Gladius Crypto #7 – How Businesses Can Massively Benefit From Gladius

Tai: What’s up guys this is a Tai Zen, we’re broadcasting from New York City here and with us and you have some special members from the team like hello Max.

Max: Hi, it’s Max

Tai: CEO, co-founder of Gladius. And Jim, say hello Jim.

Jim: Hello everyone!

Tai: Jim’s the chief strategist for the Gladius project and we also got David here. One of the co-founders of  website. And myself Tai Zen in the awesome dude.

David: Yeah all-around good guy.

Tai: So in this video, we want to talk about the business in this long term strategy side with Jim and with Max’s popularized project. One of the things that come from a  mindset when I look at when our team looks at a project that we’re interested in, one of the things that we always look at is how are they going to get users and who’s going to use their software.

Because you can build the most amazing software in the world but no one is using it or no company to no business is using it right then who knows what it’s been the most amazing software in the world.

So could you start off because of off-camera last night dinners you shared some really powerful ideas that our team was not aware because well first of all talk about your background because that’s the front hand way on our show once the knowledge who are you and why should we listen? What’s your background?

Jim: So I’m definitely not 21 or 22 like these guys, I have a little bit more experience I’ve actually been in technology about 20 years I started off in the DoD was there to purchased over 7 years.

Tai: So for the people that are listening to that outside the US what’s the DoD?

Jim: Department of the Defense, so I was part of the United States Navy and I was in technology for the last few years that I happened to be there which coincided with all the y2k initiatives and things along those lines.

David: Okay I know you protected the United States from technology kinds of attacks of that. Is that right?

Jim: So I mean in that case we were doing a lot of redevelopment of applications if you will to or one of the last 2 digits because people would think that you have to it from 1999 and we had 2000 roll back to maybe 1900. But another way I think we did a lot of upgrading of infrastructure a lot of upgrading of our networks and while upgrading of the applications we could luckily overcome a lot of the issues that we were expecting.

Tai: Okay so should you have a tech background?

Jim: I do and after I did a star websites been acquired and then I worked at Goldman Sachs or about 6 years and I worked for Siena I was a common infrastructure company really from the governing board. Before that actually ran all of our systems engineering meeting customer operations means.

Tai: That sounds very technic. “Obvious in my family” yeah this is the smart dude. Okay so here’s one of the keys of success guys, always look for people who are smarter than you, you’re the smartest dude or the smallest and smartest chick and your group you’re not going to go very far you want people around you that’s significantly smarter. When they’re talking like these guys here and guys like this like can this be for real though those are the people that you want to?

So you were sharing like they have like 3 or 4 like major metropolis Tami’s problem solutions that the Gladius technology is solving that got you interested because you’ve been in this technology longer than any of these 19 or 20 years old that are building this stuff and so you saw something you share with your audience here.

Jim: I think you have to think to start I think hopefully you guys all saw in the previous that’s when you start looking at the founding team. I mean the qualities that you looking for passion, perseverance, intelligence, integrity, they’ve been a great work ethic.  I think if you set to the last panel session you’ve probably heard and seen all of that the guys ever sitting here.

So that’s an immediate draw then you couple that with this extremely large multi-billion dollar market that serves any significant problem that exists today and it’s very easy to gravitate towards something along these lines now. If you’ve stepped back and you look at trends it’s treated from Street you love the trend you want to throw the trash out front renders your job until the end.

But inevitably that there’s we have 4 key things that I was looking at was really truly into this particular project. The first one is there’s this transition taking place in the technology domain that moving from hardware-based platforms and products to software-based platforms and products.

If you look at what’s happening in like the Tier 1 service provider space the data center space.

Tai: Can you give examples of the audience’s interests and what that means?

Jim: So in 7 people buying an appliance that really only does one specific application like a firewall, as an example really the industry is moving to hardware-based platforms that are commoditized which you can load more than 1 service on top of with software.

