NXT For Investors #9 – What Is A Nextcoin (NXT) Advance Hallmark?

Tai Zen: What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen and Leon Fu and we’re excited to have with us here today – Aaron – one of the most popular and prolific Nextcoin ambassadors on bitcointop and on all the Nextcoin forums. The next thing that I wanted to ask you about is the hallmarks or the advanced hallmarks, could you talk a little bit about what it is and who it’s for and who would benefit from it or why was it created?

Aaron: To my understanding is that they’re just using a token to prove that they hold a lot of stakes, which means that they have no interest in subverting or they have strong disincentive to subvert the functioning of the network, which means that they’re a reliable node to connect to, because why would they want to hurt the network if they’re holding 10 million NXT or something. We’re dealing with DDoS attack system at the time and this was a counter-measure as these were nodes that you can trust.

Tai Zen: So this is a hallmark is basically a certification that this node is legit?

Aaron:  No, that’s a certification that this node owns a lot of NXT or has access to the private key that controls a large amount of stake which is anecdotal evidence that they have the best interest of NXT at heart.

Tai Zen: Ok because from what you said earlier, there’s no incentive for someone with a large stake in NXT to try and attack the system. So basically just–

Aaron: Most of the time.

Tai Zen: So the hallmark let the rest of the network know that I’m a large stakeholder in NXT, the hallmark lets everyone in the network know that I have control and that I have the incentive to secure the network. Am I understanding?

Aaron: Yes.

Tai Zen: Okay is it used for anything else other than security?

Aaron: Not that I know of.

Tai Zen: You have a lot of articles out on the internet about NXT and then you have a lot of writing out there, now does someone have to contact you in order to use those articles or they are welcome to use your articles and it’s okay and they just need to reference you, what’s the policy on that? So you have no problems with people using your articles on their websites or their blogs or anything like that.

Aaron: Information is nobody’s property.

Tai Zen: So you have no problems with people using your articles on their websites or their blogs or anything like that

Aaron: You can do anything other than changing it and say that that’s what I wrote.

Tai Zen: So as long as they use it in your words—

Aaron: Or change the words and say that they change the words.

Tai Zen: As long as they’re clear that they re-edit it and which portions re-edit it.

Aaron: As long as they don’t say that I said something that I didn’t say, everything else is fine.

Tai Zen: I would also like to add to anyone watching this that I have included the bottom of all these videos in this interview with Aaron here and you know I’m grateful that he took the time to answer a lot of our questions here. I’m including his NXT address below, if you guys want to make donations for his efforts directly to him, be aware that the address below and I will make the mark it very clear that they belong to him so you can donate directly to him, even though the videos are on my blog and I guess if you have a Bitcoin address you can include it down there too and post it down there too. Okay, I hope this video is able to help you understand more about NXT and we’ll look forward to seeing you guys in the next video. Thanks.

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