For Investors #1 – Why I Initially Chose NOT To Invest In Lisk?

This is Tai Zen and I’m here waiting at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, some of the biggest airports in America, and I’m sitting here waiting for a flight to go to Boston, Massachusetts to visit my homeboy and home to James D’Angelo from the World Bitcoin Network.

And in this video guys, I want to share with you guys what I know about I’ve been getting ton of questions and requests about what my thoughts are on ICO and in case you’re new to this, ICO is standing for Initial Coin Offering and when a new coin, a new cryptocurrency is coming out and they are trying to raise money and get funding for their new cryptocurrency project and what they do is they will have an IPO. If you get in early you can benefit from the increase in prices and stuff.

So I wanted to make this video and I know that it’s kind of last minute and I hope that I’m able to get it up and share it with you guys before the IPO actually ends. It’s called an IPO in the trading world, but in the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s called an ICO. Sorry about this camera miss handling you guys. I’m trying to get this thing balanced here. So that’s better….

So what’s happening is this guy, I did not plan on investing in the and here are some of the reasons why I did not have any intentions of investing into it, and then at the end, I’ll share with you a few things that change my mind at the last minute.

So the, they are basically taking a clone of the… from my understanding so keep in mind guys that I’m just sharing with you guys what I know and I’m not a program or a coder. So what I’ve learned is that is kind of like a duplicate or a clone of the Ethereum blockchain, so they are trying to create a blockchain where it’s kind of like the iPhone app store or the google play store where other developers and other coders and other entrepreneurs and people like that can create their own decentralized apps on top of the blockchain.

The reason why I did not have an interest in investing in it is for several reasons, on the software and technical side. I really am not a big fan of making long-term investments into something that is a clone of something else.

So if they are going to clone and make a copy of the Ethereum blockchain and make a decentralized app store, I feel like it’s…, I’m better off investing into the Ethereum itself which has already been proven and as far as a profit return wise and ROI: Return On Investment wise, it has already proven to work, and I think that Vitalik Buterin the founder, the creator of Ethereum is much more of a genius coder and programmer than anybody that is on the team.

So speaking of team you guys know that I’m a big proponent of investing in something that only has a good solid team behind it, and I can talk about the team because I have had former interactions with Max Kordek, the current CEO and founder of Originally the way that I met him was that I met him online when I was helping out promoting the NXT when it first came out around the spring of 2014.

And what happened at that time was that he and I and several other guys were part of… there was like maybe half a dozen of us, 5 or 6 of us that were trying to put together an NXT foundation to help promote and be like the front face or the public face for businesses and individuals to interact with NXT.

The problem that NXT had was that it was created by an anonymous creator who was trying to copy the anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto. However, in my opinion, it failed miserably and it actually hurt the NXT because he chose to remain anonymous.

And during that time, Max, myself, another guy named David who goes by Unicorn on the NXT forums, and then Bas Wisselink who goes by Damelon and there’s an Elizabeth, and then EvilDave, and there’s Ian and then another guy.

But there was over and half dozens of us including Max who got together to create and establish the NXT foundation and at that time, I think Max was about 19 years old or 21 years old. He was very young. He was still in his last year of college in Germany I think at the time, but just to give you an idea myself and the other guys on the NXT foundation when we started we were all in our late 30s early 40s. I’m 42 years old myself and so at that time, we had a long-term vision for the NXT foundation.

And at that time, Max and another guy named David who was much younger, they were the two youngest guys in the NXT foundation, they decided to branch off and while we were meeting up and we were brainstorming on how to create the NXT foundation, Max Kordek and David were all part of it but they were the two youngest guys, and they did not feel that we were moving along fast enough, and they had a different idea and a different vision for NXT while me and the other older guys had a more long-term vision whereas I feel that they had a more short-term immediate result vision for the NXT foundation.

So they branched off and they created what’s called the NXT organization, and they took a lot of our ideas, matter of fact they took all our ideas that we brainstormed together in private and they went out there and they created the NXT organization to promote the NXT.

I have no problem with that. I believe that the more people that promote Bitcoin, the more people that could promote cryptocurrencies and the more people that promote the NXT, the better it is for everyone. If NXT succeeds, it’s better for Ethereum and if Ethereum succeeds, it’s better for Bitcoin, if Bitcoin succeeds, it’s better for everyone.

I don’t have a personal bias towards any of them, I just want someone to succeed at a large scale so that cryptocurrency succeeds and changes the world. So that was just my goal and I want you guys to understand that. The thing that I did not like about what Max and David did, me personally is that loyalty is a big issue with me so if you do anything that’s in private with me and other people, I think that out of courtesy and respect you should say something to us.

At that time if Max and David mentioned that “Hey, we feel that you older guys are moving too slow and we want to start our own foundation or organizations so that we can move things along faster for the NXT community”, I have no problems with that.

However, they did not say anything to us and they jumped out there and they just started on their own.

So because of that, I have a big…, it kind of rubs me the wrong way because I feel like they’re not being loyal and honest to everyone else that invited them into the NXT community. Let me pause this, start the camera back up because of this double dual camera recording. I only have a 10-minute limit guys so many pauses I’ll start all over on part two.

Next time!

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