The Bitcoin Meister #10 – Bitcoin Meetup San Diego (1 of 2)

Reegan Lessie: This is Reegan lessie and JB and Adam. We’re all here, in San Diego, California. And Adam.

Adam: Hello. Are we live? Awesome. It’s honored in San Diego. Now, I’m gonna raise my voice. I don’t want to like something really super loud. Hello everybody, welcome to the one Bitcoin ship. Welcome to the San Diego Bitcoin show baby.

This city is Rocket Man. I’m so happy about this turnout and that people are listening here, they’re like but what are these Bitcoin things. A lot of people here don’t even know a Bitcoin. Everyone gets into BigQuery is awesome, anyway I’m a Bitcoin guy and all the people here do talk about Bitcoin.

Hello everyone in the video world. And it’s just a great body and that so many people came out in South California day. It’s a great honor and it’s a great pleasure. Yes, any questions and I’ll talk for, as long as you want me to talk.

Reegan Lessie: I’m just getting started and I’m just wondering if you have any advice for me.

Adam: Well. So there a lot of people who are new out there. Well, there is a sight of this puck coin base. That is the easiest place to buy Bitcoin at, it’s a little controversial sometimes if you don’t want to keep your Bitcoin at the coin base.

But you’ve got dollars which I’m sure a lot of you do, inside of the coin base you get your first big clients and then learn to move it, learn how to get it off of there as quick as possible and get yourself your storage device.

And that’s a Trevor or Trevor everyone. That’s a great story of Bitcoin and then they’ll be sell because when you’re picking a Coin mates, they kind of own it. So even though if you own it even if you tell your friends like the man I just say $17000 from upper Bitcoin. I own one but if God for Bitcoin down then you really don’t want to get Bitcoin anymore.

Yeah, so they’re their competitors. I prefer the Treasury but you can get a legend nano also people and there are all sorts of you can buy directly from them. Orders in their playbook He’s actually based in South California Crypto.

Adam: Accurate sights, well the world Crypto Network man, look them up on YouTube. They’ve got all sorts of information out there tone days, jimmy song, look up those guys. Oh, it’s so streaming for ten days, man. That turns off.

You look up Andreas Antonopoulos now. He’s got his own channel. That guy I mean, you can’t get in-depth but he can break it down really. Watch my channel always us plug it all sorts of people on there.

B2C bag, he’s good for those his million is up the easy succession. That’s really good for beginners’ CGC session. There’s something I gotta be careful who I go up every time, every Friday on my show is this weekend, big pleas, I bring on all the best guests in the space. Like I’ve drawn a blank with all their names right now. Like it was on yesterday.

First of all, is Andy Halton is my man is my main man Crypto Check and how could I check. You know there’s a rumor that Andy Halton in San Diego right now. I did not confirm here tonight. He is on vacation.

JB: I know you were like super …

Adam: One thing, we’re talking about investing now but we’re the weather question, what should I tell beginners do not jump into investing right way playbook, please if you’re beginners I can’t learn how to send a Bitcoin before you buy a Lite coin and I know that sounds really simple for certain people that are experts the limit.

Trust me, people. I encounter all levels and it’s really hard for people when newcomers are so hard to send a Bitcoin at first. So learn to send them a coin before you buy a light. There’s a safe, right there.

But what I say to all screaming investors of the world. Is there ultimately a bubble that’s going on was that those the questioner. Know the price of Bitcoin is not above, this is only the beginners, this is only the beginning.

I mean we‘ve just talked some guys that people don’t they do but the fundamentals of Bitcoin. They so impressive and people aren’t even buying Bitcoin on its fundamentals. Maybe we’re buying just as a golden old mechanism, go the whole thing strong hands 2020.

But what people realized some of the things that are coming with the lightning network. We’ve talked that art and everything, that’s either gonna pump the price up to and all these institutions remember this is you need time in the world in terms of like a regular guy, regular people are able to buy our bindings before institution skin.

It was the opposite leader with the Facebook ICO IPO. We’ve been a video with initial public offerings. The constitutions would get you before the regular people. We have totally reposted, so it’s definitely got a bump return the Bitcoin. Now with Sony’s coin with these dollars. I was in freaking South Korea, I saw it firsthand.

It’s about like these people are buying it because they’re a day trader. So you know ou talk about like IOR and stuff. Total bubble totally these things are addictive, these things are totally ridiculous. I shouldn’t I figure I own it all a sudden.

They’re like, that’s not even up 50. They’re all these things you want to just get a pumped dump. So there’s with the 50 or 60 coins, the jump coin. I think there’s definitely a bubble jump coin. Then we get we back up to the top.

