platform ICO.

Before I wrap up this video, I want to share with you something that I think is very important when it comes to all these cryptocurrencies and then when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies period whether it’s from the investor side, the developer side of the inventor side like Sasha. I’m going to use a story to share with you this so that you guys can picture this in your head.

I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. It’s a mixed martial art fighting competition and the biggest fighter and I believe it’s one of the best fighters in the UFC now is an Irish fighter named Conor McGregor.

In case you don’t know Connor McGregor, he’s kind of like the modern-day Muhammad Ali. However, what makes him famous, likable, and very popular with all the fans is that he does trash talk about the other fighters and then he says that he’s going to knock them out in the first or the second round, which he actually does. He actually goes in there and he backs up what he says. So it’s made him very popular among the fans.

One of the things that he did was that he was talking trash about how he was going to beat the 10-year champion in 145 lb weight class from Brazil. This fighter named Jose Aldo was a 10-year champion and he’s undefeated in 10 years in 145 lb weight class. Conor McGregor said he was going kick his butt and sure enough he did he went there and knocked him out in 13 seconds in the first round just like he had predicted.

So this put his name out there. He became even more famous when he decided to move up one weight class and go fight in 155 lb weight class against the champion. Nonetheless, the champion ended up hurting his foot and could not fight the match.

McGregor and the UFC had spent all this time and money to promote the fight and insert and all the fans that bought the tickets and everything. So, instead of letting that go, what McGregor did was he decided to move up to the 170 lb weight class and fight a very popular fighter there named Nate Diaz from Northern California.

What they did was they fight each other and in the first round, he beat the crap out of Nate Diaz but then he got tired and lost energy and got winded. But according to the reports and the interviews by Conor McGregor, he said that he ran out of energy because in the last couple of weeks that he tried to pump up and get bigger for that weight class.

He is used to knocking guys out in the 145 lb weight class. He was not aware that it takes more hits to knock someone bigger than him instead of just one punch knockout like he did with all the lighter guys.

So he said that he’s got to go back and train and learn how to manage his energy better so that he can last five rounds and beat Nate Diaz in the rematch. Now I believe strongly that he’s going to do that because he’s a very smart fighter and he’s learned from the mistakes that he made the first time he fought Nate Diaz. He will come back from it and he’s going to become a better fighter and have a very high chance of winning.

The reason why I share this with you is that I believe that is the case of Sasha. Now keep in mind that I’m not his friend. I’m not speaking up for him. I’m not telling you to invest in his waves platforms. I’m just sharing my personal opinions and my thoughts on what I see and hear.

Based on my thoughts and opinions, I see that he has learned a great deal from the failure with Coinomat where he tried to create an instant exchange, and then I know that hurt him to see that ShapeShift came after him and became number one instant crypto exchange.

So I believe that he learned from that and he will come back and he’s going to learn from that mistake that he made with Coinomat and now that he has the funding over $5,000,000 USD to be able to make the waves platform succeed.

I think he’s going to have the ambition and the business drive and the ambition to take his team and make the waves platform succeed. On this second time, I believe that he’s going to take that kind of McGregor approach and make it succeed. So that’s my thoughts guys on what I learned from the investor Q&A.

Thanks for watching this video guys. If you guys like these types of videos, give me a thumbs up. Let me know if you like that investor Q&A I did with the waves platform creator Sasha. I will look to do that in the future with new ICO and then we can go from there.

So give me a thumbs up if you like this video. If you guys don’t, give me a thumbs down. It won’t hurt my feelings. It lets me know to make more of it or not to make more of it.

If you are new to this make sure that you subscribe to a channel. I’m also happy to say that we got over 2000 subscribers starting today. Last night it was below two thousand and woke up this morning we got over 2000 subscribers. So that’s awesome.

I want to say thank you to my team with LeonFu.com, the Oracle of cryptocurrency and the rest the team that’s in the background that helps to make this channel succeed. I just want to say thanks for trusting in us to be the premier source for investing and trading in cryptocurrency. I’ll see you guys in future videos.

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