Life Changing Finance #14 – Importance Of Showing Gratitude To Eric Gerber

Tai Zen: What’s up guys? This is Tai Zen again, I’m broadcasting from Miami, Florida. It’s one of the States in the South-Eastern part of the United States. And I’m here with my good friend Eric. Say hello Eric.

Eric: Hello guys.

Tai Zen: And I got my other good friend from Atlanta, Mike right here. Guys, I want to make this video to share with you a little quick lesson about gratitude.

So one of the things that I’ve always believed in is that financial success does not come from doing things yourself.  The idea of a self-made millionaire, that’s a bunch of bullshit. And I wish that someone would have told me that when I was younger.

I realize that you have to have a team of people around you to become financially successful. It’s not something that you do by yourself.

And so we were here for the Bitcoin conference in Miami and across nearby, the conference center is this store this jewelry store called Kirk Jewelers. You guys can search for that on Google Maps. We just search in Miami.

Mike: In Miami.

Tai Zen: And we came in here and just by out of sheer coincidence, luck, I don’t know what you’d call it, but Mike came in and he’s got this weird deep voice that he always has, and one of the Rolex reps here.

So this is an authorized Rolex dealership. And what are the Rolex reps here name?

Mike: Jeff.

Tai Zen: Jeff Newbauer, I want to send a shout out to Jeff Newbauer. He’s the vice president here of Kirk Jewelers. And you recognize the goofy deep voice that Mike has here.

Mike: He means manly deep voice.

Tai Zen: Okay. Manly deep voice. And what they realize that it was one of his friends, associates, a colleague

Mike: 10 years ago.

Tai Zen: Okay. So I’ve been looking for the longest time. Many of you guys don’t know this. But in 2006 I have gone through lots of trouble, my life screwed up a lot. I am a professional troublemaker.

So I grew up in the ghettos from the projects and I got in so much trouble. I’ve been locked up for drugs. I’ve been locked up for guns. I’ve been locked up for driving without a license. I’ve been locked up for driving without insurance. I’ve been locked up from beating up people, all kinds of stuff.

But it wasn’t until I turned my life around that I started having financial success. Cause when you live in the ghetto and the projects, desperate times call for desperate measures, but that’s never the person that I wanted to be. But running into the right people helped change my life and turned my life around.

So in 2006, I decided to relocate to Austin, Texas and in that city I had nothing. I have got a bus pass from my little sister, a $10 bus pass for a month. And she even gave it to me. She said, “Hey, that’s the last $10 I have. Please make sure you get a job or something and I won’t be able to help you out anymore.”

So I went downtown Austin to get a job as an artist because I was teaching art and painting and all that stuff at that time. And I wanted to learn how to trade at that time also.

But when I got down there, I went in the wrong direction and went into the club district instead. And I was so desperate to get a job in 2006 at that time because I have nothing. I had nothing.

I had no car and I’m nothing and it sucks to be in your thirties and has nothing. And the person that helped me get a job down there was Eric and I’ve always been appreciative of that. At that time he did not know who I was and I just told him that I took a chance.

Eric: I took a big guy.

Tai Zen: You want to talk about that? Cause I don’t know why you did it, but you did the right thing at that time when I desperately needed help, to get a job. So you want to share a little bit about that with your audience.

Eric: Through one day I think or another providence, I guess we met through a friend, through an acquaintance in the downtown community.

I had a lot of connections down there cause I was already working down on 6th Street at the time, 6th Street in Austin, Texas. And we met at the time, I never put my name on anybody. I don’t make recommendations.

I just say, “Hey, somebody is looking for a job that you’re not putting yourself at risk”. We talked for about 20 minutes in the middle of the street in the middle of the night, downtown Austin, Texas, and there are club people and drunks and crazies all around us and people just having fun, having a good time. Will Shutters ever were too.

We talked for about 20 minutes and I said, “You know what? He’s done the same thing there that he does today, which is where he’s a straight shooter. You know that what he’s talking, you’re not getting any bullshit. You’re getting me to do a straight deal.”

So he was just completely honest about the entire situation. He said, “this is what I’m facing. I need a leg up.” And I recognize that. “You know what? Nobody makes it alone. We all need help sometimes. We all need to be able to ask for help.”

I put myself through a lot of troubles in my life needlessly because I was too stubborn to accept help where I’m going to ask. And so I said, “All right, let’s go.” I talked to my boss, I said, Douggie Freg. I said, “You need to hire Tai tonight” and takes a look at it if you got your acquisition value.