You’re the biggest fans of them but you know if I’m just gonna do. No, that’s not about me. It’s kind of it’s got a new space. You have to value your wealth is Bitcoin. Some of these things are like oh it’s going up so much in dollars but the theorems of thousand dollars now.

But Miriam was worth 11% of Bitcoin a few months ago. Now, it’s worth 6% of Bitcoin, so he’s actually both values, there’s a Bitcoin. The value you wealth and Bitcoin, there’s another important lesson.

Adam:  It’s the whole ecosystem. The crypto is just I mean its gonna control your dollars in the market. And that’s gonna be a really exciting time and that will get more and more people into it. You see that’s like I’m like doing the left side.

My left side is better than my right side. There’s a little behind the scenes thing. I got that all this support here.

There’s a little sneaky review for everyone. Hopefully, on Sunday the 14th will have something in Los Angeles maybe I’m going to the meet-up. There’s just a meet-up month in Los Angeles.

San Diego has their own meet-up too so if you’re. I wish I could have made it. It was before I got here. bed and he’s gonna miss Bitcoin before and thank you, thank you Tai Zen, thank you Lessie, thank you JB, thank you very much for pulling all this together.

This is just really awesome. It sounds like California. Where are you from? It’s a pleasure to be here and I can’t wait to answer everybody’s questions. And you know this ring like a total Adam. He’s talking a big woman almost something stuck is like Baltimore country strurb.

I know this downtown San Diego and that is very well known. They’ve got great space down there. He knows them, he talks to them and he gonna be.

So the trick that productivity system. If you are buying a Bitcoin person and someone creates for Bitcoin, you were I’m going back. This easily thinking about it. Just like big bullying is not really a coin.

It’s just the way of making holding Bitcoin, that much more lucrative, that much more limited. You’re getting interested in the Bitcoin-like people creating a new coin from Bitcoin.

And the most excited about right now, because it’s really unique I make a video about on the streets of San Diego, sued is this up the private. The private is going to be a part of Bitcoin.

Short difference types of holders or just get if you’re Bitcoin holder and get it and if you see classic. Now, I’m not saying, I’m not again, I’m not a folder or anything like that but it’s really unique.

You can’t differentiate yourself from this space. If you’re trying to make it all coin. It better be able to do something. I mean we’ve already had a bunch of Bitcoin, Forks bunch of Bitcoin to be the dividend.

So now you gotta have some differentiate yourself. Something that’s going to put pressure on Private Forks, you really get do much business unique in private for… That’s Adam talks about the drink wine water. I don’t know about technology.

Here is there unique version, be my guest. There are just a rumor and nothing gonna destroy Bitcoin. There is no people mining. The thing that I hear, you hear a crazy rumor, people love drama.

Things are destroyed by Bitcoin. I get asked about this hash craft stuff like all the time. Who cares, no, it’s not the destroyed Bitcoin. So people asking me about things that are destroyed the Bitcoin the nozzles. But no, and again. It’s good for the rumors.

This can be destroyed, I can see my scare. But a lot of people trying to scare. It’s a 24 inch Bitcoin future. I think it straight. Make me interested in it. If it getting mainstream, finance people to consider. This is a really legitimate new asset class.

But when it comes. I’m not going to complain and it’s just a sign of approval by the mainstream.

Client: I agree with you on the future thing, everybody was like oh it’s a challenge for Bitcoin. It’s a challenge, I’m like it does not challenge into. It’s a status Bitcoin is meant to be able to go on the futures market.

It’s a milestone but my question for you is with the speed of transactions in the cost of Bitcoin now. How long it’s gonna take up and develop and overcome those techniques.

Adam: You say the Bitcoin slow now and transactions are slow. This is natural. I can’t be predicted for like. But this is what is going to speed up the transactions.

That’s the solution the second option is the option part of the solution. When’s all gonna be running smoothly. So I gotta tell everyone this 2018 is an awesome year. I mean I don’t like people get their hopes up. But become in 2018 they will be happy.

But it’s great to sign so if you’re trying to get the Bitcoin. It’s unfortunate that you can’t sign up first. Well, it’s hard to sign up for like. I mean I don’t advise people sign up for good tracks.

They locked it down. Sometimes Coinbase, it’s hard to ask you all these questions. There’s like a musical be more competition and if you can sign up your and more competition will arrive to come up. Japan is now America, so looking up.

These are making a lot of money if they return around. We need more competition. So I can yours. The world to get out there. For regulators, the United States of America. Don’t be so cute. Let these people start their parties. New York rules, everyone has to do that last week guy made up. I totally yes.

