Lisk for Investors #10 – Explanation Of Lisk DDOS Attack On Launch Day

What’s up, guys? I just want to give you a quick update before I run to a business meeting. I’m broadcasting from Atlanta. It’s one of the biggest cities in America. So here’s a quick update guy.

This morning I woke up and I contacted Max Kordek, the CEO of Lisk. In case you don’t know, he and I worked together. I’ve never met him in person but we did work online together with when we were part of the NXT community. We were trying to set up the NXT Foundation, then during that time he branched off and started his NXT organization, which did not work. Now he started his Lisk team with Oliver.

What I did ask him to do was see if he was available to give us an update on the DDoS attack on the Lisk website. However, he didn’t have time to do it. I guessed him, Oliver and the rest of the Lisk team had been up all night trying to get things straightened out with the launch of Lisk.

Then, he did text me back on the Skype chat to give an update of what happened. I will post that statement on my Twitter account. You can follow me on Twitter because I can give faster updates on what I know there. I’m kind of disappointed that this update I’m giving you now is like three hours behind from the time that I actually got the information.

So if you guys follow me on Twitter @heytaizen. You can get updates from me a lot quicker once I find out something. Anyways, the explanation that he shared with me is very technical, so I’ll post it on my Twitter account for you to see it.

For the people are non-technical, I’ll give you a quick explanation so that you know what happened to the launch of Lisk. The time Max and his team went to launch Lisk was 8:00 PM UTC time.

There were three major components of the launch that were needed for the users and investors like us. They are,, and           

So those were the three web addresses that you needed to… When you type in your Lisk account address, the Explorer can look at all the transactions on the Lisk blockchain. The was responsible for containing the downloads so that you can download it to your desktop computer or laptop, install the desktop version of the Lisk Wallet, then move your Liskcoins from your computer.

For the non-technical people that did not want to or did not know how to install the wallet, they provided another website login called, which you can go on and put your passphrase into the online wallet, and then be able to move your coins to the exchanges and do whatever you want with it.

What happened was a bunch of idiots out there trying to hack into the website by DDoSing it. There are only 3,908 investors in the Liskcoins, but there were 50,000 connections to the download portion, the explorer and the login portion of the website.

Because of that, Lisk got hit with terabytes of information and data and so it just clogged up the ability for all the investors to log in and move their coins to the exchanges and do what they want to do.

Hence, Max and his team had to focus on securing the network and getting on that stuff. Security overrides everything. That’s what they had to focus on first, then went back and made sure that people could download the wallet to the desktops or made any web-related actions.

While it was undergoing the DDOS attacks, people were not able to download the wallet software to their desktops and be able to move the coins themselves. The non-technical people could not access the login, the web wallet or the browser wallet to move coins around either. Therefore, everything came to a standstill and nobody was able to move that coins.

So that’s what happened for a non-technical explanation. If you want a more technical explanation, check out my Twitter account to see the text chat that Max sent to me on Skype and read it for yourself.

Now they had 5 Microsoft Azure servers that were running it and there is something called load balance. It means that if one of those connections got too much traffic, the Microsoft Azure network load balancing would divert it to the other ones so that people can visit the website without having any traffic or connection problems.

However, I’m sure that they expected a DDoS attack just like any new ICO coin. When Waves come out, there’s always going to be people that trying to do that. I’ll explain the reasons why in a bit, but let me finish the explanation about the setup that they had.

So they used a Microsoft Azure to balance out the traffic coming to their site, but the DDoS attacks were sending too much data and too many connections, which clogged the pipeline.

Another issue I want to address is that there’s a bunch of trolls and dumbasses out there trolling the Lisk community and the Internet by saying that Max and Oliver are purposely doing this so that they can front-run everyone.

Front-running means that they’re being accused of selling their Liskcoins before everyone else does. Hence, they’re blocking everybody so that they can’t access their coins while they unload theirs.

