Life Changing Finance #3 – Surround Yourself With Eagles & NOT Turkeys!

Right now I’m broadcasting from Los Angeles. I’m near LAX airport guys. And I just want to make this quick video while I am waiting for my friend to pick me up here.

In this episode of life-changing finances, I will share with you guys something that made a huge massive difference in the income that I had. So for the longest time when I grew up, I grew up in the projects and in the ghettos east of Houston and I never had any friends that made any money. I grew up in the ghetto and we were hustling drugs and all kinds of stupid shit you know that always got in trouble, got us to put in jail and things like that.

But it never made us any money and we and I were always doing things that I was never happy about. I was not doing anything that contributed to anybody’s life and I never did anything that I was proud of that I can share with people that I can get on the camera and broadcast it to the world that I was doing to help other people and I hated that

And I didn’t know what else to do because I didn’t know anybody else in my neighborhood that made the kind of money that I would like to follow in and copy. So when I met the first black millionaire that I ever met, he was the first millionaire ever met and is black dude some it was a business guy from Brooklyn. And he happened to be doing business in Texas and I ran across him at that time.

And one of the things that he shared with me that day very much changed my life was that he told me that because I was asking him what I can do to make money, he said I did not need to learn how to make money at that point in my life because I was only about 17-18 years old at that time. And he said that what I needed to do was that I was just a late teenager at that time.

And he said that what I needed to do was I need to remove myself from the ghetto and the projects in the poor neighborhoods that I was living in and moved to a neighborhood where there are people that are wealthy that can show me how to make money. And he said that if I put myself in a position where I’m surrounded by people that know how to make money then more than likely you know I’m not stupid I’ll be able to figure out what it is that they’re doing and trying to emulate it.

And so it took me about 5 years to apply what he said the reason why was because I did not want to leave my friends in the ghetto and in the projects because I felt like I was you know we always made a commitment to each other that once we learn how to make money and become wealthy and stuff that we would not leave the other, our friends behind, you know, kind of like in what good will hunting did in the movie Good Will Hunting, you know, how the one guy did not want to leave his friend behind.

So that’s how I felt. I felt like I was going to be selling out my friends and my family and my classmates and everything. If I just got up and left and the reality was the friends and the family and the people around me they did not want to do better for themselves. If they did they would get up off their ass and go somewhere else where they have an opportunity. So it took me several years to finally be able to make that decision to move out of the projects in the ghettos, the poor neighborhoods and moved to a city called Austin Texas. And the city of Austin Texas is a wealthy city.

It has a lot of innovative people. It has a lot of progressive people. It has a lot of people that want to make money and they have a lot of people that even if they don’t want to make money they will encourage you to make money. And they won’t go out of their way to stop you or say negative stupid shit to put negative crap in your head that prevents you from going to make money.

So when that black millionaire always told me that if I wanted to soar like an eagle I can not be hanging around a bunch of turkeys and that was something he always said over and over every time he saw me and I would ask him how to make money. He would always tell me that you cannot soar like an eagle type if you keep hanging around a bunch of turkeys.

So moving to the city of Austin Texas was a huge step for me because it was the first time that I was surrounded by eagles. It was the first time that I went to some stock trading seminars and classes and schools and it was the first time that I was surrounded by people that were making a lot of money, way more money than I could ever imagine at that time.

And so it made a huge difference in my life and just surrounding myself with people that made $50,000 a year automatically brought me up to $50,000 a year. When I saw surround myself with people I made $100,000-200,000 a year then it’s hard to bring me up to that level.

At this moment, the reason why I’m in Los Angeles right now is that I had an opportunity to get to work with some of the original Shark Tank guys. Now I don’t watch too much TV but I know that TV show Shark Tank it has some really really savvy business guys in there and I want to succeed with my online business

So because of that, I decided to make a commitment to go and invest money into learning from these guys. That have built you know multi-multi gazillion-dollar businesses already and not only that but you know, they know how to mentor other people to build successful businesses.

