Risk Takers #7: Roger Ver – aka “Bitcoin Jesus” & Founder Of Bitcoin.com

Find out more about Roger Ver at www.bitcoin.com

Timestamps Provided by our viewer Telio:

00:02:00 – Roger’s background
00:03:35 – Roger’s first Bitcoin purchase
00:05:23 – How Roger knew Bitcoin wasn’t a scam
00:06:38 – Why Roger went to prison
00:09:17 – The libertarian perspective
00:10:17 – When Roger first heard about Bitcoin
00:12:15 – Roger’s reaction to the peak of the market in 2013
00:14:00 – Bitcoin moving away from being p2p cash system
00:18:05 – Core’s incentive to focus more on fees
00:21:17 – What Satoshi said about block size
00:22:10 – Is it important for a normal user to run a full node?
00:24:45 – Why you can scale block size
00:26:55 – The lightning torch
00:28:30 – Onboarding a new user to Bitcoin Cash
00:32:30 – The incentive behind the SOV thesis
00:36:30 – Roger’s incentive to fight this battle
00:38:20 – The BTC / BCH split
00:42:15 – How Roger felt about the split
00:45:55 – BCH / BSV split
00:47:50 – The initial crypto community
00:48:50 – Can the community come together again?
00:50:00 – What would it take to bring everyone together?
00:51:00 – The incentive for Blockstream
00:55:35 – Negotiations for big or small blocks
00:57:00 – Usability/features of Bitcoin
01:02:00 – Old bitcoiners not speaking out
01:04:14 – Development on BCH
01:05:25 – Why Roger’s launching a $200M fund for BCH
01:07:00 – How to help out with BCH
01:08:10 – Crypto personalities trolling Roger
01:10:00 – Richard Heart
01:12:07 – Tone Vays, Samson Mow
01:13:05 – Bitcoin in 2011 and outside forces
01:15:40 – Gavin Andreesen and CSW
01:19:25 – Roger and CSW
01:20:50 – Calvin and mining
01:22:10 – Future of BCH
01:24:45 – Roger getting into Bitcoin
01:26:50 – Roger splitting with other Bitcoin evangelists
01:32:00 – Roger’s ecosystem investments
01:33:20 – Roger’s losing investments and Mt. Gox
01:36:43 – What Roger looks for in businesses
01:38:00 – Ethereum, Monero
01:41:00 – BCH shuffle (privacy)
01:42:30 – BCH tokens
01:43:40 – Local.bitcoin.com
01:47:40 – Where Roger spends his time
01:49:10 – Maximalism
01:52:20 – Book about history of Bitcoin
01:53:10 – Thanks

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