Life Changing Finance™ #10 – What Is Your Financial Edge In The Crypto Market?

Tai Zen: What’s up guys. This is Tai Zen. With me, I got

In this episode of life-changing finance, Leon and I were just discussing how to create life-changing money. This is not just with cryptocurrency investing. This is just a general strategy and philosophy of creating life-changing finance.

Do you want to start it off?

Leon Fu: Yeah sure. I was in New York and spent several years working in downtown Manhattan.

In fact, right after I got out of college, I worked a little bit in Rockefeller Center and then a little bit downtown.

Tai Zen: you’re like a big city boy, not a village boy like me.

Leon Fu: No. I was in a big city.

My last gigs in downtown Manhattan was for market makers. There were a bunch of options for market makers. There were for traders. They make markets and stock options.

For example, one guy did Amazon and a bunch of semiconductor stocks. The other guy did something else.

They were trading firm. They stood on the floor. They had bids and asks, and customers would come to them and make a request. They did try to fill the order with their own capital.

One of the guys was trying to hire me to create some kind of software to help them calculate some mathematics.

That was the first time I heard of the term Black-Scholes Model. People might have heard of that is the way a theoretical model on what the correct price of an option is.

Tai Zen: Were you the creator the Black-Scholes Model?

Leon Fu: I was not the creator of the Black-Scholes Model.

What they hired me to help them do was they wanted a piece of software that would help them calculate the theoretical price of any single option.

The reason for that was when a customer came up to them and said he/she wanted a specific thing, you had to come up with a fair price that’s competitive.

Obviously, it can’t be too low because he’s going to lose money. Otherwise, if he charges the customer too much, he’s going to lose the business to another market maker cause there are a bunch of market makers on the floor.

He said he needed an edge. I said what meant by an edge. He said an edge was something that he had to gets him the jump on his competitors.

Tai Zen: For the viewers that are listening to us right down, who may not come from the US or English is not their primary, let’s breakdown the definition of what an edge is.

Edge in English means your advantage, strength or secret that a limited number of people have.

Leon Fu: That’s what the term was. He said this would give him a little bit of an edge because if he had this piece of software, he could come up with a price faster than the market maker standing next to him.

Therefore, he wanted me to help him build this piece of software. Maybe he could calculate a price 10 seconds faster.

Tai Zen: Then, he can quote it and get that deal.

Leon Fu: Exactly.

Tai Zen: What you’re saying is the key to making life-changing finance or money is to have some edges.

Leon Fu: This term “edge” is used in many situations.

Tai Zen: It’s used a lot in professional trading…

Leon Fu: professional trading, sports, even casinos.

You can think of it as how money and wealth are actually created because an edge is an advantage that you have.

Tai Zen: Let’s just call it a financial edge because this is an investing channel. In the sports world, you will have an athletic edge.

Leon Fu: You would have the edge because you’re a little bit quicker, stronger, smarter than your opponent.

Tai Zen: In this case, we’re talking about life-changing finance…

Leon Fu: But it’s the same game just like in sports.

Tai Zen: Now let’s break it down so that the viewers know the different types of edge you can have to create life-changing finance.

First of all the general scope, you referred to as an information edge. There’s some type of information that gives you the edge.

For example, when somebody knows about our channel, that gives us an edge. Since we know each other, that gives us an edge.

I have an edge against other cryptocurrency investors cause I have you to do the fundamental analysis. Then, you have an edge because you have me doing the technical analysis. Therefore, we both have an edge working with each other.

Then, whoever is subscribing to our channel and listening to our channel has an edge over listening to someone else’s channel, because we have a track record of making good investments in the crypto world.

So that’s an information edge because you and I can get the information and pass it on to our viewers. As a result, they have an edge over someone else that doesn’t subscribe to our channel or to our newsletters.

By the way, we’re going to have a newsletter at That’s the way you can subscribe to the newsletters.

Inside the umbrella of the information edge, we have it a split up into like 3 or 4 different types of information edge.

Do you want to talk about the first one?

Leon Fu: Well the first one is simply you know it before they did.

Tai Zen: That’s an insider information

Leon Fu: I don’t want to say, insider. It’s more like an early knowledge. I can tell a good story about it since we love stories here.

Rothschild is one of these wealthy family banking empires. One of the ways they got so wealthy is they had an information edge when Napoleon.

Tai Zen: Let’s call it early information. Whenever they say insider information, I don’t want to exactly agree with that because the information is available. What matters is when you get it.

Leon Fu: That’s right. It may be a time where you’d get the information before other people get information and vice versa.

Tai Zen: Therefore, I would like to call it early information

Leon Fu: There could be many reasons Rothschild banking family got so wealthy, so I just tell one of the ways.

Well, when Napoleon was defeated in the 19th century, they didn’t have internet or radios, so they had to get the news across by messengers.

The news that he lost and England won was critical to knowledge as to whether the English stock market and the economy would survive as the dominant empire or whether they were going to be defeated by France.

The difference was he had his own messengers on the battlefield watching the battle as it unfolded in real-time. As soon as Napoleon was captured and had to surrender, they took off to London.

