Vitalik Buterin Interview #4 – Can You Trust The Ethereum Team?

Tai: What’s up guys! This is Tai Zen again with, it’s a blog where we the tools, the techniques, the strategies and technologies that are available to help people find freedom in their lives. With us here today is James D’Angelo from World Bitcoin Network, we also have Vitalik with the Ethereum project and these are some of the guys that are in the forefront of helping people find freedom when it comes to the currency world.

Tai: How can they trust you? You are 20 years old now?

Vitalik: Yes

Tai: And you’re involved in launching one of the largest and most expensive and biggest market cap altcoin there is how can people trust you in when I say trust there’s two things one is how can the public trust that you are a qualified coder or you are a qualified developer in the computer code that you are talking about

Vitalik: Well in terms of my own qualifications I mean I have a GitHub profile I’ve written several Bitcoin libraries, I’m not the one doing most most of this stuff like we’ve also got a whole bunch of other people on our team okay and once we get more resources we’re going to hire even better people okay and

Tai: Just out of curiosity how long have you been coding

Vitalik: Well I don’t remember the first time I program something, maybe I was 8 or 10 or so. The other issue is that you know first of all it’s very hard and it is going to be harder to make ASIC but it’s probably not going to be impossible but the nice thing is that if those ASICs exist then those ASICs are going to simultaneously be ASICs for processing transactions so that also is going to help actually solve our scalability problem

James: Okay now so doesn’t that mean that if you are digging into the blockchain and plunging that you’re going to actually have to parse the blockchain much more with a little more air in it? right now the Bitcoin blockchain is so packed that I can’t get in it on my Bitcoin rig and just grab stuff and that’s been a common component.

Vitalik: You can grab stuff, if you set the txindex=1 then you can actually query everything, any transactions.

James: Are you serious?

Vitalik: Yeah

James: I got write this down.

Tai It showed that he’s qualified in computer programming

Vitalik: So in the .bitcoin directory and the bitcoin.conf you set the flag of txindex=1

James: And I can now query every transaction?

Vitalik: Yes

Tai: Now people understand that you are qualified to be a qualified coder then the next question regarding trust is how can the people know that you’re not going to run off.

I mean you’re here and you run off then I see you at the next conference and I’ll just punch you in the stomach or something but what about people on the other side of the world?

Vitalik: So the money that we receive in the ether pre-sale is going to go straight into a multi-sig so at least three of us are going to have to run off at the same time.

Tai: Okay so three of us that means that the three or the four founders?

Vitalik: Yeah, three of the eight, it’s somewhere between four and eight.

Tai: Ok so you yourself are not going to be able to sign away and go off with the Bitcoins

Tai: Thanks for spending time with James D’Angelo from World Bitcoin Network and myself. We wish you great luck!

James: Thanks Tai for bringing it together.

Tai: Alright, thanks for joining us, what I’ll do is I’ll get Vitalik’s Bitcoin address and leave it at the bottom of the video and James D’Angelo’s also, if you guys appreciate their work, I invite you guys to support them, send donation their way and Leone as well, our camera man. Send them the coffee donation or soda donation, I’m pretty sure you drink a lot of soda when you’re programming.

Vitalik: Uhm no, green tea, please

Tai: Ok, there you go, send some green tea. I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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