NXT For Investors #30 – 4 Year Recap & The Future Of NXT

Elizabeth: Hello NXT family, we are Igniting The Blockchain. Here today on was we’re winding down our first day of NXT celebration.

This is The Crypto Woman, otherwise known as Elizabeth. And we are with Tai Zen, popularly known as Tai Zen. It’s very good to do something with a guy like you. Wow.

Tai Zen: This is Tai Zen, also known as Tai Zen. That is the best introduction ever.

Elizabeth: It’s so fun, too. Again, I’m such a celebration, we met because of NXT, right?

Tai Zen: Yeah. You know it’s good, I’m glad to be here, Elizabeth. We started the NXT journey back to the beginning of 2014. So I’m really happy to be here to help do this broadcast, update everyone

Elizabeth: It will take some time. You know what? You’re popular, you’ve grown quite a following of YouTubers in your videocast. But I’m humanizing this, so why did you tell us something we don’t know about yourself?

Tai Zen: I think one of the things that people think when they see us on the channel of myself and LeonFu.com. A lot of people don’t know some of the things that we did when we first started to become popular and become a popular trading Cryptocurrency trading investment channel.

I think that one of the things a lot of people don’t know is that the NXT community was actually where Leon and I first got our start.

We made a few videos about Bitcoin and stuff, but this is where we had our success was when we started broadcasting about Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies. And we started with the NXT community. I remember that back then.

Are you guys able to hear me on YouTube? I’m doing a sign to the camera, a broadcast here. And I see that some people are not hearing me for some reason.

Elizabeth: Well, we can pause for you to have a tech moment if you need it.

Tai Zen: Are we recording lab over here?

Elizabeth: Yeah, we’re recording, but we can pause within that.

Tai Zen: It’s okay. It’s good. It’s good. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just upload YouTube later. This is more of a backup than anything else.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I remember watching a video of you and Leon in a convertible. I think that might be the first time I was ever exposed.

Tai Zen: Yeah. So what people don’t know was that the first Cryptocurrency we talked about wasn’t Bitcoin. And then the first altcoin that we ever discussed was the NXT Cryptocurrency.

And the reason why we chose to talk about the NXT Cryptocurrency was that everybody was copying and cloning Bitcoin at that time. The NXT, back then it was called Nextcoin.

When we first heard about it, everybody kept calling it Nextcoin, cause everything was whatever it was that you were doing, plus the word claim behind it.

And the creator of Nextcoin back then was a guy named BCNext. Nobody knew who he was. Later on, I think we found out that he is also the same guy our Come-from-Beyond, one of the founders of IOTA right now.

So back then we were trying to learn about it cause we thought it was a very innovative project because it was the first Cryptocurrency that we encountered that did not copy Bitcoin, like a copy of the idea of a blockchain.

But it came out with its own unique software code and everything. So we decided that “Hey, you know what if we were going to be involved in any project, let’s try this new one and learn more about it.”

Because there were already enough people broadcasting about Bitcoins and everything. And if you asked us what we did, that was helpful to us. I think we jumped into the NXT community because we liked the idea that it was new.

It was not a copycat of other, of just Bitcoin. That it was actually new software, new code. A lot of people today call Ethereum the first Bitcoin 2.0 which was like the second-generation blockchain.

I don’t believe that they were the first ones because NXT did their crowd sale in November of 2013 and then they came out with their code in January 2014. Ethereum did not come out, did not do their crowd sale until July of 2014 and they didn’t come out with their code way after that.

So there’s no way that it can be the Bitcoin 2.0, it was actually NXT, that was the first one. And then Ethereum was the second one.

Elizabeth: But we were quiet. We weren’t known Ethereum was the second one.

Tai Zen: It’s a mistake. I think that the mistake that NXT made was that, first of all, it had me and Bas, one of the other original co-founders of the NXT foundation besides me, you and Bas and the other guys.

One of the things that I’ve always had a gripe about with the NXT community is that they come up with the most difficult names to pronounce and to say for English speakers.

Elizabeth: I heard you had a problem with pronouncing names.

Tai Zen: I do. And I said, “You know what, you and others when they came with the Ardor, I was like, what in the world?” This is just like making matters worse.

And then when they came with Ignis, I was like “Oh my God, come on now”. And then Jelurida, I’m like how do you pronounce these things?

Elizabeth: You know what? I absolutely love these names. I especially love Ignis because it gives me my intro about Igniting The Blockchain to me.

Tai Zen: It confuses the hell out of me. When I’m trying to tell people, “Hey man, you should check out this NEXT.” – “What the hell is NEXT?”

Elizabeth: NEXT, we had an identity crisis with our name. Did we?