The thing is he had an advantage because he had his own messengers so that he got the knowledge before all the other traders on the floor.

There were rumors that he spread some false information that Wellington had lost while, in fact, he had won to cause a crash. Then he started just buying up all the shares.

After that, when real news appeared, he already bought up almost the entire British economy for pennies on the dollar. That’s why they still remain wealthy to this day. Therefore, information is power.

Tai Zen: Let’s share an immediate example, so everyone can relate to it.

We knew about Bitcoin back in 2013 because I happened to be working at an energy brokerage firm that had a Bitcoin mining division.

When they were setting up their Bitcoin forum and Bitcoin mining operations, they happened to explain to me what it was. That’s when I got you the white paper and now here we are.

Leon Fu: That was early information. It’s not necessarily because you have insider information. There was no insider Bitcoin information that took that long for us to hear about it.

When you say insider information, that has a really bad connotation. It means because you work at the company or you have some privilege to the information that other people don’t have. It’s not fair that you’re able to trade on it.

I think the information edge doesn’t necessarily have to be that. It could just because very few people know about it.

Tai Zen: We’ve been accused before on this channel of having insider information. I think that that’s kind of unfair to make those accusations because it’s more of early information.

We just take time to interview a cryptocurrency project and have the information that other people don’t. I mean anybody can go to the projects and do the interview.

Leon Fu: We can just write to them on Twitter and say what you are up to.

Tai Zen: To me, that’s doing your due diligence on it so that you can get the early information.

That’s one type of information edge which is the early information edge. The other one that we discussed was the technology edge.

I said if you have faster internet, faster computers or more powerful software, that was a technology edge. However, you said that that’s still an information edge.

Let’s talk about that.

Leon Fu: For example, as I said, one of my last jobs was helping this market maker to build the software. That’s the type of information edge.

They are hiring someone like me that knows how to build software to build them a tool. That tool becomes a technological edge.

If you can come up with numbers faster than the guy standing next to you on the floor, you are going to get the business.

Tai Zen: So the technology is really just another type of information edge.

Leon Fu: Sure.

Tai Zen: The first one is the early information edge. The second one is the technology edge.

The third one I said that we had was a mathematical edge, which means you know how to create a probability.

Leon Fu: Casino does that. Casinos create a game that gives them a mathematical edge.

Tai Zen: On the surface, it looks like you have the advantage, but underneath the surface, it’s really the casino that has the edge.

So we’ve got the early information edge, technology edge, and the mathematical edge. Anything else?

Leon Fu: You could have a skill, know-how or talent that you’re born with. You could simply be more perceptive than the other guy.

I’ll give you another story. There’s a very famous poker player got sued by a casino for cheating. I forgot what the name of the game was, but he kept winning. He took the casino for millions of pounds.

They couldn’t have figured out how he was able to do that because they were supposed to have a mathematical edge on this game.

Finally, they figured it out that the cards the casino was using have a manufacturing defect on them. Because of that, he could tell just by looking at the back of the card. It was a very, very subtle manufacturing defect. That wasn’t his fault.

Therefore, due to his perception, he’s just sitting there and basically knows what the next card is. He noticed the thing that no one else did.

That’s an edge of perception. You just simply notice things. He didn’t cheat and the casino said he cheated.

Tai Zen: Obviously, there are different examples of different edge that you can have. However, when it comes to financial investing, I think that we want to focus on things…

Leon Fu: That’s a type of perception.

I had an edge because when I saw Steve Jobs presented the first IPAD. It was back in 2010. I watched the whole hour just like millions of other people watched it too.

I said to myself that was going to be huge,…

Tai Zen: but you had an edge in making that determination.

Leon Fu: I mean millions of people watched the same video at the same time. So what is that kind of edges?. It is an edge of perception.

Tai Zen: Yeah. I have that kind of edge too.

In that the energy brokerage firm I worked in Dallas that had the bitcoin mining operations, I was just watching them set it up. When you said that that was legit, no one had to tell me to go out there and try to invest into it.

I mean I knew it had value. I knew that the blockchain technology had value in the clearing and the settlement. Therefore, the ability to settle and clear transactions alone was enough for me to go out there and invest regardless of it was used as a currency or not.

However, did you know that half the guys that worked there never invest into 1 Bitcoin?

Leon Fu: I believe that because of preception.

Tai Zen: because they didn’t see the value in it.

Leon Fu: That’s right.

Tai Zen: So that’s the edge in perception. I am able to see dry lands through muddy waters.

Leon Fu: That’s right. That’s right.

But here’s where you make money. Let’s me go through about how you make money from an edge.

Tai Zen: Let’s do it in a separate video.

Leon Fu: All right, let’s stop here.

Tai Zen: That will conclude this video. We have talked about how to take advantage of the edge that you have in the future.

Maybe, in the next video, we’ll talk about which edge you should focus on because not everyone has the same edge.

Leon Fu: finding your edge.

Tai Zen: Yeah. Finding your edge advantage.

Thanks for watching this video. It’s always a pleasure to make videos with

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