Life Changing Finance #8 – The Impact Of Woman On Your Money

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen. I’m going to let my Indian drivers say hello once because this guy wants to be in the video so freaking bad. I told him to go start his own Indian driving channel. Say Hello Bro.

Indian drivers: Hello guys. How are you? Welcome my followers.

Tai Zen: I want you to know that he is making a lot of effort to sound like an English speaker. Why don’t you just use your Indian accent?

Anyways, in this episode of life-changing finance, I want to share with you something that was a big game changer in my financial life. It has nothing to do with trading or making money. It has something to do with a woman.

I know it may seem like it’s kind of off topic from what I normally talk about, but you know that this channel is about making a life-changing amount of money through cryptocurrencies.

However, there was one piece of the puzzle that’s going to completely derail your efforts and throw you completely off if you never get your situation with women straight.

You noticed that in the past, I talked about looking at flipping ICO, using some of the art of war strategies such as knowing yourself, your others, the terrain and the environment in which you’re operating in.

In this new series, I’m going to talk about something that is extremely helpful in your journey to create a life-changing amount of finances and your life.

Before I get started, I want to share with you a little bit of my background of how I got into this situation with women, dating, and relationships.

When I was growing up, I had nobody to teach me how to interact with women. I remember throughout high school and junior high school and even in college, I never held any girls’ hands. I never hugged any girls. I never kissed any girls. I never did anything with women until I got out into the real world when my academic years were over.

Every time I saw an attractive girl, I had this anxiety and these butterflies in my stomach. My palms, my armpits, and my body would start sweating even though I’m not a sweaty person. There is a type of people like my Indian driver here. He can be out in Alaska and be sweat.

Indian drivers: but I don’t think that’s the difference because I use Right Guard – 48-hour protection

Tai Zen:That was not a sponsored ad by the way. That was just my Indian driver trying to get some attention. Go get your own channel, Bro.

Anyway, this was a huge struggle for me as I was growing up. It was a very contentious issue because every time I saw an attractive girl that I wanted to get to know or I wanted her to notice me while going out, it was very difficult. It was very annoying, frustrating, and very painful. No matter what I did on the outside. No matter how much success I had on the outside.

I used to teach art and I thought that I was one of the best art teachers in the world. I still think I do. I haven’t seen a better one yet. There is only one guy I admit he is the best art teacher. Bob Ross on TV. He’s the undisputed world’s best art teacher that taught more artists than anybody else.

Back to the topic, in real life, no matter how badass of the artist I was, it never mattered because every time I would like to paint these beautiful women on canvas, I was never able to actually interact or know what to do with them.

When I say I did not know how to interact with them, I mean that I did not know how to approach an attractive girl, how to open up a conversation with them, how to get them to like me, and how to make them want to have a romantic relationship with me.

I was always stuck in what’s called the friend zone. They would notice everybody except for me. I know it sounds very pathetic and it was. However, I feel validated now. Anyway, this was a very frustrating part of my life.

I remember one time when I was young, I saw this one Asian girl and I was so attracted to her. I thought she was the most beautiful thing ever. She just killed me that she just looked at me as a friend and looked at all the other guys that I thought were a bunch of idiots and knuckleheads. She liked them and never paid any attention to me.

This is not just a one-time occurrence. It happened all the time until the time that my finances started to change or at least I thought because of it. Nonetheless, it was actually because I had finally gotten my situation straight and learned the skills of how to interact with women that had finally changed my finances.

I moved to a city called Austin, Texas. This is the capital of one of the biggest states in America called Texas and it’s in the southern part of the United States.

When I got there, you know my other cryptocurrency investor friend, Eric. You’ve seen me and him discuss cryptocurrencies on the airplane on many occasions. The people around us are going crazy because we’re sitting there talking about Bitcoins for the whole flight.

Anyway, many of you do not know that Eric was actually the second best club promoter in the city of Austin for 3 or 4 years in a row. He actually got paid to go out onto the streets and pick up any women want and bring them into the clubs. He can go up, start a conversation with women, create attraction with them and then they will start falling for him. I’ve seen this happen over and over and over.

The reason why I say that he was the second best club promoter and a club promoter is a person going out into the streets and bringing beautiful and attractive women into the clubs to fill up the clubs. This will draw the attention of the guys so that they go in there and buy alcohol and stuff. That’s how the clubs make money. That’s how they do their advertising.