Douggie asked, “you got your alcohol and beverage license to be licensed in Texas?”. And he’s like, “yeah, I do.” He goes, “all right, but John’s schedule and you start tomorrow night”. And that was where we went from there.

Tai Zen: That took so much stress out of me that, I ran into him and it was not easy having to admit to someone that you screwed up a bunch of times in your life and that you’ve lost everything and you have no money in your pocket.

But I don’t know, whatever it was that you saw that, you helped me out. I was really grateful. So at this big conference, this is the first time we’re at the Miami Bitcoin conference and we ran into this Kirk Jewelers here.

We looked, found it on Google Maps. We were looking for a Rolex dealership. And what happened was I wanted, I’ve always wanted to get something to show things in gratitude, for the times that you’ve helped me out and doing my hard times.

And I thought that one of the best ways to represent that struggle at that time that I went through, was to get you a nice watch.

Eric: Look times.

Tai Zen: Yeah. And honestly, I don’t know jack shit about watches update. I mean, a Rolex watch, to me it’s just like, I don’t know.

But supposedly in the world, people think that Rolex watches are nice to me. It doesn’t mean shit. All I want to just a nice gift and it might be about it.

Eric: I can tell you about it. Mike, would you mind telling him about it?

Tai Zen: Mike said these watches are nice. So if you’re going to get him a nice watch, get him a Rolex, so this happens to be the dealership.

And so we came here, I don’t know if this providence by accident or whatever, but when we met as friends, so everything you want to talk about this cause I don’t know this.

Mike: So it’s a Date-Just 40. It’s a brand new watch. It’s stainless steel in 18 karats gold fluted bezel and it has their kind of limited face. It’s gotten the Marine on the numerous, I don’t know how much water.

You can’t see it there, but in the green room, the number, et cetera, sharp wash and are going to see them all the time, because this face is limited edition.

Tai Zen: So I just want to give you this watch is a gift for taking a chance on me when I was going through some really hard times in my life, really hard financial times when you have no money in your pocket, not even a dollar.

And then there’s only that, but there were times, during that time I didn’t have a car, for the first few months that I worked at the job.

Eric: So ended up being on the way from here where I live to the work downtown. So I would pick up time and late at night and I drop him off in the later, 3 hours in the morning and grab breakfast.

We do whatever turns out as we’re getting to know each other, we have all the same books, that list of books that every successful person has, Thinking to grow rich, Seven habits, 40 laws of power, all this list of books.

We had all the same ones and we just hit it off and just went from there.

Tai Zen: Yeah. And Eric and I, he’s more than just a friend of mine, over the past decade, 11, 12 years that we’ve been friends.

He’s like a brother to me, so I’ve always wanted to get him a nice gift for the hard times that I went through that he helped me out on. So I just want to say thanks, man. So put him on, let’s see what it looks like.

Eric: Hope your test drive here.

Tai Zen: Yes, let’s put it in the right way.

Eric: Yeah, put on the right leg.

Mike: It’s a new launch. It’s a new one.

Tai Zen: As I said, guys, we’re not Rolex exports. All right man. I look so good. All right man. So thanks a lot bro. And thanks for helping pick up the good watch.

Mike: Oh, that’s an easy man.
Eric: So I’ll call you to want to have questions?

Mike: Yes. That’s fine.

Tai Zen: So the name of this place or do you want to plug your friend here?

Mike: If you’re in Miami or for a matter of fact, if you’re anywhere and need a Rolex watch, they’ll ship all over the country for you. Great selection. Take watches and Rolex watches here, Kirk Jewelers in Miami.

Tai Zen: And you guys said you guys follow me on the channel. You guys know I won’t like bullshit. I keep it straight, saying one of the things that I appreciate about your friends, Jeff here was that, he was pretty straight up.

You knew all the Rolex product lines and you knew all that. He helped me get a really nice one for my wife, pick up the right one and then he’s going to ship it to her. And then the other thing too was that he didn’t bullshit around with it, he got helped us get the right ones.

Then I did not end up getting a Rolex because I liked the bigger watches, personally. But he had no problem with that. So help the ones that did.

So if you guys like these types of videos, guys remember guys, always be grateful for the things that happened to you in life. Always be grateful for the people that you meet and then always be grateful.

And don’t worry if we get the people that helped you join the times that you were struggling. Don’t be one of those jackasses. Be grateful. Be positive.

And if you guys like these types of videos where I share with you guys the things that happen to me and my life and what I did to create life-changing finances, make sure that you go to and follow us there. And you can almost also follow me at @HeyTaiZen. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks, guys.


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