Waves Platform For Investors #1 – What Is The Waves Crypto Platform?

What’s up guys! This is Tai Zen. As you can see, I’m broadcasting right in front of the New York Police Department, right in Time Square. So I just want to take a break from walking around and I want to shoot this video with you guys.

I’ve been giving a lot of questions about the Wave platform, ICO, you wanna follow along with me, you can go to Wavesplatform.com. So first of all, let’s talk about what is Waves. According to their website, Waves is decentralized of the platform that uses the custom blockchain tokens, I have my laptop here in front of me, to represent value. So basically, Waves, they are from the NXT community.

So what’s going on is that the guys are doing the Waves platform, they originally came from working from the NXT. If you guys watch some of the early videos of me and Leonfu.com, you guys will know that we were making lots of videos about NXT, because back then, we thought that was gonna be a major Bitcoin 2.0 currency that gonna succeed.

Unfortunately, it was where I have at this time and some of the things are there like the premining, the pre-issued coin, the crowd sale, the presale, the ICO, they did back then, and a lot of the Cryptocurrenciesand Ethereum, and all the new ones.

They’re successful today with their ICO, they learned a lot from the release of the NXT platform. Unfortunately, NXT somehow they could not overcome a couple of issues. One was the premise where the coins were already pre-issued, and they pre-issued the ICO time that they did in the crowd sale which was a really short period of time, like last in a month.

And then the number of participants, there were only 75 participants who pitched in 21 Bitcoins. And then the founders, the inventor of NXT never review who he was. So there are a lot of issues that got in the way, the success of NXT, even though they were a great software, I believe it still has a lot of potentials.

But because the way that it was released to the public, it does not have a very good chance of success right now because of all these Ethereum and Augur and Slock.it, and now with the Waves and the Lisk and all that’s coming out. The more ICOs that are coming out, the more NXT is put in the background.

So now, with the success of Ethereum and Lisk and Augur and all these that have raised millions of dollars for their project. A couple of guys from the NXT community that used to work for on the NXT project, they have jumped shift and moved up. One of the guys, he goes by the handle Sasha 35625.

I don’t know that’s a zipcode or not, but he must be a Russian because he graduates from the Moscow State University in Theoretical Physics Department and he starts coding Forex Trading box several years ago. You know there are a bunch of academic credentials, but to me, none of that matters when it comes to Cryptocurrencies, either you know how to do it or you don’t.

Now, with a little bit of knowledge that I have about the Sasha, this guy has done some stuff in the NXT community. I have not heard anything bad or anything that is crazy about this guy. Here also another guy named Tosh, his real name is Tobias Schwarz.

I have not heard anything bad about this German guy, either. Both of these guys have been known and recognized members of the NXT community, so you can always go to the NXT form and do more research on these guys. Basically, what these guys are doing is taking the NXT platform, and the asset exchanged on the NXT platform is used to represent like if you wanna issue stocks or you wanna issue tokens that represent stocks of a company.

Basically, if you’re from a Colored Coin community, it’s similar to that. So what these guys are doing is they are seeing that the NXT project is not going in the direction. And this is just my opinion guys, this is not their opinion or anything, I have no relationship to them.

I have seen them in the NXT community, but I’ve never worked with these guys in real life or anything. So these guys are branching off, and I do not believe that they are leaving NXT on bad times.

I believe that they are leaving and building their own system here. And they’re gonna take portion of the NXT software and the NXT blockchain, and they’re gonna take 1 major feature which is the Colored Coin, where they take coins that represent a specific access, and they’re gonna take it and move over and start their own project, and they call this project Waves Platform.

There are several reasons why they call it the Waves Platform, I’m not gonna go into that. What I wanna go into is what it supposes to do. The tokens that they create are going to represent the stocks of the company, they can represent ownership, or a product or service.

They can represent anything that you want. They can represent sports, games tickets, they can represent movie tickets, they can act as a currency if you want to create that way. The main focus is to focus on the Colored Coin, the token representation system and that’s it.

They’re not gonna do any other feature that’s in the NXT system. So they’re just taking 1 feature of the NXT and they’re gonna make it and they’re gonna try to succeed with it. Now the thing that they’re doing completely different is they’re taking it, and they’re adding something that I think is fairly unique.

