Life Changing Finance #2 – How Much Money Should You Invest Into Cryptocurrencies?

Alright, this is Tai Zen, I’m traveling from Florida back to Texas. I got my buddy, the doctor here with me. Anyways, if you watched my first video of this new series, I’m starting called life-changing finances.

I hope that you have time to watch that video and understand how to come up with your monthly expense number. Like I said, my monthly expenses $5000 a month in US dollars. So now in this video, I want to talk about how to determine how much risk you should take in the Cryptocurrency market.

You might want to pull out a calculator because I’m gonna go over these numbers with you, I’m gonna need you to pull out a calculator so that you can go over these numbers with me. I got my trusty $5 calculator right here, it might have been $10 but let’s just say $10 calculator. This is the best tool that you will ever use to become wealthy and to make life-changing amounts of money in your life.

So pause for a moment, go grab a calculator or unlock your phone and pull up the calculator app and follow along with me because I want you to type these numbers out, I’m gonna go through it slowly one at a time. If you feel that I’m going too slow then make sure that you click on the right bottom, the gear, the settings and speed up this video on YouTube and watch it at 1.5 times the speed.

I don’t recommend you do that the first time you watch this because I’m gonna go over some numbers with you that you need to be aware of when you are investing into Cryptocurrencies, that’s very important. If you go too fast, you might not understand it, you might not understand the concepts behind it. Understanding the concepts is much more important than crunching the numbers because the calculator can do it for you.

So I have noticed that based on our Cryptocurrency investments in the blunders, in the bonehead moves that and I have made, we have made some stupid mistakes and I’m going to show you how to correct those mistakes and how to avoid them so you don’t lose money as we did, we will try to figure all this stuff out. The first thing that you need to do is figure out what your monthly expenses, so mine is 5,000. The second number that you need is how much money do I need to be set for life.

I don’t need to be set for life, I just need 10 years where I never have to worry about paying the bills again and after that I can make enough money, I’m gonna build me a business, I’m gonna do enough trading and do enough Cryptocurrency investing to where I’m gonna make several millions of dollars and make a life-changing amount of money to work and just retire permanently within that 10-year period.

So the number that I need to sustain myself for that 10-year period so that I’m not stressed out about the bills or even have to even think one else, I thought about $600,000. Why? Because $5,000 a month times 12 months in the year is $60,000 and I need a 10-year period. So $600000 a year times 10 years, that is $600,000.

So pause this video if you haven’t done already and figure out the amount of money you need each month, each year and how many years do you need to build it. If you decide that I need enough money to live 50 years, and I have to ever worry about working again, that’s fine, too. I really don’t need to go out that far, I just need a 10-year stretch.

So go ahead and pause the video and come up with those numbers and come right back. Alright, now that you are back, I’m going to show you how to figure this out. For example, I need $600,000 for a 10-year stretch, I’m gonna take that $600,000 and I’m gonna divide it by 10.

So go ahead and see the amount of money that you need to either retire or to give you enough time to build your own business, take that and divide it by 10. This 10 is not 10 years, this 10 is a 10 times return. In the world of Cryptocurrency, when you make a 100% return, it’s called 100% profit or a 1X return, because it’s 1 time your money.

If you make a 200% return, then it’s called a 2X. If you make a 500% profit, it’s called 5X. So when you hear me say make 5, that means I just made a 500% profit.

If I tell you that I made a 10, then that means that I just made a 1000% profit. So if you noticed, I just took that $600,000 and I divided by 10 and what I get is a $60,000. That divisible, that number 10 stands for 10X.

That means that if I have $60,000 tonight invest in the Cryptocurrencies, I can expect a 10X return. The reason why I use the 10X is based on the Cryptocurrency investments and the blunders and the screw-ups that I and have done.

We have noticed that most of the good Cryptocurrencies that we invest in, we usually get a 10X return on it. So I’m gonna use that number, a lot of them go up to 20X, even 30X and 50X, but we are going to use the conservative number of 10X, that’s how I got this 10. So $600,000 divided by 10 equals $60,000.

This means that if I have $60,000 right now that I invested into a Cryptocurrency, what’s going to happen is that within one Cryptocurrency investment, I can make enough money to retire for the next 10 years. The problem is I don’t have $60,000 to put into the market so I need to take this and divide it by 10 again.

So take this number, if you don’t have enough money to invest in the markets to get a 10X return, then take the current number you have and divide it by 10 again. So we’re gonna take this $60,000 divided by 10 and now I get the number $6,000. I would have to invest $6,000 into the Cryptocurrency market, into an ICO that will make a 10X return.

