Reegan’s Blockchain Journey #6 – Protecting Personal Privacy Using Blockchains – By Reegan Lessie

Thank you for your support and encouragement as I make my journey into blockchain – Getting personal about privacy, sharing ways to combat stress and come meet me in person this weekend. I’m hosting a meet up with Adam Meister in San Diego, California – time and place to be announced – follow me on twitter @reeganlessie and I’ll announce when and where.

Reegan Lessie: Regan Lessie. I’m here in San Diego, California talking about everything cryptocurrency. Today, I want to talk about privacy.

In my last video I was sharing with you, I’m really interested in the privacy sector of cryptocurrency. I just wanted to share with you why I am so interested in that and how I got there.

Getting a little personal, I recently had to deal with my own personal privacy being violated.It came to light that my partner was monitoring my phone. When that happened, I was really scared. Not only did it make me feel a lot of anxiety, but it also made me feel like I was a trapped animal.

I recognized the reason that happened was that I let go of control of the information that I was putting out. We’ve dealt with it and gotten past that. Things are fine now.

However, due to that incident, I recognized I wanted to protect my own personal privacy in the future.As we move into this world, where we’re just giving up our personal information through not only social media but also by agreeing to terms, this whole sector seems to be very important. I think future generations are really want to take back their own personal privacy.

There are cultures in this world that don’t even have a word for privacy. However, freedom of speech and freedom of controlling the information is really a basic human right.

As we see this world of being online, it’s gonna swing the other way. People are going to take back their privacy and have ways that they can do that.

Therefore, these privacy coins of the private sector, in my opinion, are going to really grow in these next few years, especially as different cultures and parts of the world start to understand that they have the right to privacy.

We need privacy because we act differently than when we’re under surveillance. People feel a loss of control when they know they’re being watched. That increase in anxiety is really crucial to your health.

I come from a yoga background, so I’m gonna teach yoga and meditation. One of the reasons we do yoga is to reduce our stress levels.

When we are really stressed out, our cortisal levels rise. When our cortisol levels are high, our immune system gets diminished. Then, we are really susceptible to disease. There are more and more studies coming out showing the coleration between high levels of cortisol and breathe disease.

Your own personal privacy is one place that you can control and keep that from stressing you out.

Currently like I said, we’re just giving our information and not even really realizing what that means or where that’s coming from or where that’s going.

I think as we move forward, we need to have ways to come back. If I want to download this app, I have a choice. I could give my information or I could buy it with a privacy coin and not have to give up my information to be anonymous.

The privacy doesn’t necessarily have to do with an absence of information but it has to do with the control we have over the information about ourselves. When, how and what extent information is being communicated to others. Therefore, this control over personal information is really an important aspect of life.

On the other day, I did this research on privacy and just went down a rabbit hole. Everything is included and it really is so important. Especially, as we are becoming so much more public with our lives.

Privacy is the foundation of our freedom that we enjoy and we need to be able to be private with our spending on the way we spend our money and what we’re doing with our money.

Again, the privacy coins, for me, I think are going to be a part of the cryptocurrency that is just going to continue to grow especially for future generations.

I think that having your own privacy and being able to take control over with the information out there. That’s really gonna be a currency on its own. That’s gonna be something that people are going to be willing to put more time and energy into going forward.

One of the things I was saying before that we need to be focused on is our levels of stress.

I’ve been giving you guys a little bit of advice on how to combat stress. I just talked a little bit about breathing in the past. I was sharing that when you breathe through your nose, you send a calming response to your brain and you breathe through your mouth,  you send a fight/flight response to the brain.

I suggested that you take just a minute and focus on your breathing with the mouth closed. I really want to encourage you guys to make this a habit. I find that if I set a timer, it really helps.

If you keep watching my videos, I’ll keep giving you guys more ideas on how to further and deepen your practice. Set a timer, put the time aside and just sit if you can find a place in nature. I really encourage that.

If it’s really cold outside and you want to sit by a window or maybe you have a nice place in your house or a place at work that you can go and set that timer, then just focus on your breathing and you’ll notice that by doing this. It’s gonna really bring a sense of calming to you.

Another thing, I just want to mention real fast before I let you all go. Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister. I think that’s how he claims himself. He’s in town. He’s in San Diego. Tai connected us and we’re gonna do a meet-up in San Diego, downtown, Saturday morning.

I don’t know the time at and I don’t know the location. I suggested we meet up at Lofty coffee and Little Italy. However, he’s gonna call me later today. We’re gonna figure that all out.

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be there with Adam on Saturday morning wherever that may be.If you want to meet up with us, please follow my twitter handle is Reegan Lessie.

I haven’t been real active on my Twitter account but I promise to get more active there in the future as I’m sharing here on the cryptocurrency market.

I wish you a great day stay safe on the East Coast. I know that the winter weather is hitting pretty hard right now. I wish you the best and I look forward to sharing with you all again soon. Take care. I’ll see you later. Bye.


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