PROPS Project For Investors #2 – What Is PROPS Project (Deeper Insights) – By CEO, Adi Sideman

Leon Fu: Are you worried about eliminating the people who have spent years building up their reputation and status on YouNow with new platforms, how are you going to solve that, because if they find out they solve all over again, I pretty pissed off.

Adi Sideman: When you saw earlier, when he walked in some of our creators already testing the new platforms, we’re excited about it. We provide new solutions in NN faster and better technology

Tai Zen: Many value YouTube colleague, we mention to them about the project done with you, they give us some value feedbacks

Adi Sideman: We’re doing it in collaboration and communication with the community, but also as respect to in millions of users and loyal. We are executing a smart drop

What is the smart drop mean? There’s going to be a new app out there, and we recognize all of the YouNow user, who are coming into the new app, when they show and we know the value of users, each of them, mathematically. Because that’s on the business.

And this matter of fact they have levels, the level between 1 and 120, everybody on YouNow and that’s their status and earned it over the years, so they have a higher level.

And when they show up, on the day they show up we’ve published on our block based on their levels, based on their status, they will get a smart drop token on the first day of the recommended

Tai Zen: So basically, what you’re saying is people that have a high status that built up all these subscribers and followers on the current YouNow platform, when they transition over to the new rise platform that’s on the PROPS network

You guys have smart drop program, basically going to mirror what’s their current status in and then call them to the new app.

Adi Sideman: That’s the piece for the backward compatibility, and that’s our way to thanks to community members, who are coming over

Tai Zen: The concern is that, if we have this audience, we don’t want to lose that scrabble, so that smart drop process so you guys implementing allows people to maintain their status the reputation and everything as they migrated over.

Adi Sideman: Exactly and I’d encourage you tomorrow when you talk to Peter to deep-dive into it because he knows to be engineers right now

Leon Fu: I mean there are other things besides tokens on YouNow, like the number of followers they may have, the audience will that also be poured over as well

Adi Sideman: When you come in or I’ll tell you do you want your followers, do you want and you can choose to start afresh or to bring them in

Leon Fu: Is it safe to say that YouNow as PROPS wides up YouNow’re gonna be winding down, what’s the future of YouNow or you’ve built the separate brand and you still have your old brand

Adi Sideman: YouNow is the corporate entity and there is a legacy product and which is an asset for the PROPS ecosystem because it has millions of users that are going to an app for those who want to stay on the YouNow platform. That’s terrific we’re not going, to be honest necessary continue to develop that platform

And over time we may decide for example that it has a lot of value in the world and we want that value to drive demand for the PROPS because that’s our business model and we may decide to bring PROPS into YouNow. That’s not happening day one but we want to make sure that brings value

Tai Zen: Our audience understands clearly because I was kind of confused at first when I first heard about YouNow, PROPS, the rise, so help our audience understand to make sure the PROPS, the platform

And then the rise app that you guys are building is going to be the first app that goes on top of that platform and the rise app is basically the new version of the current YouNow

The YouNow is going to become the rise app, but this entire network. Does the platform allows other people to come in and develop apps on top of it, not just the rise app is just going to be the first app on top

Leon and I want to build a broadcasting app to help other YouTubers broadcast more effectively, we can build an app I put it on top of

Adi Sideman: Maybe you want to create a Trivia app or maybe you want to create a game show

Tai Zen: And we don’t need your permission from YouNow or anyone

Adi Sideman: Anybody can do that and benefit from the rewards pool to help jump-start ecosystem, so this is a really important point and we’re getting into YouNow supply and demand in the token economic

But 50% of the tokens go to a non-profit that manages a reward, that distributed logarithmically and mathematically to all the contributors to the PROPS ecosystem were there on rides or any other platform

Leon Fu: Is all this going to be open source as traditionally in crypto or is it just proprietary software that you build in

Adi Sideman: So we have a very practical PROPS, we want to bring this to the market today, not in 2 years and the reality that is that today we can open the economy and we can be centralized economy completely

But for example powerful streaming through those that are consumer-grade and can support millions of current users those are not your decentralized, there are projects like Livepeer, which is the great project what we’re working on it

And that we are partnering with and what we are gonna start doing testing with as soon as that decentralized will do in a coin swap and what’s not in and continue to decentralize

What’s important for us is to be practical and to get this in the hands of consumers today and so whenever we can continue to decentralized and the technology, the quality, and the cost prove itself we moved to further decentralized

Tai Zen: Okay so basically, in the beginning, it’s going to be centralized by YouNow but as the. The years go by you guys going to find a way decentralized among the community

Adi Sideman:  I want to be clear because we have created this non- profit Foundation, PROPS foundation, 50% of the token are going to reward anybody on the ecosystem is not just from day one

