Particl For Investors #9 – Massive Trolling During Particl Rebranding Project

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen. Today, I don’t have with me because he is still in Munich, Europe. He’s around on vacation after the block show by Coin Telegraph.

However, I do have one of my other team members here with me, who chooses to remain anonymous. We would just call him the Skinny. So say hello Skinny

Skinny: hello.

Tai Zen: In this video, I just want to give you a quick update on some interesting things that I discovered.

As you know, since the beginning of this year, and I have been researching the privacy coin project. During our research, we narrowed in on a project called Particl, which is a rebranding of Shadow Cash.

They want to raise money to rebrand it and legitimize it so that they can publicly release it on the marketplace. They want to get away from the darknet markets and all that. They want to make it mainstream so the mainstream users can use it.

However, that’s not what I want to talk about in this video. What I want to talk about is something I just noticed for the first time since we started investing in crypto since late 2012 or early 2013.

Every time we research a cryptocurrency project, what we do is we record it on video so that we can remember it later. The reason is once we put money into a cryptocurrency project, there’s really no reason for us to look back into it until many months later. Those projects need time to take that money and build the software that they were they had promised.

Therefore, all we have to do is do the initial intensive comprehensive research into a cryptocurrency project, then we move on to the next one.

There are people that ask us to a timestamp in the description so that they can know which sections they can jump ahead or fast forward to. However, it doesn’t matter to us. The videos that we put up is more of basically our way of taking notes.

Now we know that there are more and more people watching them every day. I mean like this Particl video that we did. It’s the most-watched videos among all the ICO that we’ve done. Since they came out, in less than 24 hours, we got 2500 views on the first Particl video.

That’s not common because at this time, late spring of 2017, it takes about a week to get 1500 views on our videos

Skinny: Make sense.

Tai Zen: Then, within just a couple of days, we got over 4500 views for the Particl video.

Skinny: All the privacy coins are really hot right now.

Tai Zen: Yeah.

I think the market is expecting Particl to do similar to what Dash did when they rebranded from Dark coin to Dash. At that time, Dash price went to $100.

Therefore, Particl is starting its rebranding process at $1.50/token. If it does what it’s supposed to do, the guys on the Particl team anticipate that it’s going to be worth anywhere between $5 – $10 per token.

Obviously, I and also put out our assessment so that investors and viewers can get both sides of the story.

What I want to focus on in this video is there has been a coordinated effort by a few people in the Bitcoin talk forums and in the Twitter.

These guys are coming out of nowhere. They’re not the typical Bitcoin maximalist, which I don’t have a problem with.

I know that those maximalist do it to every coin that I’m in. It becomes normal like if I don’t hear the typical Bitcoin maximalist accuse this coin or that coin, I feel there is something missing here.

Back to the Particl research that we’ve been doing, there’s a coordinated effort between just a couple of individuals.

I won’t say the names of those individuals because I don’t want to bring attention to them.

I don’t know how much time you spend in there but every time somebody makes a comment, it refreshes and it comes back up to the top.

We call those people FUDers, stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. These are the one who would like to spread their fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They’re putting FUD out and making scam accusations about Particl and shadow cash.

I mean we spent like probably about 2 to 3 full-time days to follow every link and every person that’s related to Shadow Cash to Particl.

The interesting thing is when we contact these FUDers, they don’t respond. All we’re doing is to see if we can get some more information from them about this. They didn’t say they were busy, but they didn’t respond at all. When we reached out to the news outlets that published these things, they didn’t respond either.

As we know, when people troll my channel or my tweets, I don’t respond to them because they’re just a bunch of trolls.

However, whenever somebody reaches out to me with a legitimate question that I know that they’re not trolling me you know, I will contact them privately and answer them.

Since this happened, I’ve noticed there are 3 or 4 individuals that are purposely attacking the Particl project and I have no idea why they attack it.

They keep refreshing the page to get it back to the top of the forums, but nobody responds to them.

I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s the first time that I’ve seen a coordinated effort to troll me on YouTube, Bitcoin talk forums and my Twitter, so I don’t know what they’re trying to do.

There has to be some type of financial incentive.

There are 2 things that I can think of. One is the guys from the Monero team because Particl uses the ring signature technology to make transactions private…

Skinny: …to obfuscate

Tai Zen: Yeah. To obfuscate.

Obfuscate is a fancy word in cryptography. It means to make unclear or unreadable. It doesn’t mean hiding because obfuscate could be right in front of you, but you can’t read what it says.

I have no evidence of this, but I suspect that those people are from Monero because they are well known for using ring signatures, besides Particl.