They don’t do it on TV or radio. They just pay club promoters to go out into the streets and pick up women. If you Google and search for 6th Street, Austin, Texas, you will see what the streets look like over there in the club district. It is packed with millions of people.

What happened was I grew up in a very small town. I did not see too many attractive girls. I lived in the east of Houston. I might’ve seen maybe 1,2 or 3 attractive girls in 1 year.

Therefore, when I moved to Austin, Texas, it’s one of the biggest college towns in America and it’s one of the most famous college towns. At one time, when I was living there, I saw on the Internet that it was listed as the 7th the best party city in America. It was listed as the southern part of Austin, Texas. It is recognized as the fastest-growing city in America.

I mean it’s amazing. I think it’s the second best city to live in America. It’s like the second silicon valley, but not to get too far off track about the city of Austin, Texas. Let’s get back to about the situation with women and dating.

When I came here, I did not know how to interact with women and I was desperately seeking a job and I ended up getting a job at the clubs as a bouncer. Then, I got fired after a couple of weeks for doing what I was supposed to do.

What happened was I was told by the club manager not to let anybody in if they’re under 18 years old. I had to check everyone’s driver’s license and ID before I can let them in. I had to make sure that they were over 21.

One of the black girls that came into the club. I did not let her in because she would not show me her ID. She tried to force her way in and I picked her up and put her back outside the club. She went and reported to the manager that I manhandled her. Basically, all I did was I put my arms out and held it out the door and would not let her come in.

I did not realize it that was one of the club managers friends. She thought she was entitled to come into the club without showing me her ID. I just started the job and as a bouncer, I needed to know her age before I let her in.

As a result, she got upset and she told the club manager that I mishandled her. Then, I got fired from that job after about a couple of weeks. That’s when I was very disappointed and frustrated, desperately needed to make some money.  Keep in mind that I was in my early thirties at this time.

After that, I ran across Eric and he got me a job as a bouncer at the club he was working at. On the first day of the job, the other club promoter for the club did not show up and I was told by the club manager to go out and bring hot girls into the club.

Keep in mind that I had no clue whatsoever how to approach women or anything. It just drove me nuts to be forced to go and talk to an attractive girl and even sort of commerce. I had no clue how to do it.

I can throw somebody out the club and mess somebody up if I needed to. I was not scared of fighting somebody or doing anything like that. However, I was scared to death to go and just walk up to a hot, attractive girl.

There were thousands of them on the streets in Austin, Texas. At that time, I had to learn the hard way and get rejected hundreds of times every night when trying to approach the girls. They thought that I was just creeping them out.

Thanks to Eric’s experience as the number one club promoter in Austin at that time, he started to kind of guide me along and show me the ropes of how not to be creepy, how to start a conversation with women.

Before I knew it, I started to have some successes with picking up women. I never thought in my life that I would be able to meet 8,9 or 10 girls, start conversations with them, get them to like me enough to listen to me, follow me into the clubs and party like a rockstar.

I did that job for around more than 3 years. During that time, Eric and I picked up thousands of women. It could be up to over 25,000 women during that three year period.

I was working pretty much 7 days a week to save up money to build up my stock trading account at that time. I wanted just to work every shift that I could get. There will be times where I worked at two different clubs at the same time even though club owners did not know that I was working at two different clubs and different parts of town.

Towards the end of my club years, I ended up working at the pretty much one of the most prestigious gentleman club or a strip club in the city of Austin, Texas for over a year.

When I say that, I had picked up 25,000 women and brought them into the clubs. I also worked at a strip club where there were at least 70 to 80 naked girls working there every night.

Just imagine living in a small town where you don’t see too many attractive girls, and then all of a sudden, you’re working on a job where every night we (I and other bouncers) were the only ones allowed to go into the women’s dressing room.

When you go in there, there’s literally around 70 naked hot bodies. If they had an issue in there with one of the girls getting drunk or causing a problem, I or other bouncers would have to go in there and remove the girl from the club.

Now I’m sharing this with you not to brag or to impress you about the girls or the that I’ve brought into my life or anything like that. That’s not the purpose of this video.

The purpose of this video is I want to share with you guys some of the things that I discovered when I was working and interacting with these 25,000 women.

