Reegan’s Blockchain Journey #8 – Protecting Personal Privacy Using Blockchains – By Reegan Lessie

Thank you for your support and encouragement as I make my journey into blockchain – In this video, I talk about how congress is being lobbied by 22 industry groups to pass sweeping data security rules.

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Reegan Lessie: This is Regan Lessie. I’m here in San Diego, California talking about everything cryptocurrency. I want to give a big thank you to Adam Meister for sharing all of his insights with me at our meetup that we had in San Diego. I posted the videos here on the Cryptocurrency Market YouTube channel.

Adam was such an amazing person and I really enjoyed his insights and his energy. He just has so much to share. He’s such a positive force in the cryptocurrency world. I really recommend you guys checking him out.

It also encouraged me to start offering meetups at my coffee shop. We’re going to start doing at least 1a month. I’ll give you guys those times and dates in the future.

In fact, I really want to encourage women to become more financially responsible, to be more in the conversation of their finances at home to understand what’s going on not only with their investments but also their bank accounts and access to money.

With these meetups we’ll be hosting, there will be some different people that can come in and talk about how we can really take back our financial control as women and men as well.

The last video I posted was about privacy. I talked about how personal privacy is one of a basic human right. It is one of the things that kept coming up not only in comments but also with conversations that I had, in which people said if you didn’t have anything to hide, why we would need to private about something.

I really think this is a naive stance to take. Unless you have been in a situation where you have to deal with your own personal privacy being violated, it’s hard for you to understand why this would be important.

I listened to an article on NPR this morning. A lady was getting a divorce and the husband was really violating her personal privacy in a lot of ways. He was abusive not only physically, but also emotionally. It came to pass that he had put a tracking device not only on her phone but also in her car.

When she took him to court and tried to bring charges against him for these violations, she was unable to do that because he was a part-owner in the car as well as the phone.

I could see how a privacy coin could really be empowering for her to move beyond this awful situation that she was in. We’re not there yet with the cryptocurrency, but I do see cryptocurrency really becoming this new revolution in the way that we do our banking. I can see how we can make use of crypto for somebody who is being suppressed.

We hear so much being talked about cryptocurrency relating to the black market, drugs, weapons and things like that. However, in a scenario like I just described, if this lady had access to a privacy coin, she could be able to purchase a car or a phone without her husband being on it, then move forward and away from that abusive relationship.

One thing is you can only understand from your own level of perception. Instead of being in this closed-minded stance about privacy, I think we need to understand that their people are dealing with difficult situations all over the world. Unless you’re in that situation, you really don’t know how you would act in that situation.

I really want to be here as an advocate for women and men to show how important your privacy is. Not just because it’s a basic human right, but it’s also your desires and ability to live your life the best you can.

My heritage is on my father’s side, a Ukrainian, and my mother’s side, a Syrian. In those parts of the world, there’s so much turmoil and difficulty, especially for women.

Every day I think I’m so thankful that I get to live here in San Diego and I get to speak my mind. If I am not happy with the situation that I’m in whether it be my personal life or our business, I can move beyond that because I have the means and support to do that. However, in many parts of the world, that isn’t the case.

As this new revolutionary way of banking cryptocurrency starts to take hold and move forward, I truly believe it is going to empower those people that are being suppressed.

It’s not only just for drugs, weapons or whatever illegal situations that are coming up, but it is also an empowering tool for those people who are being suppressed to move forward.

I am going to keep talking about this subject and sharing my ideas towards privacy and hopefully get to have more conversations with all of you about that as well.

Keep posted on not only my Twitter account but in the Cryptocurrency Market channel as well. We’ll be doing those meetups that you can come and get in on the conversation as well.

My twitter handle is my full name, Reegan Lessie. I just started getting a little bit more active there. I promise to do more posting there.

I want to thank you all so much for watching my videos and sharing with me your comments.

I’m such a beginner. I’m really just in these beginning phases. I’m just starting to get the courage to get out there and to invest. As I start doing that, I definitely will be sharing more a backside of my journey with you.

Today, I just wanted to talk more about the privacy, how important that is and it’s not just for illegal drugs and illegal weapons.

Privacy is a basic human factor. Especially, as women, we need to take back our control in personal finances and growth.

I just want to thank you for being here and sharing with me. I look forward to talking to you all again soon.

Have a great day. I’ll talk to you soon.

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