So the beauty of this particular effort it’s a software focus solution that could be loaded on to any piece of quantized hardware and it’s multi-platform as they talked about earlier. So whether you have server infrastructure even desktop compute infrastructure it doesn’t matter if it’s on Linux or but on Microsoft or it’s on Apple, anybody can participate and that’s really important because they’re not locking themselves to any 1 hardware architecture. So it really expands their ability to address the market, so that’s really one that’s great.

The second one is really the trend of what we’re talking about earlier about centralized solutions first decentralized solutions. The ones up happen here as we look at what they’re doing and you delete this scale horizontally is super important so instead of having 1 centralized fabric or centralized solution that could potentially be overwhelmed.

Because you’re limited or constrained by those resources that are centralized. It provides people even complement a centralized solution with something that is more distributed it can help move flows in different directions and to accommodate that he gave larger-scale attacks, so it basically creates a much larger surface area and it should be a big incentive for people who have websites because it will reduce their costs. It should really incent people to participate because they’re basically it’ll be the sharing economy.

The third one where you were the Twitter leader actually it’s like if you look at Airbnb, they’re the biggest you know repel team in the world but they own no other tell if you look like Uber, it’s the biggest taxi company in the world, they don’t throw in the single taxi if you’re looking to mitigating large-scale attack and you need lots and lots of computer resources.

Wouldn’t it be great for you to go to monetize all that compute power and all of that bandwidth you home? So you get to take part in actually helping a company mitigates trip into the on service attack while simultaneously being able to monetize it by leveraging some spare assets that you have that are available.

The fourth one is really the combination of cybersecurity. The blockchain cybersecurity is not going away these PACs are persistent they keep happening I think we had on the board behind us. When you see these things kind of taking place there’s no nothing that’s telling anyone that the tacks are going to slow down or stop and they’re more and more impactful.

Up until maybe a year or 2 years ago most of these conversations staying within my team department or expanded the technical folks. Now you have folks like the NACD who are basically talking to boards of directors of every company large and small they even have like psychic risk oversight programs.

Tai: What is the NACD?

Jim: It’s the National Association of Corporate Directors which is here in the United States and these are folks that have a lot of experience on boards and actually go out with consults for other boards with many board members of large scale companies belong to the NACD.

A different leadership felt or something along those lines and ones in the past year and a half they’ve launched a program designed all-around cyber risk oversight it’s been such a big impact of all of their organizations. I mean now when you go walk in there and you have an awareness as a company that focuses on cybersecurity and we’re going to help try and mitigate some members as a business you now have your board room folks and you have your C-level executives that actually are entertaining these discussions which they had fun previously.

Tai: Could you would it be possible if it’s confidential with your team, it’s okay you don’t share with us but would you be available to share some of the companies that have an interesting Gladius that you have personally discussed with?

Jim: So there are no public companies right now that I think we’re really truly disclosed in Marcelo and Max wants to go otherwise but I think inevitably there’s a number of different types of organizations all would suffer these sorts of attacks and are looking for mitigation techniques.

But you can have a tier-one service provider anywhere in the world who basically has a hosting group that also has to mitigate the balusters back to be like nine security offerings.

Tai: So when you say Tier 1 service provider is there like let’s here 2 to 3 to 0?

Jim: The one deity R zero but you can have Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 and that’s just based on the sheer volume of folks that they serve. So here what I’m remembering so we like an AT&T or Verizon or extension low a huge cover of British Telecom or an NTT at main users massive organizations.

David: And typical live internet service to customers.

Jim: And not only do they do that they’ll also offer internet services to enterprise customers and they’ll also offer them like managed security services and offerings to help protect them as well. So these are folks that would definitely be interested in looking at alternative ways to also mitigate these sorts.

Tai: My first thought is a company like AT&T or British Telecom these are like gazillion dollar companies, right? Why do you think they just go and look for the solution to the blockchain solution themselves? So what’s popping them to come to look at Gladius or I’m not saying they are but like what would make them even consider they start up like Gladius?