Keep in mind the lessons how I learned about how to interact with women and dating game actually did not come from the 25,000 plus girls that I had picked up in the club district. It actually came from the over 75,000 girls that I got rejected by working in the district.

The reason why I learned from them, not from the successful ones is that what we learned is not from when we make money, but it’s from when we lose money.

We don’t learn the social skills that we need in life from the people that want to become friends with us, but usually from the people that reject us and do not want to become friends with us.

It is the same thing with women. Most of the lessons I learned about women did not come from the women that chose to follow me and come with me into the clubs. It came from the women that said “Fuck off. Get away from me”.

One thing that I did learn when I was working in the club districts is that no matter how financially successful you are in life if you don’t know how to handle the situation with women, it will drive you nuts. You will always feel insecure, lack of confidence and you never feel like a complete man in your life. If you are controlled by women or your life revolves around women, it just really annoying and frustrating.

I was grateful that I was put in a situation that I had lots of practice on how to meet, attract, date and have relationships with women. In the next few videos, I want to share with you some mistakes that I made and some of the lessons I learned so that you can benefit from it.

I’ll share with you guys some of the powerful lessons that I learned before I end this video.

The first lesson that I want to share with you about women and dating is what I call to get you out of the friend zone. Don’t get stuck in the friend zone. That’s like the most dangerous thing that.

When you meet them, you have to convey to them immediately that you are there for a romantic and sexual relationship. You are not there to be your friend.

I will consolidate everything that Eric and I learned from the Club district by asking him to come on and make some videos about it so that you can learn from him as well.

He used to be the number one club promoter in the city of Austin. Therefore, After he started showing me how to do it, I just became relentless and so happy with what I learned. Eventually, I became the number one club promoter down there.

Now keep this in mind. Whenever I was down there and I said I picked up 25,000 women, that did not mean that I slept with 25,000 women. That means I actually met them, get their attention, get them to like me enough to where they wanted to come with me to the clubs.

Obviously, some of those lead to dates and other things. I won’t get into details about that because that’s personal. I will go into the mistakes that I made and the lessons I learned from it, just like I do with the cryptocurrencies.

The first one guys are that you have to communicate immediately. The minute that you meet a woman that you like, you have to convey immediately through the verbal and nonverbal communication that you are there to have a romantic relationship with her. You’re not there to be her friend and her BFF, which means best friends for life.

The biggest mistakes I made when I first met an attractive girl I liked was that I conveyed I wanted to be her friend because when I grew up, my parents, my school, my family, everybody around me would always tell me that.

Don’t talk to the girl as if you want to be their friends and try to be polite to them. That’s like the worst mistake you can possibly do when you meet an attractive girl for the first time.

You should talk to the girls as if you’re talking to your own friends and buddies. You will not meet a guy and out of nowhere tell him that he’s handsome or things like that. It would be retarded and very awkward.

Do not show that you want to be their friend. Always push them away, do takeaways. Maybe I’ll explain that in the different videos in the future.

Pretty much the things that you see hot girls do are the way you have to convey verbally and nonverbally to the girl.

That’s like one of the biggest things that will set the tone, the environment and the pace of where you and that girl will go.

For example, you were in college and there is a girl who wants to ask you to go study with her or something. If you do that, you’re conveying that you just want to be her friend.

(buying chicken scene)

Normally when I was young, if a girl told me I had a nice shirt I’ll be so excited. However, nowadays, if I was single and a girl said that to me, I would tell her that I’m not a piece of meat. I do have personality too.

Something that would take away the fact that she complimented on me and I’m going to assume that she was trying to hit on me. That’s a little more advanced guys and I’ll share that with you in a separate video on just techniques alone.

To sum up, the principle is being open, authentic and not trying to hide the fact that you are trying to be with this attractive girl for romantic reasons. A real man is not afraid of conveying that message to the girl.

I just want to share this video with you. I don’t know how this will turn out if you will like it or not, but give me a thumbs up and leave it in the comments if you want me to share with you more about the experiences that I had when I was young in a coming up and interacting with women.

If you guys don’t, then I’ll stop making them. If you want Eric’s insights and some of the lessons that he learned and some of the mistakes that he made, let me know and I’ll let him know also.

Thanks for watching this video.

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