PROPS Project For Investors #6 – Crowdsale Update With CEO Adi Sideman

What’s up, guys? This is Tai. In with me today, I’ve got David Fong. Say hello. Hey guys. Also, we have Adi Sideman, the CEO, and founder of the props project.

Hey, some T-shirts here. We got one for you too, Leon. So, we’re here in New York because you guys have a huge success, massive success with the Republic crowd sale and we said: “Hey, we got to come up here and get an update on you” like what happened like… You know, there was a bunch of people hitting this up saying that: “Hey, it was over before it even started”.

So, what can you update the community on what happened? Yeah, we’re really excited. We had 2 pre-sales that started Monday at noon. One of them was for non-accredited investors with allocations up to $2,000 USD and the second was for accredited investors for larger sums. The one with the small allocations was on Republic and it got sold out within a couple of hours, as a matter of fact, the server’s crashed because there was so much demand we were really delighted.

And we’re really happy that our supporters from the Telegram list and from our Email list had an opportunity to come in. Over a thousand people invested and we’re really excited about that. That’s great, I mean as I understand it so as long as you were persistent like there were some delays, but if you wanted to get in and you were persistent it eventually did work, is that right? That’s right.

There are rewards for persistence. We’re always talking about that. You know, people take action, give me water in life. But, talk about how so we had shot like a few update deals with other members of your team and before we can even release it, you know, it was over, so it may be gated the update so that’s why we’re here to get this new update.

Well, the good news is that the coin listed on CEO sale is still going on and is formally open until December 22nd. That is for accredited investors, but the good news is if you can be accredited through your crypto holdings as well and so we will be actually sending information to folks because a lot of folks asked us.

I have a lot of assets in crypto, can I get accredited and so coin list has a method to do that? Yes. Basically, they verify your holdings through a signature wallet and you can still participate through coin list to dot CO. Okay, I was curious about that, too because we get a lot of questions from our audience like they have you know, to be an accredited investor, you have to have a million in liquid assets and a lot of our audience were contacting us privately about that.

Great, we just heard yesterday from coinless that they have a method to accredit people based on their crypto holdings so that’s new information and we encourage everybody to reach out either to coin list or to our support and we’ll give you information on how to do that. Okay, is there anything else that you would like the comedian to know about the project in January, I think?

Yeah, at the end of January, we will be releasing the Rize platform and at that time, we’ll be doing a token distribution event. There’ll be a final allocation to the general public at that time when the token is in the market its utility token, you’ll be able to use it within our first app on the ecosystem which is Rize.

We’re really excited that we’re able to save a portion of the tokens for the general public in the end of January. Okay, that’s awesome. So, the people that missed out on the Republic deal they can wait until then they can also participate again? Exactly.

You mentioned before we start the camera recording here about the people because I mentioned to you that one of my colleagues was being demonetized on her YouTube channel and you were saying that the people that come on to start using the Rize app, the early movers, the way that the system the platform is set up it rewards those people more early adopters? Yeah, that’s correct.

You talk about that so that the people out there listening that want to start using the props that the Rize app on top of the props platform, how they can benefit from that? Absolutely, so the Rize app is a many-to-many video platform. It’s the first app on the props ecosystem and it allows creators to monetize on their content.

Just like any other cryptocurrency, there are always rewards for the early adopters and in our case, 50% of the tokens are held by a foundation and our logarithmically distributed over time with a lot in the beginning and then less and less and less every year. If you are on the platform and you’re creating content on day one, there will be some outsized rewards so to speak because the reward allocation is just higher early on.

That is meant to create the token network effect and to reward early adaptors who believe in our platform and so we will make an announcement at the end of January about the availability of Rize in the app stores. At that point, we encourage people who are content creators and even folks who are just enthusiasts to come in, create content participate and in a way mine props through their engagement, through their participation.

Okay, I understand how the content creators like ourselves. We plan B in some of the early adopters on the Rize app and I understand how we get rewarded if the viewers can reward us with the props tokens when they watch us, but like the viewers and the commentators and the curators, how do they get rewarded on the platform?

The Rize platform is a many to many platforms and his democratic if you think today about YouTube or Instagram live or any one of these platforms, including even the way YouNow runs today, only 1% of the people can be rewarded because they’re on screen, the entire chat it’s not even on-screen, they can’t get alike, they can’t get a gift and they can’t earn on the Rize platform. And with props, everybody is equal.

So, whether you’re on the screen or in the audience, you can be on video, you can give and receive likes, you can give and receive messages, you can get paid and you get paid through any contribution to the network. So, your contribution can be, for example, I invited 20 of my friends, well, guess what?

The network knows algorithmically the value of 20 new registered users to the network. The network just grew by 20 users that has value and you will be rewarded for that value and then Rize, you actually rewarded every 24 hours with a push notification that tells you how many props you’ve earned. So, it’s not something that you personally do or your team personally does.

It’s the network automatically through software technology does it automatically? Exactly right. If you’re somebody right now who’s seeing what’s happening to their own channels and their existing medium, is there some way they can find out more or get involved early is that something you’re looking for right now?

Absolutely, so we are very excited that content creators like yourselves, who are extremely respected and like Philip DeFranco have chosen to invest “Thank you, thank you for trusting us”. And you know, for those at home who are watching any chronic content creator, please reach out to us.

We’ll be happy to communicate. We have a beta program going on, leading up to the release and we also announced that based on the number of followers that content creators have they’re eligible for a small bonus during the token distribution event.

So, we want to participate in your beta program, they’ll be at the beginning and I benefit from the logarithmic distribution that you were talking about? Exactly, just hit us up. There’s information on who are creators and let us know about you are following on YouTube, you’re following on Instagram, you’re following on Twitter and we’ll be in touch.

Ok well, thanks for taking the time out from your meetings and stuff to update us in the community and share the updates. We’re always thankful that every time we come here you guys are always open and helpful to us. So, thanks for watching this video guys and hope you guys enjoy the update from Adi, from their headquarters here on the props project.

If you guys want to learn more about this project, go to and join their Telegram and join their Twitter. That’s where they do a lot of the updates, especially in their Telegram. I see like how many you guys I have like half a dozen staffing they’re always updating people.

Yeah, I don’t see are really passionate about it. I’m always surprised. You know, on a Sunday morning, I go in and I see the team on it and they just love it. So, we’re really excited about the community being so engaged. I mean as investors we’d love to see that dedication.

Yeah, so that’s great if you guys like these update videos and wanna follow us go to and sign up for a newsletter and that’s where we sent out all these updates. So, thanks for watching these guys and we’ll see you guys in the next video.

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