Jim: Sure I mean if you look at with their business model is to provide secure connectivity to enterprises all across the globe, so they’re constantly evaluating new technologies make sure that they’re offering the best service that they possibly end there and customer.

So, they may have one of our competitors that are in play today but they’re also always looking and surveying the environment to see if there’s something where you need this out there that can help them in a vapor is a Baitcaster as well as provide a better service.

Tai: So thanks so the technology my plan is to actually give them a competitive business competitive edge and it’s not competing against them?

Jim: No wouldn’t be compete against them I mean it would be something that that’s just another arrow in their quiver when they go out and talk to other company to say look we can offer you a solution looks like this or a solution looks like this or even these can be created in a complementary way and you can upsell your enterprise if you will on the more enhanced security related service to mitigate the battle services.

David: So today these big companies do they already work with other CD ends and assignments.

Jim: One of the beautiful things about this particular company right now is that you’ll see other players that are in the space and are addressing a problem that may be folks aren’t typically used to paying for or they’re basically searching for a problem to solve if you will in this case.

People are already used to paying to mitigate district video service might actually have to do to keep by their own network starting to keep their own resources up and keep delivering their own services.

So we’re not asking somebody or anybody for that matter to pay for something new they’re already used to actually paying for services along these lines the fact that we’re going to help them reduce their costs is really important for them and also we’re opening up opportunities for other people to actually generate more revenue by becoming notes or actually running their own pools.

I mean for us we think it’s a really big opportunity that to reduce costs or people who are serving content or who have websites but we’re also looking at opportunities to basically create markets or people wanna create their own pools and to add nodes and to generate in a way that they have idle assets that are laying out there that aren’t being utilized well use them it will help you pay them off right.

David: In that earlier session when we talked about underserved areas like Australia, you might not even have any kind of service right now not even Tier 5.

Jim: Sure I think they’ll have services but I mean maybe it doesn’t meet the performance expectations that they wind up having today and we’re just looking to make sure that we can offer everyone a really great solution and give plenty of people opportunity to join in and help.

Tai: So speaking of help like you are you’re coming on starting in a few weeks here you’re coming on to the Gladius team permanently as their chief strategist what are your goals in helping Gladius or what does that help them do provide is Gladius and what do you see coming up?

Jim: Well, he saw I originally started as being an early contributor and from there I love the kind of a two advisory role, our relationships all kind of groove together and I went up going on the fundraising tour with balanced last week all through Europe then we came back and we’re starting these efforts this week.

I’m talking with you are in trouble up ahead for us to record property this week and at the week’s got to a point where we thought maybe we should move forward and do a little bit more so I’m basically just complimenting a team with a lot of history a lot of background in the space and a lot of contacts help leverage get into what I believe are the right customer bases company grow and for me.

Specifically for 2018 I think there’s been a lot of development and I think I’m really excited that we already have an offered product by the March timeframe we’re gonna have the next release that’s coming out we’ll be ready to go ahead like proof of concepts and we’ll have some things along those lines I really expected that when AT&T the year for us.

Tai: Okay so I know this might be biased because you like the Gladius project and everything and you talked about why you like the guys working on it, talk a little bit about what was your first impression when you heard about the buy this project and you saw it you know but what’s your first impression?

Jim: An answer I think that in a lot of cases clearly a lot of hype in the last 6 to 9 months around blockchain or just people following Bitcoin or what have you makes on that thought.

Tai: Just base on that pot buzz about watching and stuff. What made you zero in on Gladius?

Jim: So this is a unique application that I mean really is them leveraging the blockchain to fight distributed denial of service attacks. It is a huge problem and no one has addressed that leveraging watching. And I think not only is knowing whether to you know level blocking technology but the way was they’re using it to create a distributed environment and mitigate these sorts of attacks has also not been done.

Also, I don’t think there’s anybody that’s out there right now that’s been able to participate in a pool of actually able to monetize a lot of these attacks that are taking place right so it offers a really cool opportunity for the average person to get involved with a very large problem the base to get monetize, some of their excess assets and I’m looking forward to solving a really big problem and I think that’s you’re gonna wind up seeing from all the guys. It’s a big problem being happy bleeding out there in a dress.

