Lisk For Investors #7 – Projected Market Value Of LISK When Trading Begins

Tai Zen: Lecture times by Now we going to talk about the market cap.

Leon Fu: The market cap is just like stocks. You understand how the market cap like stocks world.

Tai Zen: Let’s say the company issues,  just so the math is simple that they issue 100 shares and each share worth a dollar. Then it’ll be $1 x 100 shares. So the market cap for that stock is $100.

Leon Fu: It is an issue like a hundred million, a million shares. We’re facing 10 million shares since then it would be a dollar each would be 10,000,000.

So, you can take the same concept that in Crypto, you did. There’s a certain number of coins outstanding multiplied by whatever the prices of the last traded price. And that gives you a theoretical number of market cap. But that doesn’t tell you what the real supply is?

Let’s say I make a billion Leon coins, I make my own coin. I made a billion Leon coins and I get you tied to pay me a dollar for one coin. Now I just became a billionaire.

But that doesn’t really mean anything because I mean, I could just say I sold you one coin for dollar therefor and I have a billion more. It doesn’t mean I can sell a billion coins for dollars. Just because I sold you a coin for dollar.

Tai Zen: But that’s what coin market cap is doing though.

Leon Fu: It is so when you look at that. You’ve got to take it with a grain of salt. What the other number that’s important is the volume.

Tai Zen: The volume that’s being traded.

Leon Fu: That’s being traded. So you see something like Ripple with 278,000,000 market cap, then I’m looking at it, right now only $71,000 worth of Ripples traded in the last day- in the last 24 hours.

So, you know, that number doesn’t really mean anything because if I had $1,000,000 of Ripple, I could just cut the price in half, if I had that or if the foundation tried to sell it, they would crash the price. Versus if you look at like Bitcoin, it has $6,300,000,000 market cap. And it trades 50,000,000-100,000,000 every day. So that number is more real. That doesn’t mean Bitcoin can’t crash.

But if you had like say $1,000,000 of Bitcoin, you know, you could go sell them you could go sell $1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin and get 1,000,000 dollars and not crash the price. Same thing with now Ethereum. Ethereum now trades at 30,000,000- 50, 000,000 a day

Tai Zen: So it’s very hard for someone to just come in and just dump in it and crash the price with their slowly.

Leon Fu: When I couldn’t crash the price. Now, I mean, with 20,000, you know, a few tens of thousands of Ether, you could crash the price.

Tai Zen: Are you sure because word on the street is that, you know, the mighty can crash the price it, you know.

Leon Fu: I could probably crash when it came out but not anymore. But you could crash Ripple. It’s very easy for, I mean, if you see 71,000 and you had 100,000  Ripples you could probably crash the price pretty easily. But not with Bitcoin, not with the Ethereum and even Litecoin would be kind of tough to crash too.

But not like, you know, if you go down to the list NXT trade 30,000, you could, anyone could really crash the price pretty easily. And it works the other way too you could take the price up really easily as well, without a lot of money.

Tai Zen: Because like I have moved the price of several different coins by anywhere between 5-8%.

Leon Fu: We just trade before.

Tai Zen: Not because I wanted to mess up the markets intentionally or anything I need the cash. I definitely like it

Leon Fu: The markets are just too thin.

So you’re not going to do that the Bitcoin you could sell all day long and, you know, you’re not going to move the price so much.

It’s the same but, you know, this isn’t any this is the same as your stock trading.

This is not any different if you are buying and selling Apple versus if you’re buying and selling a microcap stock

Tai Zen: So while what I was talking about like we valued the we value that 7 cents

Leon Fu:  well, there’s going to be one 100,000,000 Lisk at the open. And so a 7 cent valuation would give it, you know, at a $77,000,000 valuation.

Tai Zen: So let me see a point 0.07 x 100,000,000. And the trust your calculators say that that’s worth $7,000,000.

Leon Fu: $7,000,000. So that’s what Lisk is going to open at. And we got that valuation because they are going to sell 85,000,000. I mean, if you read the ICO you’re going to issue 100,000,000 at the open. They’re going to presale. They pressed 85,000,000; 85,000,000 Lisk coins. They got 14,000 Bitcoins for that.

Tai Zen:  And that’s including the porter Crypti or whatever.

Leon Fu: I think that’s the total number. I think that was the total number of the 50

Tai Zen: I’m not sure what happened but your voice muffled out.

Leon Fu:  I said that I think that it’s including that they exchanged Crypt. They gave Crypt an exchange rate equivalent to Bitcoin. And so I think 14,000 is all the Bitcoins, all the Altcoins they got through shape-shift. And all the Crypti coins they also took. So that came out to 14,000…

Tai Zen: Seventy-nine or something like that.

Leon Fu:  Fourteen thousand seventy-nine so let’s say a little quick math here.

Tai Zen:  So we take the seven out.

Leon Fu: Fourteen thousand seventy-nine times. What is it? What’s the coin trading at? Like 415 something like that

Tai Zen: For Bitcoin?