Tai Zen: We did. And I remember we were setting up the NXT foundation with David, from the families of the founders of IOTA, David Sønstebø. And we were saying, “Hey man, we got to do away with this bullshit NEXT.”

It’s just confusing. So that’s when me, you, everyone in the NXT foundation decided that, “Hey, let’s just move forward and call it just NXT.”, so that there’s no confusion about it. And thankfully, it’s stuck ever since then. And now it is known as NXT.

Elizabeth: I have to confess, when we talk about it as a blockchain, I often still say, NEXT, I do. When we talk about it as a currency, I try to say NXT.

Tai Zen: Yeah. But you know what, Bas is going to be very disappointed because now the NXT community can’t say that they come up with the most difficult names for a blockchain anymore because now they have Cardano and men, did they come up with some names.

I came pronounced with the names they came up with, I’m talking about these guys must have taken the letters of the alphabet, put it on dice or something and just throw it against a wall and then bounce off and “okay, we’re going to name it”, Ouroboros.

I’m like, “Oh my God”. It’s the first time at the end of 2017, it’s the first time that the NXT community has been challenged by another Crypto blockchain community on how difficult names they can come up with.

But anyway, I want to share, if there’s anything that I would share with the community was that, if one of the things, a lot of things that unfold, I’m going to focus on moving forward and into 2018 is that, one thing that Leon and I have learned is that, we came from a trading background.

Our team came from my professional like we traded stock options forex pitcher long before we got into the Cryptocurrency space. So we already had a background in trading and you remember that from way back then I was talking about trading stuff.

But moving forward in 2018, I think that we are going to focus more on sharing some of the things that we did to become financially successful and successful in blockchains.

We became financially successful to where we don’t have to go to a 5-to-9 job. I know the rest of this life I don’t foresee worrying about money anymore.

I plan on focusing on helping our audience do some of the things that we did, that for the people who are not non-traders and non-investors, that I’m going to share with them what we did with the NXT community that I believe can be replicated.

Elizabeth: You’re like Robert Kiyosaki of the blockchain investment, right?

Tai Zen: I like that.

Elizabeth: We need somebody to be here because there were a lot of people who are coming into a lot more wealth than they ever expected. Maybe it’s about mooning all the time, but all of a sudden it happens and people going to do.

Tai Zen: So this is my test in 2018, I’ve already started this experiment. I’m going to bring on a handful of broadcasters onto our channel. And they all agreed to come on without pay or anything. Because I told them that I would share with them what I did to get to where I’m at now today.

So really a lot of people think that you have to be a professional trader to do this, but you actually don’t. You can actually come out, go out there and volunteer and help the Cryptocurrency projects as you and me did. You are not a trader and you became financially successful.

Elizabeth: You inspired me. When I pulled back a little bit from the conversation, I couldn’t pull back from Crypto. So, of course, I learned the trade.

Tai Zen: Even if you did not do any trading yourself, just the things that you’ve done for the NXT community and the blockchain space has led you to where you’re at today.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Well, I mean, I think that’s important to remember that there are projects behind this wealth creation system, that are important and that are valuable and in the running time, my thoughts are going somewhere and I haven’t expressed this too much publicly, but I’m going to now when you talk about adding value.

Because you were around when I made the decision to reveal who I was to the world, we all three or four did at the same time almost on a YouTube channel, maybe Dave Pearce was there too. Because we thought people needed to know who we are. That was a scary thing for me as a woman.

Tai Zen: I’m glad you brought that up because people always say, “Hey, it’s too late to get into the Cryptocurrency space”. And I said, “no, it’s not”. This is the best time ever to get into the blockchain Crypto space because I’m glad.

I’m so glad that you brought this up because I’m going to tell some of my female broadcasters we have. They have no idea that they are coming onto our channel and starting to broadcast freely and not worry about anything.

I remember back when you started, you were concerned that if you were public would if somebody comes. It was really scary, a lot of people did not want to become public.

Elizabeth: Yeah, it was. We made a decision that if we were going to represent the blockchain, the fundamentals behind this to the business world that we needed to have faces, that we needed to be approachable, that we need to be able to articulate and speak this.

But my friend, to further explain that position, about the value and being a woman, there’s a lot of movement right now about people claiming we need more women in Cryptocurrency.

Tai Zen: I’ve been telling people all this and I’m going to just send a shout out to our new broadcasters, Regan from San Diego and JB Trader from Los Angeles. I shared this with them and they’re like, “dude, we’re not going to be one of those girls that hear you say this and then not go do it” and boom, they jumped on it and start making videos. So I said go ahead.

Elizabeth: I think because that’s the thing. My next point is that they need to add value. You can’t just say “we need more women and pull them in”.

