Stratis For Investors #4 – What Is Stratis’ Marketing Plan To Get Customers? – By Chris Trew, CEO & Founder Of Stratis Platform


Tai Zen: Okay, I like to jump in. Since we got a lot of technical questions covered, I’d like to cover some of the marketing questions. Based on my understanding, you’re going to develop the Stratis platform after you have Nicolas completed the NBitcoin software.

That’s when you’re going to use it for the Stratis platform. Who do you want to see as customers or clients to use the Stratis platform? Who’s in a perfect world? Who do you picture seen the doing that?

Chris Trew: Large-scale financial services company.

Tai Zen: Just to start an example such as Apple, Microsoft. I mean who do you see?

Chris Trew: I mean a lot of people are smoking about Microsoft and we’re really not into hype. We really don’t like to hype things because as far as we’re concerned, quick increases in prices usually followed with quick decreases in price. So actually we’re not into but we would like to collaborate with Microsoft.

Obviously, we must have a compelling argument for them with the technology and the platform that we’re developing. As far as actual customers that I’d like to work with, any of the large-scale UK financial organizations like Credit SuisseBarclay’s bank, any of those.

But it’s not just financial services. There’s going to be use cases for lots of medium to large to enterprise size businesses forum for Stratis so I couldn’t really give more.

Shaka Daniel: Where do fiat gateways fit into Stratis plan for private chains and blockchain consultancy?

Chris Trew: Yes, private chains are just going to be there to allow fear to move into the Stratis chain easier, to simplify the process. So the blockchain is a service platform. The fuel of the platform is going to be Stratis.

In order to run a node, as you would do on yours or any of the cloud providers, you’re actually going to pay for that service in Stratis. So we need to offer a very simple way for people to actually pay for that service, but actually hide the fact that Stratis is acting as an intermediary if that makes sense.

Tai Zen: I’m still trying to figure out will be using this lab? So the Stratis is mainly for commercial use or is it for individuals to use as well? Are you mainly targeting commercial enterprise-level people or just consumers?

Chris Trew: Yeah, that is our main focus is the corporate, the corporate environment.

Tai Zen: Okay. My question is this. My thought is this. I used to work at the energy brokerage firm. We used to deal with getting the energy brokerage firm that I used to work at.

They had a Bitcoin farm next to it. That’s how I learned about Bitcoins originally. That’s how I let Leon know about Bitcoin. I said in the white paper that’s how he and I got started into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

When I was looking at this energy brokerage firm, we had to make sales calls and marketing calls to businesses to use us as their energy brokerage firm. One of the things that it’s not easy to just call into a business and get them to use your product or service.

From my marketing perspective, how are you going to get businesses to use your Stratis platform? That’s the thing. You can have the best software or technology in the world, but how do you get companies to use your software? What is your marketing and sales strategy to do that?

Chris Trew: That’s a very good question. Something I didn’t touch on when I was talking about my experiences. For the 11 years working in a corporate IT, I’ve been working as a consultant for myself, but for the last 4 years, I’ve actually been working for a large consultancy provider in the UK.

So I’ve got an extensive background and experience on business-to-business sales and providing consultancy to businesses. So as far as our strategy how we’re going actually acquire customers if I start from the very beginning so product predominantly up until this point, our marketing has been focused purely on the crypto communities.

That was to raise awareness for the ICO and also to raise awareness for the Stratis platform. But as we draw nearer to the platform actually been ready for release, we’re actually going to switch a bit and our main focus is going to be on marketing and promotion to corporations and business-to-business sales.

We’ve got a very mixed skillset in our team and we’re not just purely developers. We’ve got some very good skills in marketing and business to business sales. So once it actually kicks off, we’re going to be doing the full range of marketing to corporations and businesses.

We’ll be down to conferences. We will be doing, as you say, cold calling. We’ll be doing a lot of those types of activities. Another thing I’ve actually explored as well as there are companies that provide sales services.

You can literally give them a book of leads and then they will just go through that book of leads and cold call all of the links on that. They work on commission, so if they don’t sell, they basically don’t get paid. So they won’t work with just any startup.