Because we decentralized the economy and the value from that and that’s the most important thing, some of the servers still run on decentralized service until there are strong enough decentralized solution until going to project like a foul coin for storage is up and running and we can use that and do that almost mathematically

Tai Zen: The idea or the dream of the fantasy that the crypto community has elevation is important to help us censorship network

Personally I think that in the beginning I think there needs to be some kind of government some type of central, so what do you figure or group that makes decisions quickly

Because I think that one of the biggest challenges we have in the crypto community is that it takes too long to make its decision you want to talk about that the governance

Leon Fu: I don’t want to hand the dream of crypto, it’s just an organization that is able to make the decisions with no one actually being in charge, so talk about governance in the right paper about how you walked into PROPS, decentralized governments are the decision-making or how even things like what feature be added. Should you go at his feature or that feature. Who’s going to have this decision made because we want 2-megabyte blocks or we want 8-megabyte blocks

Adi Sideman: I think the promise of decentralization is so important and we’re so excited about it that method of how to get there is not necessarily one mathematic, and we have to use respect for Bitcoin. And for Ethereum and there’s a lot of value in that purity, but there’s also a lot of value

And getting crypto and blockchain technology and decentralized economy and value and no censorship and all that stuff into the hands of consumers today and so our approach in order to achieve that today

One is to create a non- profit foundation, that will oversee the ecosystem, and we’ve announced that encourage people to read the white paper is that within two years we will relinquish control over it to the community to people who own a lot of PROPS

Or additional partners were coming into the network and I’m building on the networking are large enough to governments experts who would join it and through technologies that open up for community participation in self- government.

Leon Fu: So you’re looking to other crypto projects that are working on governance solution. What you will bring in those to technology evolve

Adi Sidema: We have a lot of respect for that and frankly that’s not already on day one

The second thing that we’re doing we I mention that we’re changing our business model hundred from being the rent collector who take 52% of 40% on the transactions on network. We’re not going so we are going to our business model is to benefit from the appreciation in the groves of the network

And annoyed because we are doing that and that’s all we want undersquare that, I actually changing the charter of this company from being a regular C- Corp into being a B-corp which is a public benefit corporation

That’s not a charity, but it is an organization in a corporation that has a mission at a public statement, that it has to push and not just profits

Leon Fu: Can you explain what is C-corp because I’ve never heard of that before

Adi Sideman: Little know about it because we put little notice thing in our white paper and what I’m doing and the people don’t usually ask us about because it stands out.

Bitcoin is the public benefit corporation Etsy is B-corp, Kickstarter is a B- Corp, they have a higher mission than just profits, and their mission is to help sellers or their mission creative

Leon Fu: How does the governance treat B-Corp?

Adi Sideman: It’s safe. But there are by large mission changes from profits to the shareholders to also executing on there public mission and our public mission this company changing from profits to shareholders to also the growth of PROPS ecosystem

Leon Fu: But it’s not quite as the charity

Adi Sideman: It’s not the charity for many reasons

Tai Zen: Is it safe to say that when you talk about increasing the growth and value of the PROPS network. That would be measured in the value the PROPS token

Adi Sideman: That’s correct. Think about it, when decentralizing, we get to keep 26% of the token

That’s what this organization gets to the keep with all of its investors with all of its employees with all of its future employees that are going to hire at centralizing, that is our little treasure

That is our business model, we want to see that appreciate. We were no longer gonna take 50% cut of every transaction. Where’s the money going to come from, how to come from the appreciation of that

Tai Zen: $ 6 million in a quarter in revenue to YouNow just focus on increasing the value of PROPS network.

Adi Sideman: that’s why we’re comfortable announcing the B- Corp with that mission because that’s the mission

Leon Fu: Scary cuz right now you’re getting this revenue stream $2 million a month and it’s going to go away

Adi Sideman: First of all doesn’t go away all in one

Leon Fu: But you’re making a conscious decision to get that off at eventually

Adi Sideman: Because we believe in decentralization, we believe that we can create a much larger value than $ 2 million a month

Tai Zen: You mentioned earlier that you have VC or investor in your company YouNow. How do they feel about that because when I invested in YouNow we are like: “Hey man, you working for us or working for the community”

Adi Sideman:  I’ll tell you that, we are very fortunate to have some of the best inventors in country and people can look it up like Union Square Ventures and Comcast Ventures and Venrock.

And they want to go big, they don’t care about $2 million and our vision to create interacting videos and to create the next platforms for interactive television. It’s a big vision

Leon Fu: What about your investor like what are they gonna exchange their steak in YouNow, for now, PROPS token

Adi Sideman: They remain ourselves holder and the company, as the company has 26% token

Tai Zen: Leon is from the city of Austin and I’m from the city of Dallas, we’re from the state of Texas in America for you guys are living outside the US, we pride ourselves on being the state of Texas our motto is: “the bigger, the better”, “the more, the merrier”.


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