I think the NXT community has been awesome in their reception of Abby and their respect to me, which is probably why I’m still around, right? Because I love those other communities.

But you have to add value, whether you’re a man or you’re a woman, you have to add value if you’re going to be part of the space.

Tai Zen: Yeah. I tell people all the time, all the trolls that “you guys out there listening, you guys out there listening to me. I know you guys are. If you guys are trolling me, it’s just been a time trolling me and extracting value out of me in the community. Go create some value”.

Elizabeth: Yes.

Tai Zen: Instead of writing all that crap that you guys ran on my Twitter or on my comments on my YouTube channel, go out there and create value and write about the projects that you like about. Because you will get me financially rewarded for that, instead of wasting your time.

Elizabeth: It’s more than financial reward. I mean, look at this awesome opportunity. We have to be part of a movement, a technology movement that’s bigger than we are.

Tai Zen: This is all I’m going to put again, this will not happen again. This bull market will not happen. A revolutionary technology like this probably will not happen again in my lifetime and your lifetime.

Elizabeth: Or our grandchildren’s lifetime.

Tai Zen: Yeah. I tell all my friends and people around me that this is the biggest financial technology that has ever been created in human history, in my opinion, the blockchain technology. I am grateful.

How about this? Why don’t we do this, right? Instead of just talking, why don’t we share the lessons that we learned from the NXT community? Why don’t we do that, that other people can take from it?

Whether it’s a Crypto project, a new Crypto project, or it’s new people coming into the blockchain space that want to know how do we get involved, how do we benefit from this? How can we get involved in the blockchain space?

Let’s just share that, because I think that what you did and what I did was extremely valuable that it goes unnoticed. And a lot of people are not aware of what we did.

Elizabeth: Yes. And then that’s a theme that’s coming out as I’m doing these interviews and pre-interviews with people is that there is a lot of work that’s gone on unnoticed.

Tai Zen: So here’s what you guys need to know. When the NXT community first started, there was a 21 Bitcoin crowd sale, just a quick history. A guy named BCNext posted on the forums, he said, “I’m going to do an ICO” and I see it and I think it was not called an ICO, just a crowd sale.

And you know, he raised like 21 Bitcoins back then it was like 1000 bucks a Bitcoin or something like that. So it’s $21,000 USD to launch the NXT project. And he just wanted to prove that this can be done, build a new blockchain 2.0 system that was better than Bitcoin. And he did.

And now that $21,000 USD network or valuation has grown to over $2 billion or something like that. So this is one of the biggest, best performing, best-growing blockchain projects in the history of blockchain.

And the reason why I did not get a lot of attention and notice was that this guy, BCNext, would not reveal himself to become public. And I don’t think till this day he still has not revealed himself publicly. We know who he is, but we don’t know what he looks like physically or anything like that.

Elizabeth: I’ve heard that there’s a picture that went around with him, with his daughter at the Baltic ocean on a seashore was actually him. But then again, that’s probably just a rumor too.

Tai Zen: Okay. So what I’m saying is what happened was after that. The project was existent and then there’s this develop out the building his project, but there were now a lot of people helping out to promote the project and to bring awareness to the project.

So Elizabeth, myself, Bas, whistling, David – one of the founders of IOTA, Max Kordek – the founder of Lisk and Evil Dave. And then there was another one, Ian Kent. And then there was one more Data. So the eight of us Data, right?

The eight of us came together and said, “Hey, there’s gotta be a way for us to help bring awareness to the NXT project”. So we all agreed to come up with, I think it was me and David and Bas, who originally had the idea to set the foundation.

And then we brought you in within very shortly after that. And then Max came on and the other guys came on and we all decided to create the NXT foundation to help educate the public about NXT.

Now during that setup, I’m going to pause right there on the history a little bit and share with everybody the quick lesson that I believe that everyone should learn, is that if you want to soar like an Eagle, you cannot hang around a bunch of turkeys. You cannot surround yourself with a bunch of turkeys.

And right there, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this group of people that were just random strangers from all over the world because I hate to say this, I don’t mean to be offensive. But these people had the guts, the courage, and the balls to come together and work on a project that everybody else said they were crazy.

So now we have one of the most successful YouTube channels. We run the Cryptocurrency website, www.Cryptocurrency.market. That would be like owning the stock market or bitcoin.com. So we have a very successful site there.

Max went off and started the Lisk project. He’s the founder of Lisk, it’s like a billion-dollar project. David went off and started the IOTA project that’s like a multibillion-dollar project. So all these people came together, the lesson here is that you want to soar like Eagles, you cannot hang around a bunch of turkeys and I believe that you, Bas, David, Max, Data, Ian, all these guys and helped to start the NXT Foundation.

