For Investors #2 – Why I Changed My Mind & Chose To Invest In (LISK)

So, anyway, what I was saying, guys, is that when Max branched off to start the NXT organization, I absolutely have no problems with that. I appreciate the fact that he’s a young guy, and he wants to make it big in the cryptocurrency world, and I appreciate the fact that he was willing to be one of the public faces to represent NXT while everyone else didn’t.

So he’s taking a lot of risks to put himself out there as a young guy, and I feel that he’s very ambitious based on my personal interactions with him.

The only thing that I personally did not like was that when he went off and took everything that we shared with him in private about building the NXT foundation, I just did not like the idea that he took off and started on his own.

One he never gave credit to the people that came up with those ideas, and number two is that he never said anything to us and just went off and started on his own.

However, this video is not designed to knock or talk bad or troll on Max Kordek. I want you guys to know that I am just sharing with you guys my personal interactions with him. Most of the people that I interact with in the cryptocurrency space if I have personal interactions with them, I’ll share with you guys. If I have not had any personal interactions with them, I will also let you guys know so that you guys know that’s just my personal experience. If you had a better experience with him, then, by all means, that’s great.

Now I will say this, when Max and David started the NXT organization and it did not go as planned, it did not work out as they wanted, what happened was they folded it and shut it down and whatever the funds that they raise, they I think they used some of it to promote NXT.

I don’t know what happened to all of it. I guess you guys can look at the NXT blockchain and be able to determine or email them directly and ask them.

I know that they had some leftover funds that they raised and what they did was before they shut down the NXT organization, they transferred all the remaining funds over to the NXT foundation so that the NXT foundation guys can help promote the NXT. So he did try to do what he can to promote the NXT even when the NXT organization did not work out. So because of that small, because of that loyalty issue, that was like the main thing that prevented me from investing in the… ICO.

So what happened was in the last couple of days, there were a few things that occurred that made me change my mind about investing in the So last time I checked at it, they had raised about 5,000 Bitcoins and that’s around two million US dollars. So that’s pretty impressive for a college kid, so I give him a lot of credit for that. I have never been able to raise two million dollars before.

I’m sure that if me and my friends, we tried, I’m sure that we can accomplish it, but the fact is he already has done it, so I give him a lot of credit to that for being a…, just coming out of college and being a young kid and be able to raise two million dollars, because when I was his age I definitely would not have been able to do that myself. So I’ll give him a lot of credit for that.

The other thing too is that the loyalty issue with me when I look back at when I was in my early 20s, I did not have the same mindset that I have now so I know that people change and I have not interacted with him for over a year.

So I’m sure that he has changed and I talked to a couple of the other guys that’s on the NXT foundation that has had interactions with him, and they said that he has changed, I don’t know in what way because I have not personally interacted with him, but even despite his growth and his improvement, that still was not enough for me to put my money into the

But recently, a couple of days ago, there was an announcement that Microsoft Azure cloud service has support and started to support the blockchain and from my understanding, from what explained to me, what that means is that Microsoft is dedicating some of their servers and some of their technical resources to support, to create a node to support the blockchain and so that was a big game changer for me personally.

Yeah because if Microsoft is willing to dedicate their resources…what that means is this, if you have a website, for example, you can host that with HostGator, you can host on a bunch of different servers, you can pay at Amazon AWS to host your websites there, you can go to GoDaddy and pay GoDaddy to host your website there, or you can go to the Microsoft Azure cloud service and you can host it there.

But in all those cases that I just mentioned, you have to pay out of your own pocket to get those companies to host it for you. In the case of like Ethereum and Augur and Factor, and now the addition of, what Microsoft is saying is that they feel that it could possibly be some potential there with the technology.

So what they’re doing is they are dedicating some of their servers and a very small portion of their resources to support the blockchain, so that they can run their blockchain on there so that developers and coders and programmers can come and work on the blockchain and develop their decentralized apps on them.

So because of that announcement, it has changed my mind about investing into the Now I’m not going to share with you guys how many Bitcoins I put into It will be more than one Bitcoin but it’s not going to be a lot like I did with the Ethereum release, simply because of a couple of reasons why I will not put a lot of money into even though it jumped from 5 thousand to like over 9 thousand Bitcoins in which they received after the announcement of the Microsoft Azure support.

The reason is because, one is because there is not a track record of Max having been a coder, a hardcore coder like Vitalik was, when Vitalik came on the scene and he introduced Ethereum, he had a huge body of work and in the history of being a good coder and he has put out extensive code so that the entire crypto world community can see that he is a good coder and that he knows what he’s doing.

And at that point, I was willing to put more money into it. But with, during all my interactions with Max doing the rise of NXT, there was never a clue or a hint that he was at the level of coder that Vitalik is, and he has a partner, I don’t know who the partner is, but based on my knowledge of how the software is created, and keep in mind guys I’m not a coder so I have very limited knowledge about that.

I just know what tells me is that it’s going to require more than one or two people to code the Let me pause this guy’s and we’ll continue in part three because my time is running out.

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