Lisk For Investors #9 – What Happened To Lisk On Launch Day?

What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen. It’s really late guys, but I wanted to make this video real quick because I’ve had a ton of my friends and just people emailing me and asking me what’s going on with the Lisk’s launch. I just want to make this really quick video before I hit the sack and let you guys know what I know so far.

So there’s a bunch of jackasses out there that is DDoSing the Lisk website. So if you go to the, you guys will notice that they give instructions on how to access your web wallet. It is similar to how NXT has their wallet. You log on to a browser, use your browser to access your wallet, and put in the passphrase, then that gives you access to your Lisk coins and you can control where you send it.

What happens is there’s a group of people DDoSing the Lisk website where you log in at. In the link, there are the screenshots and the tutorials on how to access their site and then on the is where you actually log in to access your actual wallet.

I’m tired guys, but I’m trying to get this out to you as quick as I can once I got the information. So what happens is a bunch of people DDoSing it and it’s collapsing the site so nobody is able to access it.

There are only around 4,000 or 5,000 people that actually invested into Lisk. If you look at their statistics by going to their, you will see that they have a thing called Lisk ICO statistics and they show the total number of unique participants meaning that there were 3,908 people.

Basically, 3,900 people that invested into Lisk and their website got hit with like 50,000 connections or something like that, right?

And the reason why that’s happening is that there’s a bunch of idiots out there trying to DDoS. They’re trying to attack the website to make it fail. Now, the question that you might be asking is why in the world would someone want to attack the website for and prevent 3,900 Lisk investors from accessing the site. Let me tell you what I know.

I know there are several ideas, theories or conspiracy theories about this. Now I want you to understand that I have no proof or no evidence of this, but I want you to think from a money perspective about what’s happening.

This is what I’m thinking of. Somebody out there that has a large inventory. They bought a bunch of Lisk. Let’s say a million Lisk for example, and they want to sell their Liskcoins before everybody else.

They want their Liskcoins to the exchange and be the first one to sell it. Therefore, they prevent other 3,900 people from accessing their Lisk and sending it to the exchange like or to convert their Liskcoins into Bitcoins. What they’re doing is they are pretty much putting up a roadblock or dam to prevent 3,900 investors from being able to access their Liskcoins.

Because of that, the site was shut down. It kept saying blockchain download, 505 error and all kinds of stupid error messages, which basically made me and everyone else can’t access our Liskcoins.

But if you look on Poloniex and YoBit, they’re actually trading it. So somebody already has those coins early. Somebody that’s more technical than us so that they did not require the use of the browser login.

They downloaded the Lisk software to their desktop and used that desktop wallet version in order to send their Lisk to the exchange. Then, they turn around and DDoss the website to prevent less technical people like myself and you from accessing it. So that’s one conspiracy theory.

The second one is that there’s a lot of people on the exchanges and in the troll boxes at TradingView, Poloniex, and YoBit that are accusing the developers, the creators and the founders of Lisk such as Max and Oliver, the two guys in charge of the Lisk.

They’re accusing them of being the ones that are front-running, everyone, to unload their 8,000,000 Lisk because each one of those guys has 4,000,000 Lisk Now, that’s no secret. That is public on their website. They’ve made it very transparent.

And I’m not taking sides or supporting Max or Oliver, but I will state the facts of this and what I believe to be true. I don’t believe the opinion that Max and Oliver were front-running all the investors.

And here’s the reason why. First of all, front-running means that if I know you want to buy stock for $10 and I know that over here it’s available for $9. As soon as you put your order in and before you can buy that stock for $9, what I will do is I will run over there ahead of you, buy it for $9 and take that order away so it’s no longer available for $9, then turn around and sell it to you for $9.99.

Now, the reason why the computer will fill my order and sell it to you is that you put in an order to buy at $9. It’s no longer available and my price is the next best price. So the computer automatically fills your market order with what I have available. That’s how front-running works.

This happens every day in the stock markets and currency markets. It’s so often that you just got to assume that that’s what they’re doing. Even though they say they’re not doing it, they’re doing it. But it happens every day. So it’s no longer a secret mystery because all the big boys on Wall Street are doing it.

Gradually, it becomes the market norm where every day the guys that have billions of dollars’ worth of fiber optics and faster internet are front-running, everybody. That’s the reason why I don’t recommend scalping and trading on a small timeframe. You trade on the larger timeframe.

Back to this Lisk, a lot of people are accusing the developers, Max and Oliver to front-run everyone. I don’t believe that because each of them has 4,000,000 Lisk.

