TaiFu™ In The Media #1 – Tai Zen & David Fong On The American Dream With Craig Sewing

Craig Sewing: Welcome to another episode of the American dream, today is gonna be a killer show, we’re talking about the impact of the new Age Digital world guys like Zuckerberg that have flipped this world upside down. Listen to this one.

Every single day, you’ve consumed with information with a 24/7 negative news cycle and a pop culture that polluting the airwaves all selling out the rating game well guess what there’s a more positive way to look at life

You live in the greatest city in the greatest country on the planet, every day with our elite network of professionals, our goal is to educate empower and engage. And now it’s time to fight for your American Dream

In a digital world, this is the absolutely fascinating topic you heard a Bitcoin we’re gonna go deep on this and we’re gonna go quick. We got Tai Zen, CEO of the Cryptocurrency market, Tai thanks for coming on the show

Tai Zen: Thanks for having us here.

David Fong. You guys just said to me coming into the show that you believe are on the verge of the biggest bull mark in the history of humankind. That’s a bold statement why do you say?

Tai Zen: That’s absolutely we say that we have a firm belief about that on our team simply because Bitcoin has this is the first time in human history that playing field has been leveled for Main Street

So now the little guys like us on Main Street can have the same profit potential in the same gains that the guys on Wall Street have been doing for decades

Craig Sewing: How is that?

Tai Zen: Because Bitcoin is a permission list

Craig Sewing: That’s probably the first question I should have asked for anyone to know, what’s Bitcoin? I mean we’ve heard of it, it’s a currency of some sort like an online currency

Tai Zen: It’s an online Bitcoin is a technology, it’s a public ledger technology that everyone can access and read it themselves if they have correct software which is easily downloadable from Bitcoin.org.

And what happens is when you access that ledger that you think of Bitcoin as a public network like the highway network

It’s called Bitcoin and the cars and the vehicles that move to that network is also called Bitcoin and the traffic laws that govern how those vehicles can move to the network are also called Bitcoin

That was confusion that Satoshi Nakamoto created when he first invented Bitcoin and released it to the public and right now those vehicles are moving around the network are being used as a currency

Because it’s the most secure way on the planet right now to move units of currency around much safer than the Euro, the Pound again or the US dollars

Craig Sewing: So how does it help the average guy or gal out there?

Tai Zen: Well there’s only a limited number of Bitcoins that are available on the planet right now. There will only ever be 21 million units ever created. With that, you can have a value assigned.

Tai Zen: You can assign a value to it and each Bitcoin, I want your audience to know that each Bitcoin can be chopped up into 100 million units and so you don’t have to necessarily buy one Bitcoin or half a Bitcoin, you can buy a fraction of it

Craig Sewing: Do you understand why this confusing the people?

Tai Zen: It’s the greatest bull market is because of the limited supply is only 21 million, the more people that use it the value that can we go up. So if you want to get it, there’s only a limited number of supplies not like the US dollar, they print new US dollars every month.

David Fong: Beyond that inflationary human history you talked about the bull market that was the tulip boom, that was isolated in Holland.

We’ve had our stock market booms, the internet boom but this is the first time that a costing across the entire globe everybody China, Japan global and people are interested in this asset class that is a limited supply serves an incredible need

So does it kind of go across currency lines where you have different currencies of different countries, this is 21 million global?

Tai Zen: Yeah, it is not restricted like for example like the US dollar is dominant across the world right now, but there are still some countries like I come from Vietnam and they’re still people that they can’t send money out from Viet Nam

Like they want to trade the American stock market, they cannot come and buy apple stocks, the governor won’t let them. I used to talk to Forex brokers to trade Forex and the Forex brokers when I ask them hey how come you guys, don’t have a Forex brokerage firm or a currency brokerage firm

In Vietnam they say because the government they won’t let people put money into it, so with Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter if a government or authority gives you permission or not you can access the Bitcoin network,

Craig Sewing: What’s the government used to think of Bitcoin?

Tai Zen: Right now there are some governments that are hesitant about it.

Craig Sewing: So talk about the US government

Tai Zen: The US government, I don’t have any evidence that they are for it or against it, I know that our securities lawyer in Dallas he commonly sends us information about what the SEC is doing, they create a task force to pay attention to this and they are looking at it to make sure they are not trying to stop it, they’re trying to make sure that everybody follows the rules

Can the government guy real quick in about get about 20 seconds if it tells about your organization that you’re the CEO

David Fong: So we are the first and the most popular Youtube Crypto investing channel, so we basically want to educate people, we started out just trying to tell people about what this innovation is, why it’s revolutionary and that was just our friend and instead of just having these ones on one conversation over and over again, we put it up online and we said hey go check that out if you have any question, give us a call

Craig Sewing: So now you guys are basically got your own information channel on Youtube where people can get more information on this and let’s part with that if you have question about this if you’re an investor, if you just an everyday guy or gal out there, you want to learn more about this new wave happening digitally with currency

It’s really a fascinating topic and it’s only gonna get bigger, check these guys out on Youtube and more of information American Dream come up

Hey, Craig showing hears your host of the American dream thank you so much for tuning in the show. I want to invite you to engage in the conversation outside the show how do you do that visit us online and on social media

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Visit us online engage in the conversation on social media and don’t forget we went to empower your American Dream to reach out if you ever need it. Thank you so much for turning into the show and thank you so much for following us on social media engaging the conversation cheers to your American dream.

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