They’ve got to get a good feeling for you that they’re going to actually be able to sell your platform or service. That’s going to be something that we’re definitely going to explore because bringing companies on board just gives you those extended capabilities without having the overhead of permanent employees.

Another avenue that we’ve got is a consultancy company that I worked for probably around 90% of our business came from a channel. A channel is another partner, whether it’ll be consultancy providers or hardware, software manufacturers. That was where the majority of them are actual customers came from.

So we’re going to imply a similar static. We’re going to reach out to a lot of the IT service providers in the UK, a lot of the hardware-software manufacturers. Actually, we are trying to set up partnerships and relationships with these companies, so they give us access to their customer base.

Tai Zen: I come from a sales and marketing background. So getting customers, getting businesses, I’m very familiar with that.

Let’s say today, your Stratis software has done and complete. Nicholas does his job. It’s done. Everything is working fine. Tomorrow, you need customers using this Stratis platform. Who would be the first 1 or 2 businesses that you would approach?

How would you approach them in a way that they would look at your Stratis platform and consider using it? Because no matter how good of software you have, if no one is using it, it doesn’t mean anything.

Chris Trew: Exactly. I totally agree.

Tai Zen: Let’s just say your software’s done. Everything is working the way you want it to be. Now, which is the first 1 or 2 businesses that you would go and knock on their doors to get them to use your software?

Chris Trew: The first business we’re going to approach is the financial services companies that I’ve actually worked at previously. I’ve got relationships with the guys that still work there. It’s not hard to knock on their doors. Those are the quick wins. They’ll be the ones that we’ve reached out to first.

After that, it’s literally going to be a case that we’re going to have books and books of leads, thousands upon thousands of leads of companies that fit a specific demographic.

They may have purchased a particular type of software or hardware before. That would buzz an inclination. They may be open to blockchain technology or they’re using an application that we’ve identified as an application could actually benefit from blockchain technologies.

Tai Zen: What is your role there at Stratis as a CEO. Are you going to focus on the marketing side to get customers and businesses to use a Stratis platform or most of your time going to be devoted to coding the software?

Chris Trew: It’s another good question. I’m going to be getting involved in all areas. I’ll be doing some coding and overseeing marketing and sales.

And I guess one of my strongest areas is probably going be once we’ve actually acquired the customers, and then we’re at the next loop, where we actually have the meetings when we start to go through the workflow and conceptualizes the solution immediately, that would be where I really shine.

Tai Zen: Let’s use the Waves Platform as an example. During our interview with Sasha, the Waves planner from the Waves Platform in Russia, even though he knows how to program and code everything, he is not going to spend any time coding.

I mean he knows how to read it, but he’s going to be spending most of the time on the business development side of the Waves Platform while he pays the coders to code it for him.

Is that what your plans are? Because you sound social like you are capable of having conversations with business and people. But a lot of the technical people are very nerdy and very techie.

That is qualified to code software. Usually, they don’t have the social communication skills to be able to communicate business in a way that will sell them, or convince them, or persuade them, or influence them to use the product of the service.

So are you going to use your skills in the technical area or in business development side like Sasha? What’s your plan?

Chris Trew: I’m going to use my skills in both areas but we’re not going to get to the point where the other side sort of suffers, because of my work on the technical side if that makes sense.

I mean since I actually became proficient with C#.NET, I don’t think there’s been a time where 2 days have gone past without me actually open up using visual studio and coding. I’m not about to stop doing that.

Leon Fu: Nicolas is going to be focused on NBitcoin and the core. Who is the lead developer on Stratis, on all developer tools, the GUI, all the rest of the stuff? Who is among your team is going to lead that effort?

 Chris Trew: That’s going to be Stéphane.

Leon Fu: Stéphane. Okay.

Chris Trew: He’s another developer. He’s very skilled and has a very strong background in Java. One of the real benefits that he brings to the team is before he actually moved into a full-blown development, he had to be worked supporting developers.

He’s got a very good understanding of the procedures around the release management, software life cycles and that type of thing, which in the business-related task. That will be really helpful.

But I guess things have gone pretty smoothly thus far. People seem to be very surprised at how our ICO distribution was so smooth. That’s only because of our internal procedures around the testing and chain management.

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