The difference is Monero has built on top of a different codebase. Whereas Shadow Cash and Particl built on top of the Bitcoin codebase.

We know that Bitcoin is stable and safe, so they’re just putting theirs on top of it. If that works well, they will be a competitor to Monero.

Here’s the thing though. Monero is worth many many times more than the Particle. On the last time I checked, Monero was around $20 and Particle was $1.50, so they have a huge advantage already.

Even though I say maybe the guys from the Monero community are trolling the guys from the Particl/ Particl community, it really doesn’t make sense to do that because they’re way ahead.

But the reason why I’m suspecting this is the guys on the Monero team found a glitch in the Shadow Cash software in the past. Instead of letting them know that there was a bug, they announce it publicly, so the hackers can hack the system. says that when you find a security bug in someone’s software, the respectful thing to do is to contact the developers privately and give them time to fix it before you announce it publicly. Normally, the team would fix it and make the announcement to confirm that.

In this case, the Monero the guys just said it publicly, but nothing big happened because  Shadow Cash team saw it and were able to fix it.

However, that’s the proper protocol in software engineering that you let the team know about the glitch.

Here are some examples. When WikiLeaks came out with the CIA leaks that iPhones or Samsung phones have back doors where they can be hacked by the CIA.

Skinny: Even front door.

Tai Zen: Yeah even front door.

They did not go out there and reported it right away. When Julian Assange announced these hacks inside the smartphones, he contacted all the smartphone manufacturers and gave them like a month or two to fix the flaws before he’s going to come out publicly on how the CIA was doing it.

That’s the courteous way in the software community to let each other know whenever there’s a bug, especially with this security bug in their products.

So that’s what I suspect, but I have no evidence of it. Even if I suspect it, doesn’t make any sense because Monero is so far ahead of Shadow Cash.

Skinny: It’s hard to compare even though they’re similar.

Tai Zen: Yeah. The only thing that ties in together is they use this similar ring signature technology to obfuscate and make the transactions private.

The second thing is the financial motive or incentive for people to do a coordinated effort to spread FUD.

I believe that there is somebody out there that wants to scoop up a lot of Shadow Cash tokens. They’re creating all this FUD so they can buy it.

Skinny: At a discount.

Tai Zen: Yeah at a discount. That’s the only other reason I can think of.

It is not like a group of people. It is just only a handful of people.

Skinny: What are they saying?

Tai Zen: They’re just saying that it’s a scam and using the videos that we created to support their evidence. In other words, this is what I call flipping the script.

If you say one thing and I want to use it against you, I flip the script on you. They’ll cherry-pick the comments.

It’s like on the minute that I put out a new video, they’re there.

Tai Zen: Yeah. Normally, we don’t even get views until 30 minutes or 1 hour later.

I mean like as soon as we have released a new video, it’s in the altcoin section with troll comments immediately.

What’s funny is if they were trying to raise like $50,000,000 or something, it may make sense. However, these guys are only trying to raise $750,000, which is not a lot in crypto.

I mean several ICOs that just happened in the last 2 or 3 weeks have raised $8,000,000 like Melonport, but nobody says anything. When these guys are trying to raise some $750,000, it’s a watch out.

I don’t know what the ulterior motive is, but I thought I would just go and put this video out there for you.

Maybe somebody is watching this can understand the ulterior motive behind a coordinated attack against a rebranding project like Particl.

Please leave your comments below and I look forward to checking it out.

Now if you guys make scam accusations, you got to have solid facts and evidence. You cannot just say that I think it’s a scam. That’s just an opinion. That’s also what these coordinated attacks against Particl are doing.

Now I want to say that and I do our due diligence before we research. You know we research as hard as we could to find out everything before we do it.

We’re not going to spend all that time shooting a video and coordinating efforts and setting appointments with these teams.

I hope you like this video. If you have any information that you can share with me or you know something I don’t, I would love to hear it. I’m not against it but I am against accusations without factual evidence.

Do you want to add anything Skinny?

Skinny: I don’t think in the crypto space there is anybody out there trying to warn other people because they legitimately concern for your money. It’s more there’s an angle here. Something’s afoot as much as they complain

Tai Zen: Thanks for watching this video guys.

If you have friends, family or colleagues are interested in learning to invest in cryptocurrencies to make some life-changing profits, be sure you share our channel with them.

If you like this video, give us two thumbs up. If you don’t, give us a thumbs down, so we all know not to make them right.

I’m going to have next time when we’re on video. I’ll see you guys in the future video.


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