The Bitcoin Meister #6 – Avoid The Toxic People In The Crypto Community

Adam Meister: Hello, everyone. This is Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, the disrupt meister.

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I was working out and I was just thinking about Bitcoin. That happens a lot. I come up with interesting ideas for videos while I’m working out. It’s a great way to get your mind running, especially for anyone who’s interested in working out. It’s very good for you.

I was thinking about the situation in Bitcoin where there are many people who, I guess, consider themselves technical experts in the inner workings of Bitcoin and many people interested in the financial aspects of it, maybe the freedom aspects, but they don’t know all the technology behind it.

However, there’s a certain subset of the technology people who unfortunately either on purpose or maybe don’t understand what they’re doing. They create a toxic atmosphere in the Bitcoin community. I’m a very positive person and I just want to speak up against the toxic atmosphere.

There are certain people who get a kick or a joy out of talking to non-technical Bitcoin people and giving them technical purity tests, where they’ll ask them what are the technical aspects between SegWit versus block expansion or whatever you want to call it. Then, they’ll try to trip up, let’s say, Tai Zen and they’ll be so happy that they got the non-technical guy.

Obviously, you can trip me up or you can trip Tai up with technical questions, I don’t know technical answers for a lot of things. However, at the end of the day, what does that do for the community? Does that do for joy? Does that make you feel better as a person that you tripped up someone who has makes videos about Bitcoin?

I mean you have to understand that from outside of the Bitcoin community, there are a lot of people who looked down on the Bitcoin and would like to see it totally fail. Therefore, if you’re within the community and you want to take out that anger for some reasons toward your fellow community members by trying to make them look like a doofus, you’re just aiding the outsiders who want to hurt Bitcoin.

It makes me wonder if these so-called technical geniuses who get jollies out of tripping up people like Tai or me do they even own any Bitcoin?

Sometimes, I wonder whether these people, who are kind of taking shots at the less technical people in the Bitcoin ecosystem, are just bitter because they don’t own Bitcoin or not.

It would be very interesting in the Youtube comment section if you could see how much bitcoin a person owned. Sometimes, I feel like the fewer Bitcoins a person owns, the more likely they’re inclined to go on some rant like that. I think they feel like they’re worth more because they have this technical knowledge. There comes a point when some of these technical people probably are rooting against Bitcoin.

I’m not talking about all. I’m just talking about these embittered people who’d like to give purity test. It’s silliness.

There are people outside of the bitcoin ecosystem. There’s a guy named Mike Cernovich who has nothing to do with Bitcoin, but he talks about bitcoin. He’s got a huge following of men and he speaks positively about Bitcoin sometimes, which is great for Bitcoin.

However, he says he can’t deal with anyone from bitcoin because it’s a toxic atmosphere. They’re always purity testing him. He used that term accidentally.

Again, this is probably not going to stop a troll who gets jollies, but if you’re thinking about becoming a troll, you should buy some Bitcoin that’ll make you happier. You’ll be more vested in the outcome of the Bitcoin situation. You’ll think of it from a different perspective. You may think: “My comments are possibly making this toxic atmosphere and might hurt the price of Bitcoin.”

Speaking of those toxic sides, I don’t know what they want. People gave those people a lot of attention. When those toxic people were given a lot of attention, there was a lot of panics. The price went down.

I believe sometimes toxicity can be overblown by people who aren’t toxic. We worry about it too much as we want everything to be positive.

This is a two-fold lesson. Toxic people, you’re not helping the community. You should just buy some Bitcoin, take a deep breath and maybe work out.

Non-toxic people, you should ignore the toxic people. If you’re a content maker, I don’t engage the trolls at all. If someone does trip you up with a purity test or whatever, ignore. Life goes on. There are bigger things in life than not knowing the technical aspect of bitcoin. Let’s get people interested in Bitcoin. Let’s get that price up to and we’ll all be happy.

I’m Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister, disrupt Meister. Remember that you can check me out at and I make a new video every day over there.

Thank a lot Tai Zen and Leon Fu.

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