Leon Fu: Bitcoin 415

Tai Zen: Real quick here. Let me check my trusty coin base app here.

Leon Fu: I’m seeing 415 on coin market cap

Tai Zen:  415?

Leon Fu: That’s 415. So that again 415. Five at the moment 5,800,000. That’s they only sold 85,000,000 and they have another 15,000,000 they’re keeping for themselves. So we divide that number by 0.85.

Tai Zen:   Wait no 100,000,000 x 0.85

Leon Fu: Divided by 0.85. Because they sold 85 out of the 100,000,000. So that gives you 6. Let’s call it $6,900,000-6,870,000

Tai Zen: What are you dividing?

Leon Fu: I took the… I took the…

Tai Zen: You come up the 15, the 14,000,079 Ether they had

Leon Fu: The fourteen thousand in Bitcoins that had in. And was not that by 415, you know.

Tai Zen: How much did you come up with?

Leon Fu: That’s 5,800,000.

Tai Zen:  So you take 5.800,000

Leon Fu: And then divide it because it’s only 85%.  85 out of the 100,000,000. There’s another 15%. So you can just divide that by 285. That gives you $6,870,000. Theoretically, that’s what it’s worth. Because you had 4,000 people. Give them, you know, 14,000 Bitcoins for 85% of the total number of coins.

Tai Zen: But shouldn’t you take 5,800,000 that they raised and divide that by 85,000,000

Leon Fu: That will give you how many cents per Lisk coin. And we did that. That’s about 7 cents. So my point what I’m telling, what I’m saying so is that you know, you have to value this. So they’re going to start off at a $7,000,000 value. That’s the parameter  amount that the seven 6.88

That would that was put like right out of the gate. That was put in that number 16 on the coin market cap.  Right out of the gate, that would put them at, you know, they issued these coins and they started trading them. Theoretically, it should, you know, it should start at around $7,000,000 and it should start around $7,000,000.

Tai Zen:  That $7,000,000 divided by 85,000,000 that’s out that’s floating right?

Leon Fu: No, No, that’s the total that’s a theoretical value of 100,000,000 Lisk that are going to be outstanding on the day it launches. Because we put in 14,000 Bitcoins or we know the crowd put in 14,085 Bitcoins or 85,000,000 Lisk and there’s 100,000,000 Lisk.

Tai Zen: So you don’t think the other 15,000,000 into account. I mean, you don’t think that

Leon Fu:  I did. I did. That’s what I did? That’s why I said it’s going to be valued at around $7,000,000. They raised 5.4 and put their total stock of Lisk should be around 7,000,000.

Tai Zen: I see what you’re saying now. So basically you’re saying that the 5,800,000 that they raised take that 5,800,000 divided by that 85,000,000. Eighty-five million that they raised that they sold raised 5,800,000. So if you do the math, then that 5.8 then the total $100,000,000. I mean 100,000,000 Lisk is worth seven total of $7,000,000

Leon Fu: That’s what the crowd has valued right. That’s what the council has done right. Because they said that we are going to whatever money we get. We’re gonna distribute 85,000,000 Lisk coins out of the 100,000,000. We’re gonna issue 100 million, we’re going to keep testing for ourselves and whatever money we get. We’re going to distribute 85,000,000 to the people

Tai Zen: So basically, so now I did not have the numbers and the calculator in front of me. But basically what you did was you took the 5.8 million and divided by 0.85 for 85%. I’m with you now.

Leon Fu: So that gives it an initial evaluation of let’s call it 6.87, let’s call it what we can say that we can just round it the 7,000,000.

Tai Zen: But just ran it off to 7,000,000.

Leon Fu: I mean so compared with Ethereum. Ethereum started out with at me I think it was in 15,000,000-18,000,000.

Tai Zen: It was an $18,000,000 valuation

Leon Fu: That’s what they started out at the crowd sale. So they are about a little less than half of Ethereum was. And I don’t think they are half as good it’s gone.

Tai Zen: No no no, I mean, we both agree that. Because this is a knockoff.

Leon Fu: It’s not even a knockoff at the Ethereum. It’s a knockoff of Crypti.

Tai Zen: It is I thought it was a knockoff of Ethereum

Leon Fu: No no no, it’s not a knockoff, I mean, it’s going to try to compete with this Ethereum. But it’s not the same basic. It’s not like what was that Ethereum Altcoin, I forgot something. It’s not like Expanse. Expanse is just a fork of Ethereum.

Tai Zen: So I misstated I misunderstood that I thought because I keep saying in my video that it was a clone of Ethereum

Leon Fu: Not it’s different code days, it’s different, it’s a clone of Crypti.

That’s what it is. If you want to if you should maybe make a correction. The clone of Crypti was a product basically.

Tai Zen: So let’s this a podcast here reflect that I said that wrong and that has corrected it and that it’s a clone but it’s not a clone of it’s not a knockoff or a copy of Ethereum blockchain. It’s a clone of the Crypti blockchain.

