Stratis Platform For Investors #2 – Who Is Chris Trew, CEO & Founder Of The Stratis Platform?

Tai Zen: Go ahead and this is the Investor Q&A Starter. So I just want to welcome everyone today. This is Tai Zen and we’re here for the first investor Q&A with Chris Trew. He is the founder and CEO of the Stratis platform. Chris will be broadcasting from London today. Chris.

Chris: I am true yes

Tai Zen: Okay. When I first saw Chris on the Stratis website, I thought he was like a young Vin Diesel from The Fast and Furious. I thought it was a bogus website, I thought his video with the English accent then I realized it was not. I mean this guy looks like a young Vin Diesel from The Fast and Furious guys when I first saw him.

Chris: Thank you very much. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Tai Zen: You gotta say like it’s about the family. And then next, we got the honorable Grand Master,, one of the great Oracles of Cryptocurrency. And is broadcasting from the city of Austin, Texas. Say hello Leon.

Leon: Hi guys. I hope you guys all made money on Stratis.

Tai Zen: And then also we got another fellow Cryptocurrency investor, trader, right? His name is Shaka Daniel, he is broadcasting out of New York City. So say hello Shaka.

Shaka: Hey everybody. How’s it going?

Tai Zen: All right. So let’s go ahead and get this started, guys. We would cover several things regarding the Stratis platform. We have been trying to get this interview on the air for several weeks now, but due to work conflict schedules and all kinds of different conflicts and scheduling, we were not able to get it until today.

So it’s not easy to get 2 or 3, 4 people all together at the same time. It’s Sunday morning and everybody’s off, so we’re able to get together. We’ll talk about several topics here guys. We will talk about main technology.

Leon will be asking Chris some of the technical questions behind the Stratis platform. And then I and Shaka will do throw in a little two cents, and mainly focus on some of the marketing in the sales, and the business acquisition, and some of the trading investing questions as related to the Stratis platform.

So to get started guys, what most people like to know is about you Chris, can you talk a little bit about your background? What were you working in? What were you doing? What are your experience and technical skill? And how you got into Bitcoin? And then how you eventually got into the Stratis platform?

Chris: Yes, so the last 11 years I’ve been working predominantly as a technical architect. And predominantly around cloud computing and virtualization, so a lot desktop service VDI type implementations. The majority of my work has been predominantly in financial services, and I’ve worked for some of the top banks in the UK during my career.

As far as finding Bitcoin about five years ago, I had an internet marketing and SEO business and I earned a very good salary from an empire of micro-niche sites, which are just small sites to deliver bite-sized information to get you crawling up the Google rankings.

And then Google release the load of updates, the first one was the Pandora update and that took my earnings from five figures per month down to $200 USD if I was lucky, so I instantly went out looking for a new challenge, and that’s when I found Bitcoin.

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