You guys know that I had a personal loyalty issue with Max when he left the NXT foundation, which I believed that he should have stuck with us, instead of going off and starting his own NXT organization.

However, I believe the fact that he’s accused of trying to front-run everyone is bullshit. It is not true whatsoever.

I mentioned that to Max. I told him that “Let me get your account address so that I could show all the investors that you and Oliver did not try to front-run everyone.”

He texted me back by saying check on the block. If you go to, you will see there’s a button at the top right where it shows the biggest stakeholders of the Lisk coins.

There are three accounts that show 4 million coins each. According to Max, two of those accounts belong to Max and Oliver. Therefore, you can see that they did not move any of their coins. Because if that had been true that they tried to front-run everyone, then you guys would have seen their coins had been moved.

But if you look on the block explorer, you can clearly see that none of their coins have been moved yet. So all 4 million of it are still there in their accounts. That’s the transparency available to us in the cryptocurrency world.

Now that is not to say that they don’t have their private accounts that no one knows about. Those are just the public accounts that everyone knows. However, it doesn’t mean that they could have gone under a different name or different email and went and bought some ICO coins themselves during the ICO offering.

Now I’m telling you so that you can see where Max and Oliver’s Lisk coins are at. However, I wanted to squash that completely because I think that’s just a bunch of bullshit. These guys have 4,000,000 Lisk each.

Now I want you to ask yourself this: If you have that much money involved in it and you are pretty much set for life so that you won’t have to worry about making money because this crowdfunding has financed you already, why in the world would you go out of your way to destroy your own network?

So I refuse to believe that these guys are purposely damaging their own network just to make a fast buck. They have enough money to fund their project for 5 years. They’re not in this for 20 minutes of glory or 20 minutes of getting rich quickly. They have enough funding to pay for very good developers and they can become the next big thing on the internet.

I don’t see any reasons why they would go out of their way to destroy and sabotage their own network. So I refuse to believe what they’re doing. By the way, I have not been paid by Max, the Lisk team or any of these guys to say this on video.

So I just want you guys to be aware of that. If I was working with him, involved with him or we were business partners, I would make it very transparent with you guys. I would not hide it.

I mentioned that we worked in the past when we were both in the NXT community but now he’s in that and I’m just focused on trading and investing. So I have no involvement with him because of our prior and work experience. That’s how I reached out to him.

There’s another issue I want to address that somebody created a node called link.grumlin or something like that. I do not recommend you should use any nodes or any access to your Liskcoins. The reason is I had a friend in Boston and he was sent a link to some unknown node that was set up so that investors can access Lisk coin. They said that they were doing this as a favor to the community.

I want to remind you that security is the most important thing in cryptocurrency. If you are not 100% sure that a website, a link or anything like that belongs to the Lisk community, don’t use it.

So there are such things as or the link. grumbling node, but it really doesn’t matter. None of these matter until someone has moved the coin and verify that is not a hack.

You guys have to be careful when using these websites that no one knows about and it’s not approved or has not been authenticated by the Lisk team or a security expert. Because they can post it… anyone can go up there and put a website up and note up and say that hey this is a backup right here to access your ICO coins.

What happens when you put your passphrase in there is that it steals your passphrase and all your coins. Therefore, do not use those links. If you cannot access your Lisk coins, just leave it alone until the dust settles. This is the risk that you take. We’re looking at making 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 20,000% profits. You cannot expect to make that kind of profit and not take on any kind of risk.

Be aware of that guys. I just wanted to give you guys that quick update. Again, check my Twitter account and you guys can get a full explanation of the statement that Max gave to me.

I got to run to this meeting. I will catch you guys later after I get a hold of my buddy LeonFu.Com. He’s in LA now and I’m in Atlanta so we’re in different time zones. I’m trying to wake him up two or three times already, but he’s not too happy with it.

Once I get an update from him after he looks at it, I’ll make another video to update you guys. Thanks for watching this video guys. I’ll catch you guys in future videos.


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