So that’s why I’m here in Los Angeles right now guys and I wanted to share that with you guys that it’s important that if you want to take yourself to the next financial level and step it up financially, you really got to be able to surround yourself with the people that are capable that have done it before and are capable of helping you take yourself to that level.

I’m grateful you know. I wanted to make this quick and short video with you guys because I’m grateful for the people that I have run into in my life. I’m so grateful and I always remind myself that I’m grateful that I was, you know, a poor bastard growing up in the projects where all my friends and family were all broke ass you know.

And I was able to come up to this point my life where I’m able to meet the right people that’s helped me and you know I have great friends like and great friends like Eric and stuff and I have other friends behind the scenes to that you guys they just don’t want to be public on camera.

So you guys don’t see too much of them. Hopefully, one of these days I can drag their ass in front of the camera so you guys can meet them and you guys can learn from them too. But in the meantime, they just feel more comfortable just being on the sidelines and helping me succeed with this channel and everything.

But I want to wrap this video up guys and just remind you guys that one of the things I learned from rich learning from reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad which was the most I would have to say was the most influential book I’ve ever read my life by Robert Kiyosaki

In either that book, I always quote books, wrong guys. I read a ton of books so I always called them wrong. It’s hard for me to remember which one’s which and I really don’t care who said it, I just care about the lesson I learned it was either one of Tony Robbins books or one of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books. He said that you become the average of the five people that you surround yourself with.

And I strongly believe that because when I was in the ghetto and in the projects, all my friends were broke-ass none of them made more than five-ten thousand dollars a year. And because of that, I was only making five ten thousand dollars a year. But now that surrounded me with people with a higher income. I have managed to also create a higher income for myself and my family.

And now purposely taking money out of my own pocket and investing it, some people would say that you know I’m spending money but I don’t look at the hotel tickets, the hotel fees and airline tickets that it takes me to get from Dallas out here to Los Angeles for several days to be in the presence and to train and learn from somebody that made multi hundreds of millions of dollars in their lives and to take the time out.

I mean think about the kind of money these guys are making. And for them to take 3 or 4 or 5 or even several days to spend 3 days to show me how to build a successful business you know so that I don’t make the mistakes that they’ve made to me that’s worth millions of dollars.

So for me to spend a few thousand bucks to come out here and learn this to me it’s really not a big deal guys that’s to me like that’s like making a what my business mentor teaches me. He says that you know always look for the small hinges that swing big doors and for me the small investment that I put in to come out here.

I consider it small for me in the U.S guys but I know for some people you know several thousands of dollars may be a lot of money in other countries but it’s relative guys for me to spend to invest that kind of money into better myself so that I can make a life-changing amount of money or finances in my life for me it’s totally worth it.

As we go along during this training and the things I learned from him from the guys. I think his name is I don’t watch TV guys but I know his name is Kevin Harrington and he’s one of the original Shark Tank guys. So I get an opportunity to learn from him today in Los Angeles and then also I’ll also be training with you guys may know Forbes Riley. She’s like one of the best pitch women on television. She has sold over like a billion dollars with of products online already on TV. So when you come when people do things like that where it amounts to the billions of dollars I want to learn from them.

So I want to share with you guys along my journey here. So you guys can also learn from it because I know that some of you guys are watching this you may not be able to come to Los Angeles or you may not be at a position in your life right now to where you will be able to invest in some training like this.

So thanks for watching this video guys. And I’ll try to get this thing uploaded as I’m going along and that way you guys leave any questions or comments and the suggestions or I mean how many questions that you want me to ask Forbes Riley or Kevin Harrington just let me know and I’ll ask them. I’m grateful to have them as my business coaches guys and I look forward to training with them. I’ll look forward to sharing with you guys what I’ve learned so they can help make a life-changing amount of money in your life too.

So thanks for watching this video guys. If you like it, give me a thumbs up guys.Don’t like it, give me a thumbs down and I’ll look forward to talking to you soon guys in the next video.


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