For Investors #2 – Who Are The People Involved In The ICO?

Interviewer: And let’s talk about who’s behind this.


The people that involved behind this, you know as well as I do, usually when I invest in a cryptocurrency and usually I invest mostly in the people who involved first, before anything else. I want to make sure that the people that are involved…

I have several criteria, they are experienced people in the field and number two, they are people that have integrity that you can trust. You don’t have to trust the blockchain or the public ledger, but you do have to trust the people you’re giving the money to, to make sure that they follow it through.

Now whether or not the project is successful, is not important to me. What’s important is that the people that are taking my money, they will actually follow through and do what they say they will do, and if the project fails after that, then I can live with that. The only thing that I don’t want to happen is that they take my money and run off. That’s my main concern.

So, the 3 guys that’s on their website that’s in charge or the main guys. Let me just click on here now go over through each one of these guys. So, if you click on their team, they call it the all-star team, the first guy is the founder and the CEO. There’re three founders of Slock. It and the founder is Simon Jentzsch. Then there’s Christoph Jenztsch. I don’t know if they are related or not, they do not list on the website. Maybe they just happen to have the same last name.

So those are the guys, one guy is the CEO, the other guy’s the chief technology officer and then we have Stephan Tual, he’s actually a sharp dude. He’s actually one of the original guys that’s involved in the Ethereum team when they did their pre-sale and their ICO.

So, a matter of fact, all these guys were involved in the original Ethereum stuff when they first got started, they raised all that money, and then that’s before they have the personnel change in the staff. So, these guys are very familiar with the Ethereum blockchain. They’re very familiar with the technology and they help create part of that.

So that’s the reason why I have some good faith in these guys, they know what they’re doing. It’s not some Asian dude like me that isn’t good at math and science trying to do this stuff. These are the guys that are good from the very beginning.

And then they have a few other guys, I don’t know what these guys’ names are, and then there’s Griff Green, and these guys are helping out. But those are not the major players that are making me decide to invest in it. I want you guys to understand that.

The three guys that I’m looking at is Simon Jentzsch, Christoph Jenztsch and Stephan Tual. And then also on their board of advisors, they have two people that are worth noting.

One is a dude named Gavin Wood. They call him Dr Gavin Wood, and so he’s actually one of the guys that was brought onto the Ethereum team and he was the one who was cleaning house. He was the one that inspires the Ethereum investors so that the Ethereum project will actually succeed

Because before he came on board to the Ethereum team, there was a huge mess at the Ethereum team because of Vitalik Buterin, who is the originator and the founder of Ethereum, he might be a child genius when it comes to this Ethereum and this cryptocurrency project, but he is too young and inexperienced to deal with people and look at the business side of Ethereum.

So they brought on Dr. Gavin Wood, and he was the one who came in and threw out all the people that would not… I would not say that was incompetent, but they were just not the right members of the team for the Ethereum project. So he is one of the members on the board of advisors, and the other one that they have listed is Dr Christian Reitwiessner.

Christian is the main developer of the Ethereum smart contract programming language called Solidity so there’s different… I’m cracking up guys because James is with a camera in my face doing a… what do you call that? A documentary video, a behind the scenes video so it’s cracking me up. He’s got this camera right in my face. You guys don’t see it. But ok, so anyway went back to this ok.

They’re the three main characters that are involved, the founders of the Slock, and then we got the two board of advisers who are deeply rooted inside the Ethereum project.

Here’s the good news. When you got somebody like Dr Gavin Wood and Dr Christian Reitwiessner as the board of advisors, they are helping to make sure the Ethereum project succeeds.

Meanwhile, it is also beneficial to them to make sure that the Slock project succeeds as well, because if it succeeds on top of their Ethereum blockchain then that’s more publicity for marketing and more revenues for them. So it’s a win-win situation that you guys gotta look at. Imagine that you are the ones coming out with Slock and your buddies are the inside people on the Ethereum blockchain, so more than likely, there’s gonna be some favouritism.

I’m just looking at this from the street guys because you guys know that I grew up on the streets. I didn’t graduate from MIT, not like all these guys listening behind this camera. So these guys are smart, I’m not.

So I just look at from the street, a sense that my homies are on the inside of Ethereum and I have problems with Slock that I need to make a few changes or something to the blockchain or something, more than likely I’m gonna be able to get it into the developer’s ears just because my homeboys are inside the Ethereum team. So does that help with the personnel involved with the Slock project?

Interviewer: Very well spoken. Awesome.

Tai: Any comments or questions about that?

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