We’re all guys and people that were willing to step out of the balance of convention outside the box and do something different and willing to take the risk and the criticism and everything like that. And that’s what I believe is the lesson that people should learn, don’t be afraid to take the risks.

When you see something, a new technology, a new project, a new business, do not be afraid. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to go participate in, go and do it. Just like you. You didn’t ask for permission to go do that. David didn’t ask permission to go do that.

And I think that was an extremely valuable lesson that people should know. I like to surround myself with the risk-takers and the people that don’t have to wait for permission to go do something.

Elizabeth: I was just going to say, I think of the eight of us, and I don’t think any of us were the people who wait for permission. I think we’re all the type who just grab it and go, that’s a plus fee of life.

Tai Zen: Yeah. So that’s the second lesson that’s coming up here with the folks that help the NXT community early on is that Max, you remember when we were setting up the NXT foundation, we have Skype meetings about that.

And one day Max and David decided they wouldn’t go start off their own foundation which they call the NXT organization, which kind of a surprise all of us.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Tai Zen: And so at that time, none of us were happy about it because the people that we’re setting up the NXT foundation split in half, and they went on and started the NXT organization with Max and David. But looking back, none of us were the type of people that we’re gonna wait for others’ permission to go do something.

So I am glad that the lesson here is that, you shouldn’t have to wait for permission if you want to do something, go and do it. So they went and started their own and obviously, fast forward, that didn’t work out.

Both of them went on and did other things and now one of them is the founder of Lisk and the other one’s founder of IOTA. The lesson to learn here is that don’t wait for permission, don’t wait for approval, don’t wait for authorization. If you have an idea in your mind that can work in the blockchain space, go and do it, don’t wait.

Elizabeth: And I think we can speak further about what happened with David and Max. They didn’t try to force themselves hard. I mean, we had conversations, but when they realized that it wasn’t gonna work for the way that they wanted to, they did go and do their own thing.

And then the way our community was set up the starfish. That was fine. I mean, even though some of us disagree with that decision on their part, we missed them when they went, it was fine that they went.

Tai Zen: And the thing that I think was really helpful is that everybody went their separate ways, but I don’t think that there was anybody knocking on the other person for what they wanted to do. And I think that’s important.

We can have disagreements, but when you went off and did your own thing, I went off and did my own thing. David, Max, Evil Dave, everybody went off. Oh, did I mention Evil Dave?

Elizabeth: You did mention Evil Dave.

Tai Zen: Okay. I don’t want to leave here.

Elizabeth: Keep mentioning him. Unfortunately, he can’t join in the celebration, he’s with his family on holiday, but he’s one of those silent guys that’s still there in the background and doing his thing.

Tai Zen: It’s a matter of priorities. For me, it’s a matter of priorities. “Hey, I’m here”. I’m just kidding.

Elizabeth: There’s a lot of people on holiday today and I’m a big family person, so I’m all for that too. So we’ll catch them another time.

Tai Zen: Yeah. Anyway, that’s the other lesson. So moving forward, originally, here’s the thing. You got to create trust in the community and the blockchain community. And if you remember, I received a donation of 500,000 NXT.

Elizabeth: Which was a lot of money.

Tai Zen: Yeah. Which was a lot of money back then? And still a lot of money today. I received a 500,000 donation and if you remembered, one of the things that I did to maintain my reputation and my trust with you and everyone else.

Because if you remember after we set up the NXT Foundation, my father-in-law had open heart surgery that just ate up all my time. It had me stressed out. So finally I just said, “Hey man, I gotta back away from the foundation. I can’t do this anymore.”

And before I backed away, when we first started the NXT Foundation, I had promised that I would be the first one to see the foundation with a donation. And I would take the 500,000 NXT tokens that were donated to me and I was gonna donate it to the foundation to help the foundation get started.

So when I backed away from the foundation, when Max said, “Hey, Bas and Evil Dave, they asked me, “Hey, are you still gonna transfer the 500,000 tokens to the foundation?” And I said yes. And I did transfer it to the foundation and it helped them get started and everything.

The lesson here is that at that time I had a choice. I could either keep it because it was mine, it was donated to me personally. It was not donated to the NXT whales, it’s donated to me for making all the tutorials and the videos for the NXT community.

I could have easily said that no, I’m going to keep it because I am not working in the foundation anymore. I could easily say that and no one can say anything.

Elizabeth: Right.

Tai Zen: Because it’s my tokens that were donated to me for my efforts. But I think that when I was on that, when I had to make that decision, either keep these 500,000 NXT tokens or donate it to the NXT foundation as I have promised. And remember that was just a verbal promise.

There’s not like in writing or anything. It was just like on a Skype conversation.

