NXT For Investors #11 – What Is The Nextcoin (NXT) Arbitrary Message System?

Tai Zen: This is Tai Zen and Leon Fu and we’re excited to have with us here today Aaron. He is one of the most popular and prolific Nextcoin ambassadors on BitcoinTalk and on all the Nextcoin forums.

Let’s talk next about the Next arbitrary message system. Could you explain the difference between the Next arbitrary message system versus the Next alias system? They sound similar but there must be something different about it

Aaron: I think the difference is that we just applying a label to it, a category to it, which gives the devs different ideas about what they might do so in the future, they may parse out arbitrary messages 20 years ago.

It could be stories like “Bob made a yummy burger today in the year 3330’. It would just be a huge waste of resources all throughout the rest of history if we were storing arbitrary messages forever.

But you want to store aliases forever, right? So by applying a different label to them, you tell the devs like, “Hey, you know, this one you can get rid of at some point in the future. And this one, I want this one to stay forever.”

Tai Zen: So basically cleans up the blockchain and keeps it lean.

Aaron: I could be wrong about this.

Tai Zen: So the arbitrary message system, is that similar to email or chat or what?

Aaron: Yes, or no, right, because obviously, it’s going to be way more expensive than just chatting, right? Because with chat you send directly to the person you try to communicate with.

Arbitrary messages get copied and pasted and copied all over the network, obligated to everyone, which is an expensive process, which means that it needs to be something important.

It doesn’t need to, I mean you could just pay to tell someone you’re eating a sandwich if you want it to, but we expect that we’re going to have usefulness for something like this because what we’re talking about here at censorship resistance.

So it’s really useful for things like doing a distributed asset exchanges, things like that. Like if you want it to build a decentralized distributed assets exchange system like a market on top NXT where there were no trusted third parties, right? Then you would want the censorship resistance and you’d want to pay for that.

Tai Zen: That sounds like it’d be good for somebody that’s stuck in a country where they have a lot of media control, like in China or Egypt or any of these hot spots in the Middle East so they can basically pay to get their word out.

Aaron: You know, it’s really useful if you’re breaking the law, but in a benign sort of way, a way where if they had an easy method of stopping you, they would but if it wasn’t going to be possible, they wouldn’t.

So you can imagine something like decentralized trading markets for Bitcoin and NXT and other altcoins and things like that where the government wanted you to comply with their regulations.

And you know, if everyone’s doing it, they’re not going to come after you. But if you have a centralized institution, they’re going to come after that guy, which means he’s going to have to comply with those regulations which will be passed on to the users.

Tai Zen: So it’s not just to give an individual a voice without censorship, but it’s also for the financial markets as well. Would you say that it’s good for also for people like the whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden?

Aaron: That would be a great way to get… to publish documents like that.

Tai Zen: One of the concerns that Edward Snowden had to release the information about the NSA spying on everybody was that he had to spend a lot of time finding the right journalist to make sure that they were trustworthy before he could release the information.

Are you telling me that with the NXT arbitrary message system that if he wanted to release these documents that he can freely do so without having to go through a third party and be able to release it publicly without censorship?

Aaron: He could have done that with the Internet in general? I don’t know why he felt like he needs to go through some journalist or something that …

Tai Zen: Okay, is there any myths or things that people misunderstand about the NXT arbitrary message system that we need to be aware of?

Aaron: Not to my knowledge.

Leon Fu: When do you think this will be done? Like these features…

Aaron: It’s already implemented

Leon Fu: It’s already implemented, but there’s no client for it yet, right? There’s no…

Aaron: Well I think someone made a front end for Android. I’ve tried it. I just saw someone posting about it on the threads.

Leon Fu: Okay, All right.

Tai Zen: You have a lot of articles out on the internet about NXT and then you have a lot of writing out there, now does someone have to contact you in order to use those articles or they are welcome to use your articles and it’s okay and they just need to reference you, what’s the policy on that? So you have no problems with people using your articles on their websites or their blogs or anything like that.

Aaron: Information is nobody’s property.

Tai Zen: So you have no problems with people using your articles on their websites or their blogs or anything like that

Aaron: You can do anything other than changing it and say that that’s what I wrote.

Tai Zen: So as long as they use it in your words—

Aaron: Or change the words and say that they change the words.

Tai Zen: As long as they’re clear that they re-edit it and which portions re-edit it.

Aaron: As long as they don’t say that I said something that I didn’t say, everything else is fine.

Tai Zen: I would also like to add to anyone watching this that I have included the bottom of all these videos in this interview with Aaron here and you know I’m grateful that he took the time to answer a lot of our questions here.

I’m including his NXT address below, if you guys want to make donations for his efforts directly to him, be aware that the address below and I will make the mark it very clear that they belong to him so you can donate directly to him, even though the videos are on my blog and I guess if you have a Bitcoin address you can include it down there too and post it down there too.

Okay, I hope this video is able to help you understand more about NXT and we’ll look forward to seeing you guys in the next video. Thanks.

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