Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint® (Version 2.0) with Free Trial

$1,999 after 7-day free trial


1.  The blueprint is designed to help investors, traders,  hedge funds, & private portfolio managers who want a system with a high probability of consistently making Life Changing Profits™ in cryptocurrency investing by identifying the cryptocurrencies that have a potential for massive growth, by teaching them the 6 Key Ingredients of a profitable cryptocurrency investing system, that has a high probability of success even if they are a conservative investor and have never heard of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies before.  

Click here for a detailed description of the  blueprint.

2.   In the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint® you will receive:

1.  Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint® Training Manual when it becomes available. ($995 value)
2.  15 Training Modules With Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™ ($92,930 value)
3.  Emergency Coaching Sessions when there is a major Crypto Security Alert (Online) ($5,970 Value)
4.  1 Year Complimentary Access to the TaiFu™  Portfolio Manager software for personal use only.  ($995 Value)
5.  ONE update to the blueprint (for example, anyone with blueprint 1.0 will get a free upgrade to blueprint 2.0).


1.  Who will be teaching the blueprint?
Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™ will be teaching the blueprint.

2.  Do previous bootcamp attendees need to order the blueprint?
No.  All previous bootcamp attendees will receive a free copy of the blueprint including lifetime updates.  Therefore, if you have previously attended a bootcamp or already registered for an upcoming bootcamp training, you do NOT need to order a copy of the blueprint.

3.  Do you accept other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin as payment?
Absolutely!  We are a cryptocurrency company, therefore we accept all cryptocurrencies that are in the top 100 listed on  If you like to order the blueprint using a different cryptocurrency besides bitcoin, please email Tai Zen at [email protected]

Also, to eliminate confusion, you can simply call us at +1 (949) 613-5130 and ask for Tai to help you process the order.


You will be granted trial access to the version of the blueprint for 7 days. After 7 days, the tuition will be charged and you will be granted full access after your payment has been received.