Elizabeth: I remember the conversation. Dave and Bas and you. But I also remember when you gave it back. That picked you up, that gave you integrity points

Tai Zen: Yeah, exactly. I knew that there was going to be a time in the future that I did not want to burn my bridges because I could have easily come back in the future 3, 4, 5 years later into the NXT community and say that “Hey, I want to help out again”.

But I felt that I’m going to make an investment in my reputation. So I transferred it to the foundation just like I have promised, even though I was no longer part of the foundation.

Elizabeth: And that’s one of the things that I think I learned about or from an NXT is his reputation. I had a knowledge of reputation and character and how important that was. But when you actually start walking back then in the Wild West Crypto, where you’re walking a gray line, looking at you [inaudible]

Tai Zen: Do you know a guy, John, that worked with us?

Elizabeth: I know. I still have his number on my cell phone. Sometimes I think about calling up and say, “Hey”.

Tai Zen: We set it up to erase NXT tokens for him to do a marketing thing. And he went over to Europe, did it, and then he stole all that. And then he took off and we never heard from him. To this day, if somebody asks me if to do business, I would say no.

And he claimed that his computer got hacked at the conference and somebody stole all the NXT that was put in his possession. The reason why I don’t trust him is that, if you remember, I offered him, I contacted from a computer forensics lab that was well known, that did forensics for the FBI and the law enforcement and everything in tech in the state of Texas.

And I said, “Hey, look, they’re going to contact you. They’re gonna send you a FedEx and then they’re going to send you a chain of custody and I need you to send you a laptop to this place and let them do forensics on it and verify that you indeed got hacked and that you didn’t steal the community’s NXT tokens that were entrusted in your possession” and he never called back.

Elizabeth: So he disappeared.

Tai Zen: Yeah. So for the rest of his life in the blockchain space, it’s gonna ruin his career. Or if anybody comes and asks you or me or anybody else, “Hey, what is this guy’s reputation when he was working with you guys?”

I have to tell him the truth that this is what happened. He was entrusted with a large amount of NXT tokens and he said he got hacked and we wanted to verify that and he wouldn’t let us verify.

Elizabeth: Right. That’s the kind of grant activity and that brings me to the place where I will still say this. I think it’s really, really, really important for the public to see that we are real people with real credentials, with real skills and that we have a lot to offer. We can articulate what blockchain means to us. We can think of use cases. We were ready to play in this arena.

Tai Zen: For the listeners out there and the viewers out there, if you guys find a project that you really like and you get behind it and you help make videos, you help make tutorials and you help educate the public, do meetups instead of conferences, set up meetups, you are going to get notice that project is. We have $4 billion that came into the blockchain space this year, in 2017 and there’s not enough talent.

There are not enough engineers, there are not enough administrators, there’s not enough business people, there are not enough marketers, there are not enough promoters, there are not enough content creators, there are not enough tutorial people to make tutorials about the project.

If you just come in and I’m going to prove this on my channel. I took a handful of people that don’t know anything about blockchains. We’re going to educate them about blockchains, they’re going to share it, they’re gonna learn it, and I’m going to guide them to becoming financially successful on our channel. And you watch, I’m going to do this in 2018 to prove to everyone that there is so much opportunity in the blockchain space. That there’s no reason why someone should be unemployed, someone shouldn’t be struggling or somebody should be doing something that’s not something that they want to do in their life.

Elizabeth: I think mentorship in this area is desperately needed.

Tai Zen: On our team, we said, “Hey, you know, we can just let go of this channel and just forget about everything and just bite off into the sunset.”

But I said, “Hey man, this channel is what got us to where we’re at today. And if we can use this channel to help somebody else get to where we’re at today, it’s worth it.” So we got an exciting year coming up. I might have some of these broadcasters that we bring onto our channel, even talk about NXT, just for old time’s sake.

Elizabeth: Oh, not just for old time’s sake. Awesome. Sustainable proof of stake concept. And what about are, I actually think that there is room in art, blockchain community of NXT in order to assimilate more talent.

Tai Zen: I’ll send them your way and you can work with us a little bit.

Elizabeth: Absolutely. It’s time to combine all the stars.

Tai Zen: Yeah. So find a project, guys. I would say find a project that you guys like. The reason that I think myself, Elizabeth and all the other people that started with the NXT project was because we saw something that was different. It was not just another clone or a copycat of Bitcoin.

Actually it was just something different. And now keep in mind that one thing that I do like about the NXT project, even till today, is that as it’s moving forward. Oh, full disclosure to guys. Obviously I’ve been in the NXT project since the beginning, so obviously I own NXT tokens, we’ll just close you and so does Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: It was about given that’s again.

Tai Zen: That’s a given, guys. There’s going to be a bias here with me. There’s going to be a bias with Elizabeth, both us started the NXT Foundation. So please be aware that there is extreme bias here for the project.