That will yield me a $60,000 profit and then I take that $60,000, put it back into another ICO, hope to get a 10X return on that and then I will have a $600,000 I need. Now since I had to do it twice, that’s called a double flip or I have to flip my money twice or I have to gain 2 massive amounts of profit right before I can retire for 10 years.

Now the problem is if I don’t have $6,000 that I need to take this $6,000 and divided by 10 again, so I take 6000 divided by 10 and I will get $600, $600 right there is the amount that I need to get started invest into Cryptocurrencies. Now if I invest $600 into Cryptocurrencies, let’s say that I put that $600 into Ethereum and I made a 10X return from it which was very easy because Ethereum went up to like 50X.

If you would have invested $600 into Ethereum alone back in the summer of 2014, 20 months later you would have flipped your money at least twice. In other words, you didn’t even have to go, find a second ICO or a second Cryptocurrency to invest in, because Ethereum alone would have gotten you to $6,000 and then from there possibly to $60,000 if you have all your Ethers.

Take out all the profits more than likely you have gotten close to $60,000. So 6000 times 10, 6000 times 10 would become, so you flip your money twice with just one ICO or at least almost twice then you would take that money and invest into another ICO and hope that it gets 10X return again and boom, you can retire. So this is the number that you need.

Now if I start with $600 like I just showed you, that $600 needs to flip into $6,000, that’s one flip. That $6,000 needs to flip into $60,000, that’s a second flip. And that’s $60,000 needs to flip him 10 times again, to a 10X return and then that will get me the $600,000 I need.

So we’re starting out with $600, I need to flip that money 3 times before I have enough money to retire for 10 years. So the reason why it’s important for you to know this is so now you know how much to invest and what is your timeline to invest so maybe you have, let’s just say that you have $20,000.

Once you know what your initial investment needs to be to hit your retirement target, to hit that target of your life-changing amount of money or your retirement money, the next thing that you need to know is how many ICO investments or how many Cryptocurrency investments do you have to make in order to hit that 10X return. So based on my Cryptocurrency investment log, because I log in all the Cryptocurrencies I invest in so I can keep track of what goes on.

All the Cryptocurrencies that I have invested in, every last one of them, 100% of them have all given me at least a 1X return. I cannot remember a Cryptocurrency that I invested in that did not give me at least a 1 return. However, I lost money on them.

I want you to be aware that me and, I don’t remember any Cryptocurrency that we invested in that did not make a 1X return, that means that we made a 100% profit almost on every Cryptocurrency that we made. However, we lost money on it. Every Cryptocurrency that and I invested in, it all went up 100% profit.

However, we lost money on it, on most of them. So how is that possible? How is it possible that as soon as we get into the Cryptocurrency, it went up 100% or more and we lost money on it? The reason why this happened was because it was so new to us, we had never had any experience investing Cryptocurrencies and we were used to investing into the stock market, the traditional stock market, the commodities market, the Forex market that when we got into the Cryptocurrency market, the price would shoot up 100% in our favor and we didn’t know what to do.

There were times when it went up 5, 6, 7, 800%, I’m paying favor and we had no plan to take profits at 5, 6, 7, 800% profit because it was so crazy during 2012 and 2013 that everything just went bonkers and went crazy. During the run-up from when Bitcoin random from $60 to $1,200 at Mt. Gox, we had no plan and no clue and no strategy to take profits.

So a lot of the Cryptocurrencies that went up in our favor, we lost, we ended up losing money on it even though they went up 100%, 200%, 500%, 1000%, it didn’t matter, we lost money on the Cryptocurrency. So I want you to be aware of that and not let that happen to you again. Don’t let it happen to you if you’re new to Cryptocurrency investing.

So by knowing how much this is, we noticed that there is a pattern based on our records in the logs that we kept because if you don’t record what you do, it’s very hard to analyze the data. Based on the data that I have, I notice that for every 5 Cryptocurrencies that we invest in, we would make a good call on 1 or 2 of them that would shoot up in profits 5X, 10X easily, easily 10X.

So basically, you are going to make the mistake at least, I would say to be conservative just to be safe, you are gonna choose and select about 5. Just plan for the fact that you will probably select 5 different Cryptocurrencies and only 1 of them is gonna hit big.

