Gold & Silver Investing #1 – 2012 Silver Kilo Dragon Coin & 2013 Silver Kilo Snake Coin Review

Tai: Alright guys, this is Tai Zen with my buddy, so is a free blog where we talk about the tools, the techniques and strategies that help people find more freedom in life and in this particular video we want to talk about the wealth aspect, the money side. Leon doesn’t know this but I’ve been keeping this under the table here. I got this recently and I wanted to share with him, why don’t you grab that and open it up.

Leon: It’s heavy

Tai: It’s heavy, they’re a kilo each guy, I knew it would tickle you to death, I got a kilo of silver from the Perth Mint in Australia.

Leon: You got the snake!

Tai: I wanted to share this with Leon here, I got these two commemorative coins here, this is a kilo of silver we got from APMEX and it was minted by the Australian mint called Perth Mint. So this one here is the 2012 Dragon Coin – the kilo dragon coin and then this is a 2013 Snake Coin.  It’s for the twelve animals in the Chinese lunar calendar. So what I got was after you had mentioned about buying silver, it was at an all-time low, so I wanted to do something to commemorate my son and daughter’s birth.

My first child was a boy, Maximus is his name and I wanted to get something to commemorate his birth. And I kept thinking like what can I get that’s going to grow in value and that later on in the future I can hand down to him and as an investment, as a gift that’s going to be worth something. So I thought you know what this is interesting this is good because you had mentioned about the silver so I went in and I got this kilo coin guy

Leon: Yeah, it’s very very shiny.

Tai: It’s heavy, that’s a lot heavier than you think. One kilo there guys, I just want to get your thoughts on that, what do you think?

Leon: We’ll see, investments are always a bit of an unknown but silver’s been around for a while it’s always going to be worth something but we’ll see I mean.

Tai: Where did you get your silver at? When it was at $22?

Leon: I got around 18 17, somewhere around there.

Tai: I think I got these at around 20.

Leon: You paid a premium for these right? Because you got the dragon.

Tai: Yeah so there is a premium on this because they were like from previous years so I paid a premium for it. I bought these when the price of silver was declining and I was waiting for it to break the uptrend line. I’ll show you a chart and a graph at exactly where I bought it. Even though it was around $20 an ounce silver at the market, I did not pay $20 an ounce for this I pay a lot more.

It came out to $1,100, simply because they didn’t have a lot around. So I had to wait and wait as soon as there was one available at APMEX. I jumped on and bought it. At that point, I was not really concerned about the price even if it was like 100 bucks cheaper or more expensive. It didn’t matter. But it was like a multi-year multi-decade investment for my son so it did not matter to me if it was like an extra …

Leon: I think you said this is commemorative you didn’t jump on it, you may not have been able to get it at any price.

Tai: Exactly and I waited for several months when the silver broke the downtrend, I waited several months to get it and it finally popped up. Now this was a little bit cheaper, I paid a markup on this but it was a little bit above the current market value. I felt okay as it was both worth it because of this one for my daughter who was born in the year of the snake and then my son who’s born in the year the dragon. I’m sure that they’ll appreciate this.

Leon: Sure definitely.

Tai: These things are huge, just to give you guys an idea, here’s the iPhone 6 guys, the new iPhone 6, that’s the size in relation to it. Can we borrow your iPhone real quick? This is the 5s so this is the iPhone 5s and you can see how thick it is in relationship to the phone here and how big it is.

Leon: It’s a kilo here.

Tai: In relationship to the iPhone 5s if you have one and then in relation to the iPhone 6 if you have one, I thought people were going to get a kick out of watching this. I guess it did get the reaction I was looking for when you were cracking up about it before I showed it into the video, what about yourself, are you looking at getting anything?

Leon: I’m really thinking because I bought a couple of these in fact but I just got the latest.

Tai: Oh you get the horse.

Leon:  I got the horse, I got the year of the horse

Tai: Then let me ask you this, maybe you can share some of your insights on the other the silver investors all the silver blogs and all the silver stackers out there and all the preppers out there, the Domesday prepper. What’re your thoughts on investing in silver? What made you decide to invest in silver? Why do you like it? Why do you like it as an investment vehicle?

Leon: Number one it’s not just an investment, sometimes it’s a coin, we enjoy actually holding it and looking at it and something that that may go up in value. However, regardless whether it goes up in value or not you’re still getting a kick out of having a kilo of silver so, it’s definitely something that is a hard asset and historically when you buy physical silver.

