Reegan’s Blockchain Journey #10 – Cryptocurrency Conferences in Texas

Join us in Texas this weekend with the Cryptocurrency Market Team and the Bitcoin Private team for two conferences. Saturday in Dallas and Sunday in Austin (I will be talking in Austin!) Sign up links to the conferences on my twitter account @reeganlessie

It’s Reegan Lessie. I’m actually here in Dallas, Texas for a currency conference. It’s happening today here at the launch pad city and I’m really excited to be here with Tai and the team from the cryptocurrency market.

It’s really nice to see Mariah and Eve and all of them. I also met up with Jake from Bitcoin private and we are doing a conference and Austin on Sunday. Big announcement, I am going to be talking about personal privacy.

I’m really excited to be able to share how important everybody’s personal privacy is. Everybody has the right to personal privacy. Today, I saw the article about ice skating a private contract to read everybody’s license plates.

This is a huge violation of our personal privacy and I just can see how important this new Bitcoin private ability allows people to have privacy with their finances. It is going to be such a big opportunity for people to take back their personal privacy and how important it is in this where we have so many ways that not only the government that news and just people, in general, are trying to scare you out of your own privacy.

We think often that surveillance is really important so that we are safe but in my eyes, that is a real misconception. We need to have these ways that we can take back our personal privacy. With Bitcoin private and these different privacy coins, I do think that they are going to be a driving force going forward in the cryptocurrency world because it’s needed.

We need more tools to take back our personal privacy. I’m going to be talking about that on Sunday at the Bitcoin private meetup. It’s actually a conference that we are gonna be in Austin and I look forward to seeing you all there.

I hope if you are in the area, you come. If you haven’t signed up yet you can do that. I’ve put some of the links on my Twitter account or of course, you can go look at Tai Zen on Twitter, excuse me. On Twitter, you can sign up.

It’s free for the public to come and to participate in the conference. Not only tomorrow here in Dallas at the Launchpad City but also in Austin. Both conferences are free so if you are interested in it, you just need to sign up.

I am such an advocate for personal privacy. I think that more and more my role here at the cryptocurrency market is being defined. Tai had connected with me through my partner and asked me to share my journey into blockchain technology but fast, we started to talk about how much or how I feel about privacy.

Tai and I had so many common thoughts on privacy that he asked me to just really focus on how important your personal privacy is. That fact that it is really a basic human right for everybody. I’ve shared before that I am my heritage I’m actually was born here in America, but my family on my dad’s side comes from Ukraine and then on my mom’s side was Syrian.

I mean the news about those areas right now, I mean just putting the fact that I’m a woman aside, even men who are living in these areas are denied basic human rights, basic abilities to be private. This opportunity for cryptocurrency to be in those areas. I think it’s really important.

I mean we’re not there yet but I see a future where places like I was talking with Tai like Vietnam. And you know, like I’m sharing in Syria and also in Ukraine, I can see how privacy coins especially would be beneficial for those areas where family members could actually send money to their family in those war-torn areas. Because at the moment, you can.

My grandmother used to send money back to Ukraine to our family. She would hide it in Bibles and mail it back to them but soon, it means last about 20 maybe even 40 years, she hasn’t been doing that because the money wasn’t getting to them. There just is no way to send money to our family there.

So, with these privacy coins, I could really see how if we wanted to send money to my relatives in Ukraine or into Syria that would be a way to actually get money in their hands because right now there just isn’t away. I just wanted to say Hi real fast and do a video and check in with you guys and let you know what I’m up to.

So, I’m here in Texas. I flew in this morning and I will be here at the conference in Dallas and then I’ll also be in Austin speaking in Austin at the Bitcoin private conference. I hope you guys if you are in the area come and check us out and say hi.

Please come up to me and introduce yourself to me. I’d love to meet you in person and I wish you guys a good day. I hope to see you tomorrow and if not tomorrow, then Sunday. Okay, have a good day. Bye.

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