One thing I like about the NXT project is that it has evolved and that’s the one thing that I like is that the people that have come in to help started at the beginning as you and I did. We’ve moved on, other people have replaced us and then we’d come back, other people have come in.

It’s like evolving and the technology has started when BCNext came out with the NXT project. He thought that was the best thing at that time. But then when other developers came on, they realize that “Hey, in order to scale to larger, to be able to allow all these bigger, faster transactions and everything, more transactions, we’re gonna have to create a separate, a different platform called Ardor.”

We have no idea how hard it is for an Asian person to say Ardor with all those “R” in there.

Elizabeth: I am so sorry.

Tai Zen: If it was me, I would not have set Ardor because there’s a billion Chinese out there and they’re not gonna be able to say the word Ardor correctly.

Elizabeth: I communicate a lot with some of the Chinese community and they don’t call it art, they call it or something like that.

Tai Zen: What do they call?

Elizabeth: The dual blockchain, dual or something like that. And I’ve seen that Japanese rendition too. I don’t know how to pronounce it, but they have another name for it too.

Tai Zen: Anyways, I’m glad to see that the NXT bar chain has evolved into the Ardor blockchain. In case you guys don’t know, the Ardor blockchain is designed like one mother chain with a bunch of child chains around it.

And then that child chain, the first one that they’re gonna build is called Ignis. You guys already know what my *beep* is with all the naming conventions in the NXT community, right?

If I have any *beep* about the NXT community, it’s the way they create new names and I know best, it tickles in the depth every time. I go off on this rant about the names in the NXT. Ignis is a child chain.

So that in the future, what the NXT community realized was that, in the future when businesses build their technology on top of the platform, they may not have the technology and the engineering skills and all that to build out what they need. Security is a huge issue for all blockchains.

So they decided to build the arter platform to where they will handle the security and the clearing and the settlement. And then any business that wants to build their separate blockchain on top of it can do it with a child chain and then it will be processed through the mother chain known as the Ardor.

Elizabeth: That’s one exciting thing about the child chains is that especially Ignis is fully equipped with all of the Trident to true features of the NXT blockchain and those are coming over to Ignis and future child chains can choose among those features that are already there. They’re already developed.

You don’t have to develop them. If you want to, you can tweak them on hire developers, whatever. But I think the cool thing is with the ICO that totally has raised so much capital, so much funding that they are going to port back and continue to develop the NXT platform or the blockchain because it is a very successful blockchain.

Tai Zen: I’m glad that you brought up about what’s going to happen or the status of the NXT platform once Ardor is running live on.

Because right now for anyone that’s new, Ardor is simply a token on top of the NXT platform right now. It’s not until January, I think it is early 20 days before Ardor becomes its own separate blockchain.

Elizabeth: We’re on the countdown that’s going to happen. I think January 1st and zero hundred hours in TC.

Tai Zen: My understanding was that I think myself and many others in the NXT community and the token holders were concerned that, once the Ardor platform comes live and then the Ignis is one of the first child chains on top of Ardor, that the guys that are building Ardor, Jelurida, is the company that’s building all this stuff that they would just abandon the NXT platform.

But the good news is that when I talked to Lior Yaffe, one of the main developers for the NXT, Ardor, Ignis platform, he said that “they are going to continue development” just like you said.

Elizabeth: Right

Tai Zen: On the NXT platform because there are things on there that work better on the NXT platform than it does on the Ardor platform. What your business requirement is will determine which platform you use.

And I liked that and he said that one thing else, “there’s this term called Crypto Dividends that was invented by my colleague Adam Meister, the BitcoinMeister. He calls anytime you have a Cryptocurrency, we caught baby bitcoins, but he calls it or baby Cryptos and he calls it dividends.

So anytime that you have a blockchain that produces child blockchains off of it, and you get to receive the tokens off of it, he calls it a Crypto dividend, we call it baby bitcoins or they be Cryptos.

But I believe that what’s going to be valuable is that the NXT blockchain, anytime someone wants to build or do a blockchain project and create tokens on top of them, my understanding is that they have to distribute 10% of theirs, because it’s an open-source platform, and in order to use it, you have to distribute 10% of your tokens to every NXT holder.

I expect that’s going to produce more Crypto babies or baby Cryptos or Crypto dividends, those NXT holders moving forward into the future.

Elizabeth: It’s going to help NXT become a little bit more valuable.

Tai Zen: So that’s the thing that I would share. The other thing too is that the other lesson that I would have to share with the audience and the viewers of Elizabeth, is that during the time that you put in to help a project if you have the mindset of providing value to the project, somewhere along the line value will come back to you.

Elizabeth: I can get to universal law, isn’t it?