It’s a conflict of interest. They would actually lose a lot of money trying to front-run everyone. If the word gets out that they tried to front-run their investors, then their reputation is ruined for the rest of the life, whereas they would benefit more financially if they never do something stupid like that.

So I don’t believe that they did that. There is no evidence of that. The second thing too that the blockchain is very transparent. Like D James D’Angelo said in the World Bitcoins Network, one of the most powerful tools that we have with the blockchain is that it’s transparent so that everyone can see everything.

So what happens is if they did try to front-run and send their Liskcoins to the exchanges to unload it first before everybody else because they’re the only ones that have the Liskcoins available, everyone would be able to see that on the blockchain and be able to verify that and call them out for it.

Then, the entire project will go downhill. Meanwhile, they have about millions of dollars at stake in their inventory and portfolio and it’s not in their best interest to do that.

So I don’t believe that they would purposely go out there and destroy the entire network and they lose millions of dollars. I mean these two guys are pretty much set for life based on how much Liskcoins that they have and if they make it succeed they’re going to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars or dozens of millions of dollars.

So to me, it’s not in their best interest to do that. So I don’t believe when these trolls and these idiots and don’t know how trading works accused them of front-running everyone. I don’t believe that.

Now there is a third conspiracy theory that’s available to where I believe that it is probably the case. I’m not saying it’s correct, but it’s a combination of the first two.

Let’s just say that the developers want to front-run everybody, but people can recognize that when they move their Liskcoins on the blockchain, everybody can see that. So what they do is they hire somebody else to do it for them. So that could be another option.

Another conspiracy theory that could possibly happen is bad exchanges…Now for some reason, I have never trusted YoBit because their exchange just looks really fishy to me.

The reason why they do what they do, it just seems fishy to me. The way their chart prices are for the proxy market of how the Lisk IOU Tokens that they created or traded, which just seems really fishy and suspicious to me.

So another conspiracy theory that can happen is YoBit already got their X amount, a large quantity of Liskcoins and they’re the one that is DDoSing and attacking the Lisk website so that the users like us cannot access it.

It’s not even real evidence. It’s just my personal opinion. I’m just throwing out the different options that could have possibly caused this disaster on the launch of Lisk today.

So what’s possible is that they needed to unload the majority of their Lisk coins so they have it already because the guys of YoBit are more technical than the rest of us.

After the Lisk was made public and available to everyone in their accounts, they probably took it and transferred it to the exchange immediately and started selling it. Meanwhile, they turned around and attacked the website so that no one else could remove their Lisk coins and send it to Poloniex to unload it and to convert to Bitcoins.

So those are just a few things that crossed my mind that could possibly happen. As I said, I have no evidence if any of this is true or not, but it just seems very suspicious to me that this is what’s going on.

There is also some good news about this. Lisk opened at a very high price on YoBit and Poloniex. So that’s the good news is that they open up at a very, very good price.

I just want to make this quick video and share it with you. Then, maybe tomorrow when I wake up and I have some time to look it over after the dust settles, I’ll be able to give you another update of what I’ve figured out.

But so far everything I’ve shared with you in this videos is just my personal opinion of what I think could have possibly happened. As I said, I don’t have enough evidence. Someone would have to do a very thorough forensic, but it just seems so very suspicious to me, what all the things are going on.

There’s a big player out there that has control of a lot of Lisk and they’re purposely attacking the website, so 3,900 investors cannot access it.

So I’m going to go ahead and upload this right now and I’ll update you guys as I go along and find out more information. I got my buddy, the Oracle of cryptocurrency. He was on a plane during the entire time while Lisk was being launched and he’s out near Los Angeles right now during this launch of Lisk.

So because of that, I was unable to get ahold of him to figure out what’s going on. And when he finally landed, he called me immediately and we try to have a 30-minute call recording where he and I were trying to figure out what was going on.

The only problem was with these stupid call recorders I’ve been using on my Samsung Android phone. They’re not working clearly and so even though we had a 30-minute conversation where we try to figure it out what it was and I tried to upload it and share it with you.

The audio quality is so poor that I had to just pretty much get rid of it and then have to shoot this video real quick for you before I hit the sack.

So, that’s all I got for now guys. Thanks for watching this video. Give me a thumb up if you guys liked this update and give me a thumb down if you guys don’t like it. I’ll look forward to seeing you guys in a future video tomorrow. Thanks for watching this. I’m going to hit the sack guys.


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