The Bitcoin Meister #11 – Bitcoin Meetup San Diego (2 of 2)

Adam: Ok, part 2. Ties envelopes have part 2 part 3 part 4. His lawyers are always we’re doing the video. Ok, so the question was what can I tell people to make them knock their coins on the exchange but all the newbies were not around for nap when they ran away with everybody’s penis before.

There was a big finish. There was a little note, they’ve never heard that seed before there’s been a lot of very popular exchanges that have totally disappeared, who ran away with every cent of every BTC-e.

Don’t remember that either these are all needs of experiences. That existed that stole every inner Cryptocurrency that was on their exchanges. It has happened before people have been totally ripped off tens of thousands one hundred, thousands of dollars into Cryptocurrency.

It happens, it just happens importantly, it will happen again. It will happen, do not think it won’t happen again. Learn from your mistakes, it is totally a short-term thinking mentality to say, hello won’t happen or is able to beat it before it happens.

No, you don’t, they are though that you in the past and people may be asked around, people lost a lot. If you ran away to China, there’s so many of us already and they say it’s a hit when it’s really the owner stealing off your look goes on behind the scenes.

They say they have a certain amount of Cryptocurrency there. He might just be running the total pugs are just lazy and they just have the date set in their head. June the 30th, that’s a day I’m running the some K man islands and I’ll never able to bounce again.

You don’t know they’re that way. This trust no these third parties are not to be trusted, trust yourself, control your own friend.

Client: Question here.

Adam: I think, there are some people who you generally think, you need a Bitcoin right now with a bike off. So you can make these really small shoe estimates, their sincerity behind some of these people.

So good for that, they have every good luck to the people who are all about like a sincere reason to be fashion. Now, has destroyed Bitcoins. That’s not too close but good luck to you to give you the trouble. It’s gonna keep on puffing.

It will pump up again. These happen before it will happen again, just like I said. There are a lot of players in the feedback space. You have a lot of Cryptocurrency work from the billionaires who can take advantage of when there is day that Bitcoin is a body down and stuff.

The funds fear uncertainty doubt a lot of you want to spread rumors about Bitcoin and that’s what beat past seems to do its best in terms of value. Good luck, hopefully. You know if people find the new space to beat that.

Right now I’m telling you I don’t know a lot of people that want to buy right now. So early. That’s what he does, he talks about people not giving you a platform. He likes to talk about censorship. He must have infomercials.

The green guy behind be fast is just 1 big infomercial. Good super bee patch and if you wouldn’t have him on well then you want to have an infomercial on your channel.

Adam: Well, that’s a note, some people think that I’ve been asking like, how do I get that Litecoins, version of Bitcoin. They don’t know the difference Litecoins Ethereum Ripple, seriously sound weird. People just like pop pop pop, pop this coin.

So they hear about the guy, they hear about this past. So they wanted to pump again so they’re all. So for some people, all coins could just be penny stock agents. These are just using the way to get more victim biologic.

But in certain countries, there is interesting. There are Ethereum advantages. But again, in a lot of countries that if they heard of all wins they just use this pump. I’d be happy the whole world understood what like we, what’s that would be very foolish for Bitcoins. Bitcoin does game worth a lot of you know what like we really are, it is cheaper. It’s just big for busy.

You understand the very simple concept and then Etherium is totally different than Bitcoin. That’s mean you more than working and more than …

JB: Alright, any question?

Adam: That people really excited it out like, so you again. I think, don’t get your hopes up for 2018, I think I don’t want people to get their hopes up but again. People who watch this, you can see these 3 people have asked about lightning.

I mean people are very excited about like maybe a cousin of San Dìego and they use them a football team that had up like and stuff and do not worship the NFL, do not need Spanish or whatever it’s a richer use it on Bitcoin. Let’s get $100 on tickets or whatever if you’re up in the stomach that guy who this team from Louis so wealthy by Bitcoin.

Client: I have a question about the lightning network and are they called hugs is that what you used to lock-in.

Adam: Lightning channels and yes channels. It’s the 4th question for Litecoin so obviously so very exciting here. The bolts are just stuck on the vault.

I knew but I want to clarify that too because of one of the famous flood lines out there. We’ve seen social media hope it could so that’s dying in a sense. That’s really blessed but that does just asses it lightning.

Ok, so, watch this weekend big cleanout from 2 weeks ago, that all happens and he was on there. I am affected I can answer all the technical questions with lightning. That was I just made it easy.

Later these tops box instead of solvent and people are gonna be able to become entrepreneurs from it. They’re gonna be some entrepreneurs aspects to it businesses will be able to build around this like ever again.

Intuitive ideas every excites and again people are excited when 3 except but I get B patients to think 2010. It just shows up one day. I don’t know anything about this much, those are just because they just it’s where I think it’s a flavor of them up. I just think it’s still coming over here. These words the cup and then they go there boosted owns some rumor whether it be shine.

I don’t know what rumors it might just be just a reality to see the coins they show right now. All these coins seem to be doing well, good market, ladies never good mark.

So anyway there’s gonna be. They think to buy a whole Bitcoin, cost $70000. I’d better buy one of these dollars. Remember people, you can buy a fraction with Bitcoin. Something people the units buy these people gonna have to get over this. That’s part of the learning curve, pay for watching this state. They’re learning. Other questions.

He’s got it going on, everyone should what that where he says smaller denominations, to make it easier to assume. That they exchanges list a bit. So it’s only $1700 to buy this. It’s some big people’s work essentially.

But I’m totally down. You should be spreading the word about, you just to make people seem less expensive and make people more comfortable. Finally, I’m totally down.

Thank you, you come, everyone was wonderful. But I will be in Los Angeles from the 9th to 14th. And hopefully on the 14th in Los Angeles. I think we need some meet up. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’ll hang out with you guys. And on 16th I’m going into San Francisco. Check up on my channel.

You know comparing bolder more in here.

Alright, the question about the price, people love to ask questions and I love never give a specific number. But there’s something that they’re listening in the cloud and I’ve never heard of Bitcoin.

So right now when pixies were $1700 and I was talking to buy it at $400. So you know how many to be good shape. But there’s $17000 doesn’t mean this new like sounds like a lot of money.

It could very well, other people are saying $25000 this year. I’m not saying that. But what I’m saying it should worth more in year 21. You should buy Litecoin, you should be buying anything.

Every all-time august’s beaten but again. I’m alone some bigger and memories, I don’t like to see prices for 2018. Cause I don’t want people to dump it now. So it will be worth more 2020.

Just like this. That guy’s got a lot of confidence. He got quite a lot of confidence, support a lot of money. I don’t even remember, but I don’t want to get people what’s the guy that never got too excited. Again, I don’t get people too excited, just hold you guys.

Come out to this place. They were very nice without us here. Thank you very much.

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