Reegan’s Blockchain Journey #1 – Learning About Cryptocurrency

Reegan is a small business owner living in San Diego, California. Follow Reegan’s journey as she learns about everything Cryptocurrency and shares her insights with you in her own words. Reegan’s goal is to learning the basics needed in Cryptocurrency to create a plan for financial freedom.

Learning About Cryptocurrency – By Reegan Lessie


Hi everyone. My name is Reegan. My friend Tai joined me last night and talked to me about Bitcoin and how there’s not a lot of women involved. He was encouraging me to get involved for me to share my journey. We did 1 video since you saw the video with me and Tai and David.

And listen, this video, I’m gonna introduce myself. I am a small business owner. I go to the studio as well as the coffee shop and I worked really hard. Being a small business owner is not for the shy of heart. Long days, long hours dealing with employees.

I want to spend my time wisely and I wanna start investing, one way that I am going to start investing in Bitcoin. When I start learning about it, I’m gonna start small and create energy for my journey, watch as I start to understand. Navigate this new industry, this new way that we are taking on this world. Things are changing dramatically, they’re changing really rapidly.

One thing that keeps showing this is new Cryptocurrency. It’s becoming more mainstream. I have a lady that comes into who is teaching other Moms how to work with Bitcoin, change Bitcoin and I’d better start doing this video regularly and share when I want. To share the journey that I am on, I’m ironically enough.

Last night, when we were having dinner, Tai was telling me about how very few of miners that he’s encouraging all the women that he’s … to try it, to get into it, but nobody takes it. Nobody actually takes his advises and I thought “Why not?”

If you say that I should just share my journey and as I am getting to this and each morning when I wake up, I’m gonna make your video. Recently, I got into a Tarot and I’ve been watching a lot of Tarot healings on Youtube.

As I listened to couples of theories this morning, and the theory that I listened this morning was telling me about how I was going to change … I was gonna be studying something that never thought I would study. And in fact, I should get the locational license, like to try my hand at something completely new out of the norm for me.

I really took it as this idea of Tai has for me that he’s encouraged to share my journey, learning about Bitcoin. So, going forward we’ll do more these videos. I’m gonna do it really regularly and I’m just gonna share what I learned.

I think I reached out to a lady that visited my coffee shop and interviewed her, get information from. I’m a big believer that knowledge is power. When you have knowledge, you are really powerful.

I’ve been teaching Yoga for 20 years, and self-knowledge that Yoga has to give me an amazing ability to know myself, to know what makes me happy, to know what I need. With that going forward, I know that I need to spend my time more wisely. I’ve been really burning the candle at both ends with my 2 businesses, part of it is financial, is money.

It’s cheaper for me to work. I don’t actually pay myself, so I feel myself doing a lot of grunt work. Financial only get a come from investments, only from thinking how to size the parks. This is such a new and exciting time with Bitcoin with the Cryptocurrency.

That’s now becoming so much more mainstream. It’s just going to make so many people rich. It’s gonna make people may. So why not jump on the bandwagon? Why not be a part of that?

Going forward, I’m just gonna look at life, like who believes wish to be present, like it’s about me at the moment. I’m encouraging you to look outside the box to understand that there are many ways and look for those other ways. Going forward, we’re gonna just do it together. Following me here, my channel Reegan Lessie or even with here on Tai channel. Tai’s really been encouraging me. He’s gonna help me, hold my hands through this. Keep coming back and seeing me again. Here’s in San Diego, so beautiful.

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