Tai Zen: I believe that if you give a hundred units, 10 units of value, somewhere along the line you’ll get one unit of value back. That’s what I believe. Do you know what I’m saying? So at that time when I put all that time and we made a ton of videos on YouTube about NXT, we made tutorials, we made security toward all kinds of stuff.

And we interviewed a bunch of people about NXT to educate the public about it. If you look at back, it seemed like I put it in a lot of time and effort and my wife used to always ask me, “why you always talking about this NXT project and stuff?”. And Bitcoin’s also, but now I’m here. Right now it’s like one of the best projects I ever got involved in.

Elizabeth: That’s awesome.

Tai Zen: As far as community, and I’m really happy to hear that you’re doing well for yourself. I’m really happy that, Bas is doing well for himself, so is Evil Dave, Ian, Data. If there’s ever a chance, since most of these guys are in Europe, we might even have a reunion in Europe somewhere.

Elizabeth: All come to Texas for the conference this year.

Tai Zen: That’s a lot of things, we can drag Max from Lisk and David, and Come-From-Beyond from IOTA to maybe.

Elizabeth: To our reunion that far. That would be a guardian to our philosophy then that we can work together and move on.

Tai Zen: So those are the things and I think that could you share some of the things that you see on the roadmap for the next NXT coming up in the future since you have more closer updates about them?

Elizabeth: Exciting things are happening on the NXT blockchain really soon. A company in Austria called a Trust that works with the digital ID for the Australia government has released a proper, has released a press release that said that they are going to be using the NXT blockchain for this digital ID system.

So that’s coming up new on the NXT blockchain. I do know of a couple other that I’m not sure of all the details yet, so I’m not gonna tell. Because I don’t really believe in hype, but I do believe Aussie, I want to make sure.

Tai Zen: Painful for the people who are watching this. What is your role moving forward in the NXT community and the Ardor community?

Elizabeth: Well it’s interesting. I want to tell just a little bit in my personal story here because I shared this completely with people. Somewhere in the middle there I started, I’m staying up all night, I’m running the marketing and web development business and a few other entrepreneurial things and I’m staying the whole night to talk to people in Europe about this Cryptocurrency.

I realized I couldn’t keep it all going. I’m running websites, I’m doing social media accounts for NXT and I just couldn’t keep it all going anymore. So I had to make a decision to keep my business, which was my bread and butter then to pull back a little bit from the conversation, that’s when I went into learning trading, kept my eye on it, but I had to give up the accounts the Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts and things like that.

Interestingly, I was starting to take my website and web development back end, especially towards the idea of blockchain because, to be honest with you, manufacturing was getting pretty boring, and I want it.

I’m like, this is where my interest still is. I just can’t shake it. So I’m certain to veer this way. I’m starting to have business meetings with people about blockchain development and see where this goes. And all of a sudden this AMG, our NEXT group needs a director.

So here I am now instead of pulling back from Crypto to work my business, I am currently in the middle of wrapping up the disillusion of my business. I’m dissolving it so that I can be the design director of the Ardor – NEXT group.

Tai Zen: I’m really happy to hear that, that anything, anybody that deserves to do this full time and enjoy it would be you. Cause I know that when we first started, I know you had a lot of reservations about coming public and your concerns about privacy and everything.

I appreciate the fact that you took the risk back then. We built to help us do some of the things that we did to get the NXT community going and get it started.

And I look forward to helping out wherever we can with our channel and help out the NXT community and continue to do that because that’s one of the first projects like that was one of the first Crypto communities that I got involved in. That did not troll me, that embrace what I was doing when I had no clue about what blockchains were or anything.

Elizabeth: No, I keep wanting to call it the Ardor or NEXT group because that’s it. But what spills out sometimes the Ardor NEXT family. It feels like we spend so much time together right there.

Tai Zen: So speaking of the Ardor NEXT group, I would call it the Ardor NXT group, but that’s just words, right? What happens in the NXT foundation now, the one that we started back in 2014 and what’s going to happen to that and what does this NXT group, Ardor group that you’re going to be directing?

Elizabeth: It is evolving the NXT Foundation. That way we know it will no longer exist the way we know it. How that’s all going to look for sure in the end will depend on some legal things and how it all works out. We’ll have to see. But the acting working entity is going to be the Ardor and NXT group.

And we have a pretty broad vision right now, but I see my position as facilitating growth and communication between businesses and developers, also the investors. I feel like the people who invest in the community, both with their funding and in the community in terms of just involvement and contribution also need to be represented and it will be education and resources and conferences and speakers and meetups.

My brain is just turning, you have any ideas, let me know because that’s the broad scope of it all and there’s a lot of little details that need to be worked out yet. And I am open to suggestions from you, anybody really, because I want to do this job with as much fun and also with as much intention I possibly can.

