The Bitcoin Meister #8 – You Don’t Need To Be A Andreas Antonopoulus To Succeed In Crypto

Hello everyone, this is Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, the Disrupt Meister. Welcome to one of my shows!

I’m not sure what show this is going to be. It might be today in Bitcoin, it might be one Bitcoin show.

I’m recording it here in Brussels and in the airport on October the 17th 2017 and so maybe it’ll be tomorrow show, maybe the next day show, video just be an extra show.

But I was thinking on the plane coming from Alby, they’re coming from Spain a LeConte day to here on my way to Tel Aviv about Andreas Antonopoulos and what he’s out there.

He’s got so much Bitcoin knowledge and I think a lot of people are somewhat intimidated by that because they feel like: “Well I don’t know as much as he does so I probably can’t monetize my Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency knowledge”.

No, you know you probably don’t know as much as Andreas Antonopoulos but the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency space is huge. There are so many niches out there and you can be knowledgeable in at one mission and not another.

And you can find ways to monetize what you know in this space because on one end we have the extreme in knowledge which is someone like Andreas.

But then most people who enter the Bitcoin world they know so little and if you’re watching this most likely and if you understand half of the things I’m talking about, you know a lot more than a lot of people in the space currently and all of the people that are about to enter the space because there are so many new people entering the space every day.

So if you know how to do something, if you can teach someone how to do something, that deals with Bitcoin. Whether it be technical or marketing, advise someone.

Like you know, a lot of people say “Well Adam you’re not a tactical guy” and then they’re people who know very well that I have monetized this quite nicely.

I mean I’ve got a YouTube channel, I’ve got a consultancy, you can email me at Adam at trade or help dot com. I can help you set up your trays or also you can ask me all sorts of questions and I’ve got clients and it’s great.

You can do the same thing. Don’t let other people say you can’t because the opportunity is out there because they are so many new people who need guidance in this space. Trust me on this!

So remember you don’t need any accreditation or Fredda date whatever you don’t need a degree or gatekeeper to tell you that you’re an official Bitcoin knowledgeable person.

You just need the knowledge understanding, the confidence and the ability to communicate and spread the word that you’re out there to help people.

And yeah, you’ve got some something to give so in return you would like to be compensated and you can set your own rate.

But I’m trying to get people more independent there because I’m walking around this place and I see people working in the airport or in retail and I just don’t.

I know a lot of you guys are like that, you work for someone else. Then I see myself and I’m just walking around the airport, I don’t even know how long my layover is now.

I don’t even keep track of like all that stuff because I’m free, I work for myself. I don’t have a schedule and it’s awesome!

I and Bitcoin is something that helps people become independent and I say that and I’m trying to give an example of how you can use Bitcoin and your cryptic on.

Because I know if you’re watching this, you know something about this and you can monetize this stuff so don’t feel intimidated by all the super technical people out there.

You don’t need to know what they know, trust me!

You’ve got some knowledge, monetize it, spread the word like “I’ll give you a shout-out”. It’s a really good thing anyway.

So that’s a little short show of the day. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, the Disrupt Meister. Pound that like button! I forgot to say that remember to subscribe to this channel, like this video, share this video, do check out the notes section below. Bye-bye!

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