The Bitcoin Meister #9 – What Is A Crypto Dividend?

Hello everyone. This is Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, the disrupt Meister. I’m here to talk about Crypto dividends Forks of Bitcoin. Many of you have heard about the recent Forks of Bitcoin Bcash and Bgold. You probably received them if you control your own private key and I highly recommend that you keep your Bitcoin on a treasure which is a hardware storage device that you can purchase.

If you control your private key, you can easily get your free Bitcoin fork or as some called a Crypto Dividend. One should treat their Bitcoin as a savings account and thus, keep it in a very safe place. Now that say like traditional savings accounts when Bitcoin produces interest and that interest are these Forks.

Anyway, once you receive the Forks coins, you have the option to either keep them or to sell them. Now many people love Crypto Dividends because they can turn their free coins into more Bitcoin, which I encourage. Now there’s another benefit of Crypto Dividends.

Many people are complaining about the high transfer fees of Bitcoin. People, not everyone keeps their Bitcoin as a savings account. Some people actually want to spend their Bitcoin. Now how many people actually want to spend their Bitcoin who really knows, but there is a vocal group of people that say: “Oh transaction fees are too high. We can’t use our Bitcoin to purchase coffee”.

Well, guess what. If you treat your Bitcoin as a savings account control your own private key, you don’t keep it on the exchange, you get these free Crypto Dividends. These Crypto Dividends you can then spend, yes, you can just if let’s say you owe someone some value and you need to send down some printer currency to compensate them.

They live in California and you live in Maryland. All right, all you do is: “Oh look! I had one Bitcoin at my treasure on August the 1st. Now I also have this one Bcash, I will just send them the Bcash”. That’s compensation or you could say: “Oh look! On October 1st, I had Bitcoin and thus, now I have one Bgold, I will just send them Bgold”.

Now maybe your friend won’t accept one of these Crypto Dividends, who knows? Well, you can just go to the exchange and sell your Crypto Dividend for Bitcoin then. And deal with the high exchange rate, or excuse the high transaction fee. Or the easier solution, the cheaper solution is to just turn it into light coin at that point.

Yes, turn your Crypto Dividend in the light point, send it. And voilà, you don’t have to pay a high transaction fee. Your friend or business is compensated and everyone is pleased. Now, again. You will if you need to change your into Litecoin, you will do this exchange, there aren’t many trusted exchanges out there and so trusted exchanges out there that will handle your Crypto Dividend, friendly Fork, whatever you want to call it, Altcoin that you get.

So, I say this bring on Bdiamond and super BDC and all the other Crypto Dividends. Use them to get more Bitcoin or use them to compensate people instead of paying high Bitcoin transaction fees. Again, you can avoid high Bitcoin transaction fees if you use Segway and the person you’re compensating also uses set with.

But that’s not always the case, so you have options. Crypto Dividends give people options and they should cut down on all the yelling and complaining about the high Bitcoin transaction fees because you’re getting a free coin that’s worth something that can be used in daily transactions.

So I’m Adam Meister you can find me at If you’re watching this on Youtube, pound that like button right now. Check out the links section below. I’ll see you soon. Bye-bye!

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