They’re going to make an attempt to add a gateway to it and make it so that it connects into the modern and the current banking system, the Fiat banking system and the central bank system that we have. Their attempt is they wanna connect to the traditional financial institution so that they can issue and support these tokens and make it comply with every country currencies, Fiat currencies and they also wanna make so that it’s is KYC and AML compliance.

KYC stands for Know Your Customers and AML stands for Anti-money laundering. These are 2 tools that the government and every first world country claim to prevent terrorism and drug dealing and all that stuff. But it’s just a mask, in my opinion, to control people’s money and to monitor where the money is going and to have capital control so that you can not freely use your money the way you want it to.

Now regards what I believe, from what my personal opinion is about KYC and AML, it really doesn’t matter. In other to connect into the financial institution, you have to comply with them, you have to notify them when somebody is making a transaction over $10,000. You see anything suspicious in a client account, or customer account, you have to report it to the authority and the law enforcement.

So all these bunches of the bull sheet that prevent people from running a financial business. They put these things in place to save that preventing terrorism, and money laundering, but really it just slows down business from making money into grow.

Because think about it, if you’re a small business and you try to certify an exchange or anything like that, you don’t have the money and the lawyers and just the money to pay for lawyers to get all these comply and all these licenses, and a bunch of other bull sheets that go along with it. So the way platform and their team are going to attempt to make their platform so that’s it KYC and AML compliant.

I don’t know exactly why they need to do that, the only reason why they need to do that is to connect to the Fiot system. But if they’re creating a token system in my opinion, may not be necessary. But at least, this is something different from all the other platform that’s available on the market right now, any other blockchain.

Because at this moment, there’s no other blockchain that is KYC compliance, or AML compliance or trying to connect to a Fiot institution or a central banking institution or any type of central banking related money institution. So that’s what the Waves Platform is.

And in separate video guys, I’ll go into more aspect that I have in mind, I’m not gonna make a big bet, and Leonfu.com and Eric G are not making a very big bet on this platform. The reason why we’re not making a very big bet on this platform is simply that it is already existing technology, so we don’t like to bet the house on something when it’s already existing.

Basically, they’re going to do just the KYC and the AML compliance to connect to a current financial institution. We’re gonna try to do a few things in there different, I’ll talk about it in a future video or later video.

But the main reason why Leonfu.com and myself and Eric G is not putting a whole lot of money into this waste platform because you never know which one is gonna become the next major player in the Cryptocurrencies world.

It’s just like back in a day when Myspace was out, and nobody thought it was gonna be big or Facebook was gonna be big and then before you know it, Facebook took over it and over even remember Myspace anymore. So you never know, so it’s always good to put a small bet on each one of these new Cryptocurrencies.

The reason why we won’t bet a big on it is that it already exists in technology, everything that way once a do, you can already do it inside the NXT platform, the software, the security, everything is already done. They’re just separating it from the NXT platform and they’re building it separately.

Now if I have this wrong and you guys are watching it from the Waves Platform, please leave a comment and clarify this. I appreciate you guys watching this video. Thanks for watching.

If you liked it, give me a thumbs up on it. You guys don’t like it, give me a thumbs down. It’s not gonna hurt my feeling if you guys don’t like it, it just lets me know if I should make more of it or not.

I’ve been giving a lot of questions about the Waves Platform so I just want to make it for you guys and give my thoughts and Leonfu.com’s thought on it. We make a small bet on it, if we make some money on the Lisk when it comes out, we might add a little bit more to our bet site on the Waves Platform, but right now, it’s a very small bet.

I’m gonna keep a number of Bitcoin that we invest into the Waves, we’ll keep it confidential and private, because I don’t want to release it and make it public and then it lets you guys believe the wrong idea because every person watching this video has a different level of risk tolerance, and I don’t know what your risk tolerance is like.

So I’m gonna keep what we invest in private, and what Leonfu.com puts in private. So don’t worry about that, think about it, make sure it’s only a small portion of your account side, do not bet a house on this one. Like if you wanna bet anything, it’s would be something more like an Ethereum-based project, cause it’s already way ahead, it’s gonna better marketing on that.

I’ll make a separate video and talk about some of the risks that I see in the Waves Platform, I’ll make that in a separate video. So thanks for watching this video, if you have friends or family members or colleagues that are interested in investing in Cryptocurrencies, make sure you share this video with them.

These videos that Leonfu.com and I made, we try to share what we know with you guys so that it will save you guys some times. So thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you guys in a future video.


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