There are all the crazy rules. They’re what keep 10 compilers out there. So like, if you and your people are listening now. Because some countries wake up and they’ll be like no Bitcoin. We moved out the night space is a great opportunity to let up and regulation. I’m not a big fan of the hardcore for the New York regulation. That’s making 1 base flyer. And Tim and I have to share a half.

This is a big thing, you know it is talking a coin to bring up like they don’t like to pay $40 for a transaction. But what I can say to people that have problems with bucks paid for dollar transactions do.

Do it overnight if it’s not time so you can find a time, some of these wallets. Automatically take the attention video. That’s too high. But make sure that your friend here soon to pick you. It has a separate address here. That’s the single. And the end of the day, it really either purchase some coffee. People supply floor.

I mean if they don’t want to buy it. I mean that’s big, I know why everybody wants to give up their victims. So easily. I mean has everyone learned that lately, the 5 the $25 purchased and made in April of 2015 is now worth $200, 17th worth $1700.

That’s a horrible deal. So all that Bitcoin and again. Like there are reasons you have to send that out to any the section. And your friend needs money in turkey.You’re gonna need fast and action. But liking that will distinguish. This gonna stated that guy and Crypto are, he stuck your wallet back.

He’s favoring 1 of Joseph’s trips.

Client: One more question. So many people are building on Ethereum Network now and I know.

Adam: I know expert contact. Maybe probably I don’t know. Don’t say is the next Bitcoin. So I’m not telling people to buy it but I don’t think it just scams.

It’s really interesting and I think it brings interest to space. If you’re buying. Ethereum is not Bitcoin. I think it’s interesting or doing interesting things with it or is their real business using it again.

I don’t know but I’m obviously you to build ICO. You like I don’t mind I suppose. I think it’s gone, it’s gone totally. Although I see us might be a different version.

Seriously, you just change what the future is all about in terms of raising money for the business. It real man amorphous. But I see a fully involved for something a little bit less.

I think there’s gonna be a metamorphosis. I think its theory will play a big role in. But again buy both Bitcoin. I’m not telling people but I’m. I have warmed up to material over the years.

Person into it like all these corporate people are pumping. Before puppies just for reason that puppy and for the wrong reasons their puppy. Because they wanted the next Bitcoin to the road. It just like an adult for your filer, got creative ideas, be my guest.

That’s a beautiful question. Do not leave your Bitcoins on Coin Base. That’s my best recommendation if you want to give a given.

They just gave people the B cash. The other date with genuine for it, for Jennifer’s. For to hand on your today’s or you woulda got you to be cash from august is the person

He was down there be gold appointments. They may never get their people on Sundays. Somebody of these other ones out there or cases never gonna give it to you. But never gonna be able to die probably.

So the best way is to have it under treads or control your private key on your budget, control your price if you learn what that means.

That’s something changes if you for some reason all you have your Bitcoin on a big ship if you’re one of those 19 years old traders. Just like, I’m a risk-taker and I drive a fast motorcycle.

Sometimes some of these changes it’s a shame that some of these exchanges in foreign countries. Totally I mean run away with your money at any time. They’re better equipped with dividends acquaintances. So maybe quite, these could learn a few things, thing or 2 for some of these exchanges in foreign countries.

But again the best thing you can to do collect their Crypto events it just controls your privacy and that Crypto is so awesome.

It’s free for you that you can then turn in the big. You can do whatever you want with them. They don’t know the Tai Zen channel, shut out. If you simplify, your life and have that stress, just hold your Bitcoin on your Treszura on your ledger and you’ll get your Crypto’s.

Eventually and hopefully there will be a tool out and not too knorr the world listen up, makeup put up a reliable Cryptic dividend splitting tool on my show.The diamond tells me that they’re trying to talk to the treasure people. I don’t mean I don’t talk to the fizzle our people think.

They got a lot on their plate side or there’s such a demand for treasure or they can ship them out the faster night. So they’re worried about producing their swords are worried about splitting dividends.They’re worried about making everything safe still together, get different priorities will when we are diamondium our role in their treasure.

I have some ideas and I think private like jump ahead. I really think this to try to be. Be private is also 4th of C classic which ¼ of C cash and our stores eat cash on a trend.

It might be easier for them to comedy a company. But remember you don’t have to worry about treasurer when it comes to the roadie. He wrote on this airdrop Crypto dividend.

So book to the beaver only auntie halls and not we’re the only guys talking about auntie mom and atomizer. How many people in the Crypto media space that are talking about hero diem right now.

Look it up in my channel, they’re doing the airdrop in the tent so go to the D site, learn all about it, go to my site and you’ll be able to get this airdrop to do those how much is going to be worth.

Who cares how much it’s going to be part. Because free is free. Don’t complain about free stuff.

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