Teachings Of Tai Zen #1 – Giving Value vs. Extracting Value

Hey, guys, it’s Danny, I have a special episode for you guys today, this one is gonna be one of my favorite pieces of content and it’s primarily because I got coached by Tai Zen I got coach by Oracle of Cryptocurrency Tai Zen.

I feel really appreciative and thankful I even went the extra mile into putting it into a presentation for you guys just because Tai Zen on the coaching call just shared one of the best pieces of information that I’ve heard in a long time, the way he presented it to me was amazing.

This just happened guys I just got off the phone Tai I offered to help him thinking that I could give him value. But I ended up realizing the approach that I used to talk to him to give him value was actually extracting value from him and his time which was actually a really big rookie mistake.

I didn’t really fully understand why so Tai explain more into the story and he started sharing me the principle behind a given value versus extracting value.

What I’m about to share with you is exactly what Tai just shared with me right now, I learned that this will literally save me decades of time end be the reason that I make life-changing finances.

And I hope you guys do the same thing to so Tai also inspired me to vlog for you guys and share with you what I learned. I called it the teachings of Tai Zen

Number one I called it or he called it Giving value versus Extracting value, and the extraordinary question, to begin with, is: How do you approach someone way more successful than you?

That’s a really good question and the extraordinary answer is: You give them so much value that they can’t ignore you. I love that

You give them so much value that they can’t ignore you. And I wrote here, I think of my favorite music artist and how they’ve always produced more good music year after year without me ever spending money I just keep hearing more songs from them I keep loving them even more and more.

I like hip hop so I like a lot of hip hop artists and I’ve never bought any of their albums, but I still continue you know get so much content in so much of value from them through YouTube and through the music that they produce.

That’s how you do it you give them so much value that they can’t ignore you How to start? You ask yourself, I ask myself right. What are they doing that I can do better faster cheaper and easier?

And then I figure that out and then I just do it. A great example is being able to produce how to set up Cryptocurrency wallet tutorials for the top 10 coins in three days when it could have taken them one or two weeks to do.

Common mistakes that Tai shared with me. The first one is people are asking for a reward when they haven’t even done anything, I haven’t even done anything. The solution he presented was to first create the value, second give it to your customer upfront and third, just say if you don’t like it and I’ll change it.

A common mistake number two is asking for help actually extract valuable time from rich people which states they can’t get back. And remember time is the most important asset. The solution to that to approach people who I want to give my value to.

Just say I made 12 videos for you on how to set up a digital wallet for the top 12 Cryptocurrencies I sent it to you want me to make the next 24. And this is actually the biggest aha moment for me because I realized that it’s

When you do the approach this way by giving value upfront first, it makes it impossible to actually Extract value from them so that was a really big tip for me thank you, Tai, I really appreciate that.

A common mistake number three that’s how I shared was that many people ask for help and receive it and never end up doing anything I’ve mastered this mistake with countless mentors.

So I know exactly what Tai is talking about when he says that people never end up doing anything and the solution to that is just to take more action. Tony Robbins says: “Massive Action is the cure-all”.

I just went to Tony Robbins event recently, but that’s one of his biggest pieces of information right there, which matches up with Tai is just take more action

Case study number one, so Tai shared this with me but he said when he started his YouTube channel 3 years ago he gave value first by trading 22 videos about the NXT projects.

I actually went to his channel I counted how many videos NXT and it was 22 and soon everyone from the NXT community reached out to him and they gave him feedback on his video which is the win and they ended up donating NXT coins to him, which he did not expect.

And then three years later which is today, those same NXT coins those donations actually can buy him a house now which is amazing.

Tai Zen’s mistake, this is one of my favorites looking up to this one. He was talking to me he was saying: “When I was younger I made the same mistake of extracting value from some people more successful than I, over and over again I wish I was in your position Danny at the age of 27 in applied the principle of giving value versus extracting value because nobody told me”

And you continue if I learn this exact piece of information when I was in my 30s versus my 40s he would have made so much more money you would have saved decades. You would have made life-changing finances 10 years earlier just by giving more value massive value upfront first and this was a big Aha for me too. So I really do thank you for this one story that you shared with me to Tai

How do I feel now? Well, I am inspired to take massive and immediate actions in this Cryptocurrency investing space, I aspire to be honorable legendary the grandmaster world-renowned like LeonFu.com And even Tai Zen.

Those are big ambitions of mine, something I aspire to be and I really think it’s a worthwhile you know ambition. And I really am thankful you know for that high-level mentorship that Tai gave me just now I mean tiger one of the best in the states

And the fact that you gave me your time you’re absolutely right I was extracting your valuable time from you and I do want to give so much value back. This leads to my third point right here, which is I’m so eager to add so much value upfront to the Cryptocurrency market team and Just see the space and ultimately to make life-changing money.

That’s it guys thank you so much for watching a big shout-out to the LeonFu.com and the Honorable Legendary Grandmaster world-renowned LeounFu.com, you are amazing thank you so much for helping to many people Make life-changing money along with you

Pound that like button if you like these videos if you don’t I promise I won’t get sad, I want to know and subscribe to the Cryptocurrency market Channel, I swear these are one of the best if not the best channel on Cryptocurrency investing that’s available on Youtube or anywhere, so please subscribe

I really love this channel I swear I keep up with every single video. Thank you guys so much I appreciate you guys I hope you guys got as much value as I did. At the end of the day just give value first give massive value to the community everything will work out from there. Thank you, guys.

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