When I say hit big, I mean to make my 10X we turn on it. The rest of them more than likely will just break even or lose money. And how much will you lose? Well, you can lose all of it.

So if you just didn’t picture this, if I had to start with my number, if I had to start today and I started with $600 investment, I’m gonna need enough money to take 5 shots at the market. So I need $600 shot, 1/3 $600 shot, 1/4 $600 shot and 1/5 $600 shot.

The reason why I need that is because I need to take multiple shots and take multiple attempts and different Cryptocurrencies because I don’t know, nobody knows which one is going to succeed. So because of that, if you clear ahead of time to have 5 bullets or 5 attempts or 5 opportunities that give you a better chance to makes money, so let’s just say that you make 5 attempts and you buy 5 different to currencies and 4 of them lost your money, that would be a total of $600.

Using my numbers as an example, you would lose $600, each one of them, that’s a total of minus $2,400 losses. But then that fifth cooked-up currency will hit it big and it will usually hit a minimum of 10X which means that the worst-case scenario that you have is that fifth investment will make you risk $600 on it and it’ll take you 10 times which is 600 times 10 which is $6,000.

So that means $6,000, you deduct with the $2,400, that still leaves you about $3,600 in profit. So I’m just making up some numbers here so that you can understand and follow along, that’s what the minimum is. Anyways, back to what I was saying.

If you have $600,000 and you need to start at $600. If you make that 20X return on that at $600, that automatic put you at $12,000 right there. If you start with $12,000, that means that if you want to make that $600,000 like I do, then you got to flip that at least 2 more times before you get to the $600,000 mark.

Right now, that’s our goal, that’s my goal and goal is to make those flips and our money in Cryptocurrency investing to where we can retire for the next 10 years or so. I think Leon has a site set for like 20 years, but mine is like 10 years, that’s all I need.

So I hope you take the time to go over these numbers because if you go to them and you understand them, you will see once you have a target in your mind, then it’s very easy for you to make a decision on how much money to invest into the market.

Now I’ve had people ask me and said hey I have $20,000, how much of that $20,000 should I invest into the Cryptocurrency market? Anyways, it’s important that you know how much it is that you need to make or want to make, that way you know exactly what to shoot for.

When you hand a number in your head, it’s a lot easier to have a target in your head because if you don’t have a target to shoot for, that is extremely difficult to succeed and make the life-changing amount of money that you need in Cryptocurrencies. What I was saying, I forgot to finish my thought here on the $20,000.

People always ask me if I have $10,000 or $20,000, how much of that should I invest in the Cryptocurrencies? If you’re new to Cryptocurrency investing, my suggestion is this or what you might want to consider is be aware that you have to make about 5 or 6 investments before you hit a big one. You might get lucky and minor hit from the very beginning.

Like the doctor, he was lucky, he knew me and because he was a good friend of mine, I was the one who told him and he trusted me because he knows that I’m a good trader and an active trader. He knows that I know what I’m doing so when I told him to go put this much money into this and boom, he hit it big on the Cryptocurrencies, in the Ethereum from his very first shot. So now that gives them enough money to invest and other Cryptocurrencies.

But if you don’t have a good friend like myself or, the next best thing to have is to follow our channel and subscribe to our channel and follow along with us as we’re making our investments, we’ll share it with you also. To do this, to take that $10,000 you have or that’s $20,000 you have and break it up into small pieces where you invest, maybe $500 or $1,000 into each of these different Cryptocurrencies.

If I had to start all over again and I had $20,000 to work with or $10,000 to work with, if I had $10,000, I would put $1,000 into different ICOs that I saw that had good real-world potential, it solves a real-world solution.

For example with Augur, I would have invested to that if I had known about the ICO because I know how big gambling is on the Internet, even though I don’t care about the gamble, I don’t know anything about gambling, I don’t care, I don’t like gambling. But I know that they’re a lot of people out in the world that’d like to do that, so I would invest in it. That would have given me a 10X we turn right off the bat right there.

So I just want to share this video with. I hope that the amounts that I talked about and the numbers I talked about help answer the question how much money you should invest into the Cryptocurrency market and when to expect to take profits and how much to expect to make from your investments.

So thanks for watching this video. If you have any more questions or suggestions on how to make life-changing amounts of money and Cryptocurrency investing, please leave it in the comment section below.

If you have any friends or family that are interested, that want to make a life-changing amount of money in Cryptocurrencies, make sure that you tell them about my channel so they can subscribe to our channel and they’ll get any more information from me and from my buddy, Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the future video.

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