Life Changing Finance #13 – Importance Of Showing Gratitude To Mike Mers

Tai Zen: What’s up guys? This is Tai Zen. I’m at Kirk Jewelers here in Miami. It’s one of the cities located in the southeastern part of Florida. Way south and we came here because the one that an official Rolex dealership’s here in Miami.

And I just want to share with you guys in this episode of life-changing finance that it’s always good to be grateful for, the things that you went into in life, the people, the situations that sometimes may not always be in your favor and in the people that you went into during those situations that help you out when you’re in those situations.

So Mike here has been a good friend of mine. When I moved to Atlanta, I think it was in 2016, I lived in Atlanta for a year. And during that time, many of you guys know that I put my entire life savings into Bitcoin, crypto and all that good stuff.

And during that time I was running through some really tough financial times and many of you guys may not know that, but because I was willing to make this big bet on cryptocurrencies, I put everything into it. And at that time we just at financially strapped, cash strapped.

Mike: Just there’s the capital was targeted.

Tai Zen: Because of that, I always wanted to show Mike, some appreciation and thanks and show some gratitude for letting me stay at his house.

He did not collect any rent or anything like that, and he did that one too. But out of his generosity, I offered him some to pay the rent and crypto. So I’m very happy.

Mike: This is great.

Tai Zen: It was much better than the thought. And this was back when a bighorn was only a thousand bucks. During that time, I’ve always been grateful for the fact that during that time, I did not have to dig into my crypto portfolio because I knew that it was starting to creep up and on the charts, everything.

Technically, it showed that it was going to the moon. So I didn’t want to take anything out. And at that time, I appreciate the fact that you let me stay here placed and helped me out, and just anything that I needed.

And there are other things that he helped me out personally, a personal level I don’t want to share on video, but the fact that he did everything he could, let me borrow your cars, borrow his house, anything that I needed pretty much you don’t have open access to.

And since then, I’ve always been grateful for him helping me out, the most critical time in my trading career where I made a huge bet. And the thing that I appreciated that you’d never criticized me on what I was doing, and he just said, “Hey man, did you really believe in it that much man? I’ll support you whatever way I can.”

So because of that, I’ve always wanted to show my appreciation for him. And I invited him down into the Miami Bitcoin conference for this event and I really appreciate, you know, it was your first Bitcoin conference official.

Mike: Yeah.

Tai Zen: So it was really nice and it just so happened that we’ll be just roaming around and there was Kirk Jewelers here and the craziest shit happened. I just said, “Hey man, I want to go in there and see what these Rolex watches look like.”

Mike: Yep.

Tai Zen: And we walked in and then one of your buddies, let’s talk about that for a minute.

Mike: Jeff Newbauer is a friend of mine, doesn’t know Jeff for a long time. And I walk in and he’s standing at the counter.

I’m in Miami, you know, I knew Jeff when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. We were a different town and it’s his store, so we walk in and just blown the whole area. So it was great.

Tai Zen: Yeah. So normally I thought that I wanted to show thanks, and get him a gift. So we looked around and Mike said, he looked, he talks to Jeff, the rep here, the Rolex rep here and Mike was mentioned that he really liked this. Was that Moonlight?

Mike: Moonphase. Cellini.

Tai Zen: Okay. So it’s the Moonphase. I talked about this watch.

Mike: It’s just a Rolex line and watches this to any launches. This is the top model that has the moon phase on it.

It also tells the date, it’s in Rose gold, 18 carats Rose gold. It’s just a classy dress watch. I have a sports watch. So far I’ve thought already have a Rolex dress watch or thought of dress watch would be a good way to go.

Tai Zen: So I decided, I wanted to get into this watch as a gift to show them my appreciation, my gratitude.

And I wanted to share this with you guys because, during your financial journey, you always got to remember the people who help you out in the toughest times. Do you know what I’m saying?

And during that time that I was in Atlanta, financially trading wise. It’s not rough living on the streets and something like that, but just financially I was making a huge bet in the cryptocurrency space and I respect the foul, thankful in the market.

I had everything in the markets and I was not very liquid at that time and he helped me out a lot. There’s the time when he helped me with some cash to when I needed it. So I wanna get you those wall lights, man.

Just show you my appreciation for helping me out during the tough times, that financially through my training that I went through. All right man.

Mike: Appreciate it.

Tai Zen: What’s a good man? Alright, so thanks a lot man.

Mike: You have to remember that time.

Tai Zen: Because with Mike’s help, it doesn’t have anything to do with trading but it does have to do with training because for the help and he helped me out when I was in Atlanta.

Now my family and my kids and everything is set for life and I just want to show you my appreciation. I really appreciate that. I appreciate it.

Mike: Thank you so much.

Tai Zen: Thanks, man. Alright man and thanks for watching this video guys. I just want to share with you guys this, just so you guys know that, whenever you have financial success in your life, don’t ever forget the people that were there to help you. We don’t get to where we’re at alone.

If anybody tells you that you become a self-made millionaire, that’s just a bunch of bullshit. You’d never do that alone. You do a team of people and I appreciate the fact that you were one of those people on the team that helped me get to learn that today.

Mike: Thank you.

Tai Zen: Alright, so thanks for watching this video guys. If you guys liked these types of videos, make sure you guys go to and follow us. And then you also follow me on Twitter at @HeyTaiZen and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you.



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