There’s also the numismatic value, meaning that it has value to the point, it’s not just the cost of silver it’s actually the demand of the people that want this coin because they’re only made in that year. So there’s a limited number of them and you can value based on how other coin collectors value. It is both the intrinsic value of the metal itself and how other coin collectors value it. They put a premium on particular coins. That’s above the actual content of the metal.

Tai: I chose the lunar coins from the Perth Mint in Australia, do you feel there’s a difference between these lunar coins versus like the Liberty, the Eagles and stuff like that in America?

Leon: I would get the lunar coins rather than the Eagles because the Eagles have no numismatic value because there’s so many of them, they just make unlimited quantities of them, they’re not unique. Numismatic value means the coin has some special value that other coin collectors appreciate and are willing to pay a premium on, you’re not going to get that with Maple Leaf or Eagles.

Tai: These are a very popular series of silver coins.

Leon: It’s a series of silver coins and they’re made for this year and they won’t be made afterwards like some are limited series and some the mint could go back and make more if they wanted to but probably not, they won’t.

Tai: Let me ask you this, these I got for my kids, for commemorative reasons, I bought the biggest one that I could afford, this one’s a kilo which is 32.15 ounce but they also come in different sizes like the ten ounces, the 5 ounces, the 2 ounces, a half-ounce. What are your thoughts on that personally, do you think that someone should invest in like 32 individual 1 ounce that has a higher markup on or get just one solid big one with less of a markup on it?

Leon: There are two issues here, one is why are you buying it, for you, it’s a commemorative thing like for these particular coins then sure you get what you like

Tai: At this point, I could care less what the price of silver is, I got these to commemorate my kids.

Leon: Exactly, it’s not really an investment although it could be a good investment. But if the purposes of you are liquidity, if your goal was to be able to sell your coin quickly when you need to, a smaller one and also the things like the Eagles the Maple Leaves, the Krugerrands, which have large markets.

You could go to any city in the world and somebody will pay you for that somebody will buy them from you, although you’ll get a premium for them you have to find someone who will pay that. If your goal is really just I want to be able to liquidate, sell them when I need to and maybe you do maybe you want to keep some gold in silver coins and if something should happen like for example you’re from Vietnam and when the Communists took over, many people are trying to leave.

Tai: It’s hard to leave with these, 2.2 pounds.

Leon: One of the only ways you could have escaped the country taking some money with you was probably gold because gold has a lot more value in a lighter and a smaller package.

Tai: In that case, I would have probably wanted to take bitcoins

Leon: But in the 1970s there were no Bitcoins.

Tai: So just you guys know I got some silver coins coming that I bought with my bitcoins and I’ll share it with you guys in a different video, so you recommend if you’re interested in being able to resell it quickly then get the smaller size silver coins

Leon: Yeah, those smaller sized gold and silver coins, those are the most popular ones like the Eagles and you can go to any coin shop and they’ll buy as many as you have from you, at market price, close to market price, at spot price so like I said that depends on what the purpose is

Tai: Okay and then I personally chose the bigger ones simply because I’m from Texas so our motto is the bigger the better the more the merrier. So one of the things that I like is that I don’t like having to pay a bigger markup than I need to sure and the markup is what he refers to as the premium, so whenever you buy silver, the silver vendors and dealers they’re always going to mark it up.So they can make a profit from it and the bigger the quantity of silver that you buy the volume quantity then the markup is a lot less.

That’s one of the reasons why I chose it and also because you don’t see too many kilo size coins and hoping that my kids will keep on hold onto it maybe possibly do well financially where they don’t have to sell these off because they need the money and maybe pass it on to our grandkids. I would prefer that they write the word dragon over here in Chinese or maybe put the year 2013 or 2012 whatever year that the coin belongs to.

Leon: Australia was part of the British Empire.

Tai: but it’s a Chinese lunar coin, there’s nothing wrong with putting from the Perth mint or from Australia down at the bottom I just don’t like the idea of putting this old lady that nobody recognizes and nobody cares about that. It just looks goofy. I hope you enjoyed that I wanted to do my first quote-unquote half unboxing of these silver kilo coins while you were here.

So I actually brought it from Dallas all the way down to Austin to the viewers, just by the way if you hit somebody by the head with this, it can potentially cause death because these things are heavy.

Alright, guys, we hope that you guys enjoyed this video and with the silver kilo coins that I shared with you guys here. If you guys like what we have and would like to support our freedom blog you can check this out and support us there.

If you guys have anyone that’s interested in kilo silver coins, silver kilo coins and any questions about it, please share this video with them. Thanks for watching this video and we’ll see you guys in the next video.

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