Reegan’s Blockchain Journey #8 – Protecting Personal Privacy Using Blockchains

This is Leegan Lessie, I’m here in San Diego California talking about everything wrapped around Cryptocurrency. Today I want to talk a little bit more about privacy I came across the LA Times article big business band together and urging lawmakers to sell out your privacy.

22 industry groups sent a letter Congress to pass sweeping data security rule. Why would these 22 industries big business want Congress to pass rules and regulations on when your security or when your information has been hacked from their accounts

One of the things that really is apparent when you read this letter is the verbiage and the retailers are a big target for hackers, this is where a lot of your information is out of your control and what I talked in the past video was about how personal privacy is a basic human’s right

One way we can define privacy is with the control over the information about you that’s out there.

If we are not even in the know of the fact that our information has been hacked, we really are vulnerable and this legislation is being lobbied to Congress. Many of the 22 industry groups want is for these new rules to be guided by the federal law known as Graham Leeds Bliley,

I’m not sure if I’m saying that absolutely correctly but this federal law states misuse of its information about the customer has occurred or is reasonably possible the company should notify the effects the affected customer as soon as possible.

This verbiage should in comparison to must or obligated is a really big deal, so if a company knows your information is hacked but they do not see MIDI harm to you then they don’t necessarily have to let you know that your information has been hacked.

That’s a big difference, Europe is going to be passing some pretty big new privacy policies in May and among the rules required, ours is a requirement that people be notified within 72 hours of any unauthorized information and unauthorized access of personal information.

This verbiage this require in comparison to should is a big deal. At first glance, we think that passing these sweeping rules world would be a great thing

But if the companies that are being affected here have a reasonable doubt that it would be harmful to you and they just don’t see any reason to let you know, then they don’t necessarily have to.

I think that this is a scary place to be in our country if all these big companies are so vulnerable to being hacked, we are giving away information so easily these days even when you go and you pay at those point-of-sale where you put your chip in

There are cameras so that they can see who actually making the payment any things like that

These companies, these businesses are collecting a lot of information about us and if they are not required to notify you to let you know that your information has been hacked

This really puts you in a vulnerable position and also has a huge violation of your personal privacy.

We need to really watch what Congress does here, I think we all are a little bit just not really happy with Congress this day kind of understand that Congress doesn’t really get anything done.

I think that one of the things that we can really understand is that so much of what Congress does get done has to do with being lobbied by these big corporations

One of the things that I keep coming across when I look up about privacy especially here in America is the fact that Congresspeople when they vote, vote transparently so we all can see how they vote.

At first glance especially in the Cryptocurrency world, we would think that this would be a positive thing but what happens with this transparency of Congress voting is that it really allowed for a big corporation to get involved and to really support the Congresspeople to vote in their favor

And the way that this comes about it doesn’t necessarily come about while the people are in Congress but we couldn’t see through history is that a lot of times Congressmen and women after they’ve been in Congress will get a lot of benefits

After they’ve been in Congress whether it being hired by these corporations or taking on as a consultant or things like that

The new laws that gonna be put in place we really need to see them say some specific verbiage about being required or obligated to let the consumer know that their information has been hacked.

Because again a basic human’s right is the fact that we have control over the information about us that is out there and if we don’t even know that our information has been hacked.

Then how can you have control over that information, if you want to read the article please go to my Twitter account, it’s my full name Reegan Lessie and you can get a link to that article from there.

Another thing I want to talk about and share with you guys is that I’m going to start doing these meetups at my coffee shop first Friday of the month, so our first official meet up at Baba coffee in Carlsbad California will be February 2nd at 6:00 pm

We’re gonna do it the first Friday of the month, 6:00 pm this first meetup I don’t really have a specific subject picked but I do have a few people that are in the Cryptocurrency world that will be there as well as myself so that we can go deeper into your questions and ideas about how we want these meetups to go.

I want to thank you all for being here and for watching my videos and a big thank you to the cryptocurrency market team, they are so supportive and I just want to thank you guys for all of your help and support and I wish you guys have great take care of.


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