Tai Zen: Let me do this. We have people that on our channel here that’s life, would you be available to take some questions or do you have some questions from the audience that we can answer?

Elizabeth: I’m not following the feed because I have a hard time talking and reading. You asked me a question and I’ll see what I can do.

Tai Zen: Okay. If you guys have any questions for me or for Elizabeth, then let me know and we’ll answer them.

Elizabeth: You are awesome at what you do because the interviewer has become the interviewee like that. Good job. We’ll let you wrap it up and close it.

Tai Zen: A blockchain and Cryptos from, I think it’s from Columbia, welcome. So Nicasio Serrano asked after the airdrop, the Ignis airdrop, what happens to the NXT?

Elizabeth: NXT continues, don’t break NXT. It continues to stay in your wallet on the exchanges. If you have it, it stays intact. The only thing that will happen is you will no longer see your Ignis or your delegated tokens in your NXT wallet anymore.

They will appear on the Ignis, or they will appear as Ignis on the Ardor main chain at launch. And they will appear in the new client, the new software that you will download sometime between now and then it will be released for Java.

Tai Zen: Okay. So basically the NXT platform keeps getting the way it does, except the Ardor tokens will no longer show up in the NXT wallet. It’ll be on a separate blockchain in a separate Ardor wallet.

Elizabeth: Yup. And the Ignis tokens, if you had them as well, will appear there.

Tai Zen: That brings up a point that I want to ask you, is that right now there is a snapshot period where they are taking snapshots or photos, basically a photo of the entire blockchain. They can see blockchain so that they can credit, they can airdrop, one Ignis token for every two NXT tokens. Correct?

Elizabeth: Well, the second part of the numbers is right, the ratio. But it was only one blockchain or one block snapshot. It wasn’t several. It was one snapshot at block 1-6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

Tai Zen: Then so that snapshot, that one block, wherever all their NXT tokens are at, those are the ones that are going to get credited.

Elizabeth: And that was taken this morning.

Tai Zen: Okay. And that was taken this morning away so it’s done. All right. So let me see here. And Twine asked: “Can you explain to eventual 10% from the new ICO on NXT chain, reversed to NXT holders? What’s the math for it? Is it worth it to keep NXT and switched to Ardor? Thanks for your show.”

Elizabeth: Well, I don’t like to give trading or investment advice, that’s up to you.

Tai Zen: There’re licensed financial advisors in the US so we cannot tell people when to buy, sell or hold.

Elizabeth: But I will say that there are many people who believe that it is valuable to keep your decks in your wallet for that reason. Basically, I don’t believe it’s just with the charter child chain, it’s also going to be with anything creative with the NXT block creation kit.

Any project now that’s created one of these platforms or these projects is going to distribute at their Genesis block, automatically 10% of all of the tokens. Now, some of those probably won’t be worth as much to you if it’s a private use blockchain for a company that some that become publicly traded could be very valuable to you.

And we are going to have a Euro child chain coming out here in just a few days after the launch probably, very soon after launch. And that was just announced by one of our community members, Marty, and so it’s a child Euro child chain. So the potential for growth is significant there, I believe.

Tai Zen: Okay. So let me see. Jorge believes that: “BCNext is Satoshi Nakamoto. He created Bitcoin and he found out how to solve security. We praising proof of work with proof of stake. So he created NXT and disappeared again.”

Okay. That’s not the first time that idea has come up. But that’s all the questions I have from our audience.

Elizabeth: What was exciting is these myths, these myths that have grown up are not in our culture. Those are our cultural myths.

So talk to you is definitely one of the more obscure myths because there’s a lot of people who do believe that BCNext is now truly revealed himself as Come-From-Beyond. And that’s cool. I mean, the way he structured it all is he’s not necessary to the project.

Tai Zen: I can’t wait for all the conspiracy theories that come out, 5 years, 10 years down the line, about Satoshi Nakamoto.

Elizabeth: There’s already a few going around there, but this is about NEXT to Martyr, so we won’t go there.

Tai Zen: That’s all the questions we have on our side, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Super, super, and you’ve been valuable. This conversation I think has been valuable to give some insight, the public, about a little bit of our history, a little bit of our background and a little bit of that aspire or that passion. You are the fire that kept a lot of us going through this project and as we were dedicated to the bigger picture.

Tai Zen: Well thanks for having me on.

Elizabeth: Thank you. I will stay in touch with you because your project sounds very interesting and I wish you the best as you become a thought leader.

Tai Zen: Thank you.

Elizabeth: All right. Talk to you on time.

Tai Zen: Okay, so this will conclude the broadcast. Guys, I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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