Waves Platform For Investors #2 – What Are The Risks Of Investing In The Waves Crypto Platform?

What’s up, guys, this is Tai Zen again, I’m broadcasting out in the middle of Times Square. It’s fun broadcasting out here because you never know who’s gonna show up behind me and participate in this video shoot.

So in this first video, I explained to you what Waves were and some of the people that’s involved with it. In this video, I want to talk about some of the risks that are involved. Because a lot of people whenever they see me talking about Ethereum, they always think that I’m trying to pump up Ethereum.

I want to talk about some of the risk involved with investing in the Waves Platform. Well, the first risk is that the 2 guys are involved in Waves as I mentioned in the previous video, the 2 guys are involved are Sasha, his real name is Sasha Ivanov. He’s a graduate of Moscow State University, so I’m gonna assume that he’s Russian or he’s somewhere in Europe.

Then, there’s a German guy named Todd that goes by the handoff Tosch and his real name is Tobias Schwartz. These 2 guys, if you look at their credentials, one is a graduate of Moscow State University and has a degree in theoretical physics, or not a degree but he is from the theoretical physics department and he’s a computer programmer.

The other guy, Tobias Schwartz, has a bachelor’s in philosophy in sociology at Düsseldorf Germany. I don’t know anything about Germany, I don’t know anything about their schools so I have no clue if that’s a good school or not, that’s what he graduated from and he has focused on statistics and all these other initials that I have no clue about.

But here’s what I will tell you, if you read their bio on the Waves Platform, the ICO of Wavesplatform.com it’s very clear on their bio pages and their description that these guys are not in sales and not in marketing. There is no evidence whatsoever that they have experienced in sales and marketing.

It appears from their description that they have plenty of evidence that they are experienced in computer software and computer code and security and things like that, but absolutely no experience in sales and marketing and promotions.

So that’s one of the risks that you’re gonna face when you’re investing into the Waves Platform is that unlike the Ethereum platform where they have a sales and a marketing team to promote their stuff, the Waves platform has nobody on their team that is in charge of the promotion, the sales, and the marketing. Unlike the Lisk team who were Max Kordek.

I know that Max has some experience of promoting a Cryptocurrency because previously he worked at Crypti to help them with that. In previous to that, he worked with me and other guys in the NXT community, trying to establish the NXT foundation before he ran off and established his own organization to promote NXT.

So, at least with Lisk, with Slock.it, with Augur, with Ethereum, all these guys, there is somebody on their team that is very clear and dedicated to just the sales and the promotion, and the marketing of their Cryptocurrency. On the Waves Platform, I don’t see anybody doing it, so that to me is a huge risk because how is anybody gonna know about it.

If there’s nobody out there running their mouth and hyping up their Cryptocurrency, they need a frontman to do all that pitching. The second risk that you face when you invest into the Waves Platform is that unlike Ethereum where you had Vitalik go around to all the Bitcoin conventions and all the Bitcoin conferences for like 6 months and years or so before he even released the Ethereum.

He went around for 6 to 12 months promoting and hyping up and talking about all the wonders and the fantasies of Ethereum. Whether or not it was true or not, nobody knows, but at least he and his team were out there hyping it up on the internet online, on Credit, they’re marketing it to the world. We don’t know if it works or not.

Today we know it works but 1 year ago, 2 years ago we did not know and they were out there spreading the message, with Waves there was nobody out there spreading the message. The only person is doing it is myself and I have no affiliation with those guys. I’m the most promotion and marketing they have for the Waves Platform and to me, that is there not a good sign.

First is that they don’t have a background, the guys that develop Waves don’t have a background. Number two there’s no sales and marketing, these guys are not running around to the conferences to promote it. In my opinion, they should run around to the conferences, talk about it and promote it at the conferences, and talk about it and then let the public criticize them and attack their ideas and everything so they’ll know what to expect, so they can address those objections before they run the ICO.

That’s another one. The other thing too is that the risk that they have is that they are taking a piece of the software that’s already been created inside the NXT community, inside the NXT blockchain, inside the NXT Cryptocurrency and taking it out and just taking 1 feature which is the Colored coins or the token feature and making a separate coin all by itself, and there’s a risk in that.

Because when it’s in the NXT platform, it has already been tested, there are people attacking it they’re trying to hack it and so there’s plenty of testing going on. When they take it, that feature, and make it separate on their own blockchain and make it separate from the NXT blockchain, they run the risk being attacked by hackers and not having the security that they need to back it up.

So that’s another risk that you guys take. Another risk that you face with the Waves, investing into the Waves Platform is this: they only have 2 people, guys. Now Leonfu.com is working for Dell computers on an iOS project that they’re making an app for iOS apps that they’re making for iPhones, for Dell computers.

I think that they’re spending 50 million dollars on the project, there’re about 50 people involved and a lot of them are software people and they have a huge sales team trying to promote their app for Dell computers. In my opinion, 2 guys with no salespeople trying to promote their software, that’s extremely difficult. So those are some of the risks that just right up front that I see.

