For Investors #3 – Does Lisk Have Enough Funding To Succeed?

This is part 3 about

Okay so like I mentioned in part 2, I don’t know much about Max’s coding abilities and his partners’ coding ability, I don’t know his partner at all so I have no clue what that guy’s capable of doing or what he’s…

By biggest concern, the reason why I will not put a lot of money into it, I will put a small amount, but I would not put a lot, simply because it takes more than just a couple of people to create a large-scale enterprise commercial level software, and I refuse to believe that one or two people can do that.

Now here’s the thing that I will say, based on the 9000 plus Bitcoins that they have received. That means that they have… if you take 9000 Bitcoins times $400 of Bitcoin, that’s about 3.6 million dollars that they have raised during the ICO process, so they have 3.6 million US Dollars.

So that gives them… even if they hire like 5 good developers at 200 thousand dollars a year, that will give them the ability to hire about 5 really good programmers for about two years. So if they have about three to five good programmers on their team, now that they have the money to pay for, that gives me more confidence now in putting money with them, simply because now I know that they have enough money to pay for developers to help them the code and follow their path.

So that’s the reason why I was willing to change my mind about the I know that there’s a bunch of you guys that’s been emailing me, with private emails and everything, asking me what my thoughts are on the, and I did not make any videos on it until today simply because I did not want to put any information out there that was not useful.

Since I’m putting money on the line with a, then I don’t mind sharing the videos out there because if it does not work out you know, at least you guys know that I had put some money into that and I’m taking the same risk that you guys are taking, okay. So I don’t like putting my name on something that I’m not vested in, so just be aware that.

One of the other things that held me back from investing earlier into a and waiting to the last minute was because I have tried to a contact Max on Skype before, and he never responded you know.

I asked him if he had time to answer some questions about the since I was getting flooded with people asking me about it, and since I had interactions with him before, I figured I can get a hold of him and it’d be easier, but I guess he’s busy on raising the money for this or whatever the reason was, he never got back to me. So that was something else that I was hesitant about you to know because I wanted to hear straight from him.

But now that, with the support from Microsoft, and the fact that they have raised over three and a half million dollars, I’m more confident that they will have enough money to pay for the developers and so I feel a little bit more comfortable in putting a small amount of my money into the So I hope that these three short videos here help you out in making your decision.

I know that it came at the last minute, but I’ll try to put this up as soon as I can before the ICO is done. I know there’s probably only a couple of days left before the ICO concludes, so I’ll try to do my best to get this up.

As you guys can see, I’m going to fly to Boston right now, so as soon as I get to Boston and have an internet connection, then I’ll upload these videos up for you guys, alright.

Thanks for watching this video guys. If you haven’t already, make sure that you hit the subscribe button on my channel, and give me a thumbs up if you like these kinds of videos if you don’t like and give me a thumbs down so I’ll know not to waste time making them.

So as you guys can see, everybody’s lined up here to get on board, so since I got platinum status with American Airlines because I fly almost every week, that’s going to give me the ability to jump in front everybody and cut in line. So I’m going to go take advantage of those guys. So I’ll catch you guys later in a future video, alright.



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