Waves Platform For Investors #3 – What Are The Advantages Of Investing In The Waves Crypto Platform?

What’s up guys! This is Tai Zen again. In the first video I talked about the Waves Platform, in the second video, I talked about some of the risks that are involved with investing in the Waves Platform.

In this video, I want to share with you guys some of the advantages and some of the benefits and some of the things that could be an advantage or a benefit to investing in the Waves Platform. The first advantage and benefit that the Waves team has, it’s Tosch and Sasha.

Tosh is a German guy, and then Sasha is the Russian or European guy. So, I’m broadcasting here guys in the middle of Times Square again. I want to share with you guys a few things that I saw that they have an advantage with doing an ICO for their Platform.

First of all, their platform, their software is not new, their software, their currency is a feature that is inside the larger platform called the NXT Platform.

NXT came out in December of 2013 and the end of 2013 at the beginning of 2014. NXT was the first original Bitcoin 2.0, they had their own original blockchain, their own original public ledger, the software was new. It’s not like Litecoin or Dogecoin where they copied it, they just made a clone of Bitcoin and made a few tweaks.

NXT was a completely new platform and it came out before Ethereum or any of that. It did not succeed because it was pre-mine and the coins were issued in advance, during the release, it was way ahead of its time.

People did not know what a pre-mine coin, they talk it was a scam, they talk it was fraud because it was way ahead of his time, they did a crowd sale and it was only a short period of time. There were only 75 people that participate in it, so because of all these factors that BCNext, the inventor of NXT.

People were not happy with it, it never gained the traction and got the success that it needed, even though it was years ahead of its time. Because of that, they have been building the NXT Platform for a long time now, long time means 1 or 2 years in the Cryptocurrency world.

So now Sasha and Tosch have been working in the NXT community, on the NXT software a while back. Apparently, they were not happy with the growth and the success of NXT because it was every day, every month is going lower and lower and it’s getting less and less noticeable, even though it’s a great software.

So they decided that instead of doing the software with all these great features in it, they are going to take one key feature which is the token feature or the Colored coin feature out of the NXT Platform and make it their own separate software. Because of that, the advantage they have is that the software is already done.

They don’t have to invent it from scratch, that’s a huge benefit. They don’t have to spend a lot of development time in building the software because it was already done inside the NXT Platform, so they’re taking 1 feature out of it.

Let’s say that NXT is a car and the token or the Colored coin feature is just a mirror and you needed a mirror and instead of tweeting and inventing a mirror all by itself, you just go into the NXT car and you rip out the mirror and now you have your own mirror instead of inventing it from scratch. So that’s like the closest analogy or description I can share with you guys.

So there’s very little risk whether or not their software succeed because it’s already working inside the NXT Platform. So they’re just making a separate software all by itself, it’s not original, it’s a feature inside the NXT Platform. The development time in it should be very short.

So that’s the first key advantage when you invest into the Waves Platform. The second key advantage of investing in the Waves Platform is that they raise on the first day of their ICO, their ICO runs like 45 days or something like that.

Already they have raised 5,400 Bitcoins and in terms of US dollars. That is 2.4 million dollars that they already raised, and 2 million of it was raised in the first 24 hours. I don’t know that’s a record or not but that’s a massive amount of money for them to rise by 2 guys in 24 hours.

There is a lot of money there all ready for them to pay for good software engineers to come to help them build out the Platform. So that’s another advantage they have, is that the amount of money that they raise and collected for their ICO already is a huge amount for 2 guys that did not promote their Waves Platform at any conference, they did not make any videos to promote it or anything.

In my opinion, for just doing it from scratch that’s very impressive, so those are the key advantages that I see. Another advantage is that because Tosch and Sasha have already worked in the NXT community, I do not believe that they left the NXT community on bad terms.

Because of that, it would be very easy for them to recruit people from the NXT community or other communities to join them in developing the Waves Platform, especially when they got 2.4million dollars to do it with. The other advantage they have is that they have another guy JL777 from the Bitcoin community to help them with their Platform values.

His name is a JL777. He’s the creator of the supernet in the NXT Platform, he helped develop the supernet Platform in NXT community. So these guys have a lot of experience in the NXT community already.

So, when they branch off they are not new to the game, they’ve been around for a while. So that’s another advantage that we have when you invest in the Waves Platform. So hopefully these are some of the advantages that I saw that even though there’s a lot of risks involved with this, it still allowed me to feel comfortable in putting a small amount of Bitcoins into the Waves ICO.

I hope that these series of videos guys help you become more knowledgeable and educated on investing in the ICO for Waves. If you guys like these videos, give me a thumbs up. If you guys don’t like it, give me a thumbs down so I’ll know not to waste time making it.

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And myself and Leonfu.com and Eric G and the rest of my team will share the information that we find and research with you guys. Happy investing guys, I hope you guys make a bucket load from this ICO, I’ll see you guys in the future video.

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