David: So we talked about all the wonderful things, I met the team buck straight guys. What do you see as the biggest challenges anybody?

Jim: I think for some of you know that the folks that are slightly older they may believe that well hey this is a big bubble and watching as you up in here or hey we’re just in this big hype cycle or something along those lines and say a couple of young kids.

But I think once you really see what the development looks like you get an idea what the application can do it’s just overcoming those initial barriers of people being able to say well this is just height 1 2. It’s like okay how could they really agree this isn’t good for a period of time when there are companies that have been around for a long time, they’ve been working on these things for years.

But there are all sorts of cultural inertia that kind of exists in companies that have been around for a long time may be hesitant to adopt the blockchain-related technology that could potentially cannibalize what they’re doing today. So I think this is just a perfect an intersection the blockchain if you will cybersecurity the transition really to distribute it and really the move would be the sharing economy.

Tai: So like for the businesses and in the I guess the businesses out there that are watching this what would be what would you say are the ideal businesses or the users or the websites that would benefit massively from laughs?

Jim: I mean I think from just a general user for people who provide managed security services. You probably see like your one operators as I’ve mentioned earlier BG&E is the be to use antique use books along those lines also folks that have large scale data centers whether it be in a Cyrus one or they’re being Equinix or somebody else along those lines.

But you also have large scale enterprises but between financial services, whether they happen to be pharmaceutical or health care or anything along those lines and we’ve even had the old folks reach out basically does the Davidians forbid to the health service back saying hey look Gladius could help you.

Tai: Now there’s one place that for David and I, this where a training channel, there’s one type of business that could massively benefit from something like the Gladius technology and that’s all these exchanges out there. So we use like all the popular exchanges like Coinbase like poloniex, btrade but all these major exchanges even the ones that we haven’t you Jeff they get hit with a denial of service attacks almost on a daily basis like that.

We now in the night it are one of the most nagging and nasty problems in the cryptocurrency space. The traders and the investors out there because every time they try to log into their account or something you know like now I think Poloniex every time I log into it there’s like a window that pops up and it makes you real log in the second time. I understand that though I want them to use the best security for backup defense as possible I’m just thinking like there’s got to be a cost of this.

Jim: Absolutely is in a lot of cases is building up a lot more infrastructure because a customer really briefly about power space cooling. But there’s also the physical ask that’s what they happen to be the servers or the routers is a whole slew of different network equipment that needs to be used not only can we help them to offset there were mitigate some of these attacks you can help them do it a lot less expensively because people can join the pools that could help them and be leveraging their resources to help mitigate some of these attacks.

I mean the Lord markets that are out there are already reaching out to us specifically for this because they know that while we’re in their space long on the right so we’re friendlies and to we’re gonna have a service that they can wind up everything that’s going to help them to offset problems with traders not being able to trade, not being able because that copy of a ton of money when my viewers can’t get on is it every time we can you leader straight or every time that’s all transaction fees if they’re losing. I definition, so there’s definitely a place for us we’re getting warm welcomes.

Tai: So many let’s just say that because you are watching project and there’s a bunch of exchanges out there that can benefit from this and when they hear about Gladius this technology being able to reduce their DDoS attacks and increase their website load and reduce their costs and everything, then I’m gonna search online and probably see this video with you in it. What do you have to say to them right now if they are watching this video in the future to learn how the Gladius technology. Can you help their exchange website?

Max: So thus the tax our huge problem as you know and current solutions can cost thousands of dollars Gladius, you’re not paying for insurance or these attacks are paying for the actual protection you need. So any other time and helping you hit, your costs are much lower than they would be with another current loss mitigation provider.

Tai: Are you so like compared like Cloudflare come on over others yet?

Max: So first off our prices are much cheaper, so it’s kind of a no-brainer but also too since we are decentralized and we’re using the blockchain are popping with the self is like forward. So one of our pools goes down all the others still exist.