Another risk is that their website is very lousy, they have a very slap-together website, the security on the website is not very strong. You can leave the website open for several days, there’s nothing that automatically shuts it off. You can turn off your computer, turn it back on and their website, you’re still logged into your account, the website never logs you out when you disconnect from their website.

So things like that is another issue that means that they’re so busy on the Waves Platform that they don’t have time to even do the security on their own website, and especially on their ICO platform. The other risk that’s involved with the Waves platform is the fact that when they put out their white paper, they have a 9 paged white paper, I have it in front of me.

The first page is the title page, the second page is just blank. The other 7 pages on there are just mostly text. If you compare, you don’t have to be a mathematician, you don’t have to be a software engineer but if you just put side by side, the Bitcoin white paper that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is very clear and it’s very evident that the white paper that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto, he is an academic, he is a very intelligent human being, he’s a very good mathematician, a computer scientist.

Some the people are saying he’s not a good coder, but from the white paper and how clear the descriptions are, every word, every sentence in that white paper speaks volumes of description. You compare the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto compared to the Waves Platform white paper, it is written like an elementary school level, while the Bitcoin white paper is written at a high-leveled college academic level.

And I’m not talking about the vocabulary that’s being used to describe the technology. If you look at the Bitcoin white paper Satoshi Nakamoto clearly states the problem and then he states the solution and then he gives a mathematical formula to back up the solution that he provides. Whereas if you look at the Waves white paper, it’s just a list of features of what they’re fantasy, their dream features of what they want in their software is.

There is no mathematical, I don’t see any math on there to show, they talk about their fantasies and their dreams of what they want in their software, they don’t state with a clearly what the problem is and what their solution is, and the mathematical formulas to support and improve that their solution can work and they have no computer code in there to back up the fact that they have computer code that can actually do the task or the solution that they are providing.

So, to me it’s just a slap-together, it’s really sloppy, it’s really shoddy and it’s just sloppy work. I would not consider that a white paper, I would consider that a brown paper, a grey paper or even a black paper, but it is far from being an A grade, A level, high-grade white paper. When you read it, when I read it, there is nothing on there that justifies that this is a revolutionary technology or anything that is revolutionary, there’s nothing that they say in that white paper.

They’re basically just saying things that I’ve already been mentioned inside the NXT platform. There’s no math, there’s no software code, there’s absolutely no evidence that they are capable of doing what they want to do with the software. The other thing is that they are going to target the KYC and they provide a gateway for their platform to integrate and merge with the Fiat currency system that all the central banks and all the governments and all the countries are currently using right now like the US dollar, the Euro, the Yen, the Pound and things like that.

In their white paper, they have no evidence and they state no clear plan or instruction on how they are going to approach the banks, the financial institutions, how they’re going to get KYC or know your customer compliance. They don’t have any indications in their white paper, how they are going to gain AML or anti-money laundering.

They’re not going to get KYC permission or AML, a permission or licensing or anything that is going to authenticate and show that they are capable, that they’re going to be compliant with the KYC laws and the AML laws of all the Western countries and things like that. So there’s absolutely no evidence whatever that they are capable of doing it, there’s no game plan. Like if they claim that they’re going to be KYC and AML compliant with the financial institution, as an investor, I would invest a lot more, if I knew how they were going to do that.

That’s like me saying that hey, we are going to make our website and our channel KYC compliant and AML compliant, like how the hell we’re gonna do that? What is your game plan are? We gonna hire a law firm to do that?

What exactly are we going to do to get KYC and AML compliant? Stating the fact that I want AML or KYC compliance, anti-money laundering or know your customer compliance with the bank, that’s not enough to bet the house on that.

If you look back at when Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of the Ethereum when he was going around to all the Bitcoin conferences, he was clearly stating the problem, he was clearly stating solution and he clearly says the computer code and the math to make it work. When he produced the Ethereum white paper, it is very solid.

So, this is a like an elementary first grade, second-grade level white paper that the guys in the Waves Platform put out, so I don’t have a lot of confidence in it. And if you guys are watching this right now, need me to step it up and write a better white paper because this is a bull sheet.

So that’s my opinion on it and those are the risks that I believe that are involved with investing in the Waves Platform, I just want to share that with you guys. There’re a lot of people when they watch a Cryptocurrency channel, they believe sometimes that we’re trying to hype or pump up a coin and dump it or something, we’re not.

I’m sharing with you guys everything that research, that Leonfu.com and I research and what we know about this before you guys invest into it. I want to make it clear that Leonfu.com, myself and Eric G has invested a small number of Bitcoins into the Waves Platform simply because we don’t know what’s gonna succeed.

We don’t know what’s going to become Facebook and what’s going to become to Myspace. Because of that, we’re playing a very small bet into the Waves Platform. Thanks for watching this video, guys.

If you guys like it, give me a thumbs up if you guys don’t like it give me a thumbs down so I’ll know not to waste time to make it. I’m having an awesome time making this video in the middle of Times Square here. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

I’ll see you guys in a future video if you guys have friends or family that like these, that are considering investing into the Waves Platform or into any Cryptocurrency, make sure that you guys share this video with them, tell them to subscribe to our channel and we’ll share more information that we find with you guys. Thanks for watching this video guys. I’ll see you guys in the future video.

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