Life Changing Finance #7 – Know Your Terrain & Environment

What’s up, guys? This is Tai Zen again.

In this video, I want to share it with you the third part of Sun Tzu lessons from the famous military classic on a strategy called the Art of War. In that book, there were 3 lessons I learned and haven’t forgotten, so I want to share with you about that.

The first one knew yourself. The second one knew your opponent or your enemy or the people you’re dealing with. The third one is to know your terrain and environment in which you’re working on so that you can win every battle.

When General Sun Tzu talked about winning the battles, he mentioned the environment you in, the goal that you are trying to achieve or different strategies, military confrontations and battles.

However, in this video, I want to talk about how you can use the things that he taught in his book, the Art of War, and use it to create a life-changing amount of finance in your life.

When I talk about a life-changing amount of finance, if you watch my previous episodes, I’m not talking about making a 5%, 10% or 20% increase in your salary or your income. I’m talking about creating a life-changing amount of finance which can possibly keep you from going to work for the next 10, 20, 50 years. That’s what I consider a life-changing amount of finance.

For example, we now have Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Etherium, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, and Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. These guys never have to work again for the rest of their life because they were able to create something that was a life-changing amount of finance for themselves.

You don’t have to make millions of dollars or even billions of dollars to create a life-changing amount of finance, but you do have to make enough money that will sustain you for the next 10, 20, 50, 100 years. If you make money just enough to live for another 2 or 3 months, it is not really what I consider as life changing-amounts of finance. It has to be about 10, 20 years or better.

Therefore, in this the third part of this series on knowing yourself, knowing your opponent, I’m going to talk about the last part, which is knowing your terrain and the environment in which you deal.

This is important because if you don’t know the terrain or the environment which you deal in, it can be very challenging and hinder your growth and your ability to make money.

For example, let’s take the case when you work for someone. It’s important to know the office politics or the corporate politics of a place.

I used to work at a place one time where I did not realize that the manager and the chief operating officer of the company were best friends. I would always give him a hard time and the manager was screwing us around. When I met the COO of the company, I was bringing it up to him how this guy was screwing people around. I didn’t realize that was his best friend.

Therefore, you always have to be careful about the environment in which you work. If you don’t realize that, it can be dangerous.

When I was teaching art at this place, there was an instructor teaching next door. I think it was an English class or a math class. I didn’t realize there is one student that was getting extra help after a class every day. When I went over to see how the classes were going, the instructor was very evasive and didn’t want to talk to me.

This is when I was young. I was in my early 20, so I didn’t understand the environment I was operating in.

Every time I try to get things done, there were always like roadblocks. I didn’t realize that until many years later, which is what I was trying to accomplish is interfered with the instructors time to spend with the student who has a relationship with him. Because of that, we had a lot of problems because I didn’t understand the environment.

At the same time, I worked at this warehouse. There is one of the clerks at the warehouse was having a relationship with another coworker. In this particular incident, I was fully aware that it was happening. I knew the company I was working at had a strict policy that you could not be dating each other if you were working there.

One time, I came into the warehouse and I was one of a few people having access to this particular section of the warehouse. When I went in there, I caught these two co-workers having a relationship in a spot that they thought no one would access. The reason I went there is to bring stuff back.

This time, I understood the environment which I was in. I knew that if I tattletale on them, I would create a lot of friction with these two co-workers.

We were not friends or anything, but I happened to catch them while walking in. I didn’t want them to get fired either. I mean we were not friends and enemies either. We just worked at the same place. I knew who they knew me.

In my opinion, there was no point in reporting them to the managers, which will make them lose their jobs and jeopardize their relationship. People meet each other and they fall in love with each other. That’s not for me to say whether or not they should be in love with each other at work or not.

What I did was I put the boxes on the shelves like I was supposed to and then I just walked out of there. I never bothered to say anything to them. I never asked them what they were doing in there. I mean it was very obvious what they were doing there because I walked in on them. I caught them completely off guard.

Many many months later, there was a position where it was available to be promoted and I was one of the candidates. They actually put in the word for me and told the managers and advisers I was somebody that could be trusted to take that position.

I know that they put in input simply because I didn’t say anything about what they did. Because of that, it paid off many months later.

Therefore, knowing the environment that you’re in makes a huge difference.

I have another example where I worked at a place, in which one of the sales guys did not like the sales manager. He did not believe that the sales manager knew how to sell. Plus, he didn’t like the idea that the sales manager was one of the lousy sales guys on the team. All the guys that knew how to sell hated his ass, because they did not believe in having a lousy sales guy as their leader.

For that reason, my friend always talked shit talked in a condescending manner to this sales manager that he believes should not have been a sales manager. He didn’t know that the incompetent sales manager was actually friends with the C-level executives. Because of that, my friend ended up getting fired.

Again, the story shows that it’s always important to know the terrain and the environment in which you’re working.

I have another example when I first got into the cryptocurrency world. At that time, I did not realize that there was a lot of trolling going on in the forums and on the YouTube channels. In the beginning, I was new to blogging and making videos about cryptocurrencies and stuff. I was blogging and there would be people that I thought were hating on me which I’ve come to find out they were just trolling just for fun.

Since I knew that type of trolling on Youtube through times, I now can handle the trolls and know how to defend against them without wasting my time.

Those are just some of the examples I want to share with you.

Another example of knowing the terrain the environment is this. When I got into trading stocks and trading currency, everybody knows that I was doing that well for many years without any problems.

However, when I got into the cryptocurrency trading and investing, it was a whole new environment for me. I was not used to trading something or investing in something that had low liquidity. I was not used to trading something that had 8 decimal places. There are gaps all over the charts and I thought it was a bad thing.

Eventually, I come to find out that that’s normal in cryptocurrency trading. The intraday gaps are normal because when I trade stocks, the gaps only happen at the beginning of the day. In the cryptocurrency world, it’s a true 24-hour market. You can trade at 24 hours a day. There was no downtime or whatsoever.

Even though people usually say that in the currency market or futures market, you have 24-hour trading, it’s actually not true because they have to stop their trading at some points on the day. The reason is they need to settle all the traders’ transactions before the market continues. That period is very short, but they actually still have to stop the trading.

However, in cryptocurrency trading, there is no settlement period because everything gets settled right away. Because of that, I had to readapt my trading methodologies and learned how to trade in an environment that is truly a 24-hour market.

Besides, there was also a new feature for me in cryptocurrency trading. In the traditional trading world of stocks, currencies, futures, and commodities, they have a background check. You have to have a certain minimum account balance. You have to have about $30,000 or more to effectively day trade stocks. They say $25,000 is the limit the minimum, but you need way more than that in the currencies and futures market as leverage.

When you short currencies, futures or stocks in a leveraged market, the results are a lot different than shorting in the cryptocurrency world, where you borrow the inventory to short it. That’s why you don’t hear me talking a lot about shorting in the cryptocurrencies because it’s not as beneficial as in the other markets and the leverage is not there.

Those are some examples of Sun Tzu lessons on knowing the terrain and knowing the environment to help you create a life-changing amount of finance.

If you guys like these types of videos, give me a thumbs up. If you don’t, give me a thumbs down and I’ll stop making them. If you want to make other suggestions for future videos, leave it in the comments section.

If you have any friends, colleagues, co-workers, family members or friends that want to learn how to create a life-changing amount of finance, especially in the cryptocurrency world, make sure that you share my channel with them.

I look forward to seeing you in a feature video.


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