Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™



Date:  Postponed until Spring of 2018.  (Dates will be announced in Jan 2018)
Registration Begins:  November 15, 2017
Registration Ends:  January 31, 2018
Location:  Near DFW airport in Dallas, Texas
Venue:  Hotel near DFW airport.
Bootcamp Seating Limit:  30 Students!

If you have any questions about the Bootcamp registration process, please call our office at:  +1 (214) 233-6316 and ask for Tai or David between 9am-9pm EST.


1.  Click the link for more details:

2.   This private, 4 day bootcamp is designed to help investors, traders,  hedge funds, & private portfolio managers who want to consistently make Life Changing Profits™ in cryptocurrency investing by identifying the cryptocurrencies that can potentially grow 100-1,000%, by teaching them the 6 Key Ingredients of a profitable cryptocurrency investing system, that works even if they are a conservative investor and have never heard of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies before.

3.  DURING the bootcamp you will receive:

1.  What Is Bitcoin, Blockchains & Cryptocurrency Investing? (Video) ($195 value)
2.  Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™Training Manual – Version 2.0 ($995 value)
3.  4 Days of Hands On Training With Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™ ($92,930 value)
4.  2 Hardware Wallets To Store Your Cryptos Offline ($150 value)
5.  1×15″ Dell Latitude Business Grade Laptop For Storing & Transferring Cryptos w/3 Year Onsite Warranty(~$1,200 value)
6.  TaiFu™ Crypto Diagnostics Trade Log™ ($995 Value)

4.  AFTER the bootcamp you will receive:

1.  Transcriptions for all 6 Training Modules ($995 value)
2.  Transcription for Each 20 Sections ($495 value)
3.  90 Min Monthly Online Q&A Sessions Once A Month To Keep You On Track  ($5,970 Value)
4.  Emergency Coaching Sessions When There Is A Major Crypto Security Alert (Online) ($5,970 Value)
5.  Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™ Home Study Course ($15,960 value)

5.  NOTE:  We use Coinbase to process all Bootcamp registration fees.  If you like to register for the Bootcamp using a different cryptocurrency besides bitcoin, please email Tai Zen at Tai@Cryptocurrency.Market with your a) full name b) city, country b) phone number and a good time to call you so we can help you process the payment over the phone.


1.  Who will be teaching the bootcamp?
Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™ will be teaching the bootcamp.

2.  Do you have other bootcamp dates available?
Not at the moment.

3.  Are you available to do a private bootcamp for businesses, hedge funds, private investor groups, etc?
Yes, please contact us privately because we have limited scheduling availability.

4.  What payment processor do you use?
We use Coinbase as our merchant account.  If you wait longer then 15 minutes to send your bitcoins from another exchange such as Bittrex to Coinbase, we will still receive the bitcoins as long as you use the same bitcoin receiving address that Coinbase gave you.  To eliminate confusion, you can just call us at +1 (214) 233-6316 and ask for Tai to help you process the registration.

5.  Coinbase does not do business in my country can I pay from a different bitcoin account?
Yes.  You do not have to pay from Coinbase.   You can send bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet or account directly to the receiving address provided by the shopping cart during the checkout process.