Leon Fu: Crypti was a project.

Tai Zen: It makes more sense because Max and Oliver them guys were working at Crypto

Leon Fu: So they kind of broke off from Crypti. They forked it and created Lisk and quickly never raised anywhere near this amount of money. I mean Crypti was basically a project that went nowhere.

Tai Zen: And what do you think caused that. What do you think caused the same guys I mean the same blockchain arrays, you know $5,800,000? You think it’s because of all the profits that everyone made from the Ethereum

Leon Fu: That I don’t understand because Crypti now trades at. Crypto is the same thing it has 100,000,000 coins and it’s said no, I mean if you got a coin market cap it’s at 75. at less than a 700. It’s 745,000 market cap.

In other words, their valuing the market the crowd is valuing Lisk at ten times the value of Crypti. Even though it’s just the Fork of Crypti. They’re giving Lisk a 7 cents. They both have 100,000,000  coins. They are giving Crypti 7/10 of a cent and they’re giving Lisk a 7 cents.

So there is that the initial valuation of Lisk is almost 10 times what Crypti is and this is a Fork of Crypti.  Crypti went nowhere. Crypti is kind of a project that sells although it’s up 70% today, I think it’s on the news of Lisk but it’s really a project.

Leon Fu: Go to Number 75. Go to number 75. It’s called …..

Tai Zen:   You see here,  it’s Crypti.

Leon Fu: No-no-no. It’s Crypti. Just search for Crypti ” CRYPTO” maybe move to sit, maybe change or not, then it can change.

Tai Zen: So number 79

Leon Fu: All right. I see. I don’t know why

Tai Zen: So basically what you’re saying is that right now according to coin market cap and according to the Lisk ICO. The crowd is valuing Crypti at 650- 1000 and it’s valuing the Lisk.

Leon Fu: Seven million, 6.8 million something like that.

Tai Zen: Almost 10 times.

Leon Fu: Even though it’s the same code base it’s same whatever reason they’re putting a lot of faith in Max right. And also Microsoft too. I mean, I don’t know what he or they did, but they’ve got to deal with Microsoft. Maybe he’s a better marketer.

Tai Zen: Well you know that our sales and marketing always wins over a better product.

Leon Fu: Maybe even the same product, in this case, the same product.

Tai Zen: You know that’s the thing that’s a lot of people in the crypto community just don’t understand. That’s good sales and marketing always beats a better product. You happen to have a good product with good sales and marketing that’s even better

Leon Fu: That’s right. That’s right.

Tai Zen: I know I know. I know you and I have argued about this for many years.

Leon Fu: I know I know I know what I’m what I’ve always said is marketing is, marketing alone is not enough. I mean you know you really need to. And it’s a mistake if you start putting money into sales and marketing before your product is ready.

Tai Zen: I believe it’s the other way around. And you know that’s where we, you know are both our minds put together have been you know successful with the investing here, you know because you know you believe that the product should come first and I believe that the marketing should come first.

Because here’s here’s a classic case right here. Here’s a classic case where you know it’s the same product. So we can’t say that one product is better than the other. It’s a clone of the original product. So and what was the difference. The difference is that it had better marketing

Leon Fu: And partnerships. I mean they got Microsoft.

Tai Zen: Which is better marketing.

Leon Fu: I guess you could say that. Because you’re not, you’re marketing to Microsoft.

Tai Zen: So you’re using Microsoft as a marketing tool that’s what I’ve always said that better marketing is the key. You know why did NXT fail or why they’re struggling. Because the way that the pre-mining that was marketed was not market as well because it was the first one everybody learned from it

Leon Fu: And now not only was the first one I think the other thing was people felt that it wasn’t fairly distributed. Because what Ethereum did if your most was pre-mind too. But before they did the presale they then they announce it to the world

Tai Zen: Then they let everybody knows that we got a good chance to participate

Leon Fu: They went that they went to all the conferences and pitched it. And so everybody in the community had a chance to buy into it. So that was kind of like there was no one in the community that can say that I never heard of Ethereum or.

Tai Zen: Exactly.

Leon Fu: Everybody knew about the crowd. So everybody had a chance to get in right.

Tai Zen: So like we’re not going to name names but you said that you know someone who put aside you know all Bitcoins for it and did not do it you know he or she cannot come back and say that hey it was a scam they didn’t know about it because they had put aside the Bitcoin for it for those the Ethereum cloud sale.

Leon Fu: So that’s right. That’s right. And they just didn’t do it. But they can’t say that  I didn’t know about it or you know you know like NXT, they only put posted it on the Bitcoin talk forums and like most people missed it. So I mean something only 79 people at no 79 people, at most 75 75 or something like that. So most people felt that wasn’t fair. But you know with Ethereum, they had I forgot how many but there were thousands of participants.

Tai Zen: There was no way that you could have called Ethereum a scam simply because everyone knew it. I mean you and I talked to the guys. So I mean.

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