Tai: Your system like that the Gladius technology automatically shifts to a different pool by the way automatically?

Max: So websites can have multiple pools affecting them. So if you’re a huge website you have all a huge list of pools and so if one fails you stop listening backups did I hear that.

David: So you really only pay for whatever you need so you aren’t getting that exact?

Max: If you don’t have much traffic and you’re not getting at activating time your costs are couldn’t penny as well.

Tai: But the Gladius network is there when they do get it?

Max: So we have the flexibility so if your globe Ellen who’s in traffic the most part you can easily affordably what if you get hit by a huge attack and spikes easily transportable Evan.

Tai: Well, then hackers are trying to DDoS all these exchanges when they hear about another like that.

Max: No

Tai: But thank you are there to like you fend off these guys. So the advice of the people from the exchange or anybody like that is listening to this because you like the businesses that are not blockchain things, they may not get blockchain up but like the exchanges out there they are like you don’t have to explain them. What blockchains are? So if they are interested in this who is the best contact person to hold up talk to less place to find out yeah how they can use Gladius.

Max: Definitely up so if you just want to learn generally like the componentry gentleman bus we have our telegram channel which all of us are very active. On which you can find on our website but we also have a support email and contact email contact, so if you’re one of it start conversations or continue conversations we just reach out to there and one of us will definitely respond.

Tai: And you are able to help them technically set it up. So are there any misconceptions about Gladius that you want to put up on the tech side or on the business side.

On telegram, you get questions consistently about misunderstandings about the project that you want to clear up while we’re on video. No? They’re very clear?

Max: For the most part I mean we’re releasing a technical whatever very soon. I’m just having our designer yourself there’s by that I’m before people have a much more technical background our current web bird doesn’t really go in-depth about that. So there’s one coming and hopefully, that tends to be or at least they’ll be out there too very shortly. It’s one how much deeper dive into the technology that’s available.

Tai: So like on the off-camera you have to share it with us one of the partnerships that you had with one of really Jackson talked about software companies out there is that something that you can share publicly.

Max: There’s a few so there’s a company called snap interactive and they do a lot of DO or recent work in there a publicly-traded company and so actually we met with them and given New York and we’ve been talking a lot about weights we can work together both Denny’s and our services in coming together offer people a much better solution.

Tai: One of the things that if you can share this also one of the things that really annoys me as a user I’m not the technology you guys aren’t like definitely Asian guys I know math and science really. Well, so from a user’s perspective allies watching projects it’s so annoying that it’s not user-friendly. What are you doing partner up with user experience?

Max: Definitely so for the first time I can talk about this but we actually are partnering up with the team from Metamask who did their UI to join us and create a really easy experience so people who are down there and no clients. They aren’t that technical savvy, so how to go the flow of that from downloading the next making points for giving your bandwidth away there they started working on a few weeks ago. They’re helping us make sure that the node the web portal the entire package, it’s really nice.

Tai: And what made you choose them, they don’t want to build a meta mask, you haven’t played, what meta mask is so that the audience knows.

Max: I’ve been mask is one of the largest ways that I think blockchain I’m it’s a Chrome extension and it might be other browsers now too. But they probably have millions of downloads they’ve also this team has been and King Stannis comment by the way but they’ve been part of the deep unity project too. I mean a few other big projects I mean that work is really solid there’s 7 full-time on people working on this.

Tai: So basically by teaming up with them you can actually accelerate the development of the Gladius technology. So you are not like screwing around child take your time.

Max: This drastically affects our timeline I mean to complete a bunch of updates coming up in the next month beyond that.

David: So when you get your alpha and March these guys also have a nice UI that you can play with?

Max: Exactly, so right now we have our alpha is usable but a lot of the feedback we’ve been getting is that it’s too technical and yes that is true. But these guys are gonna be helping us so that anyone can use a software work reading.

Tai: Okay awesome, so let’s take some questions from the audience.

Max: How do we protect our software for being hackable and pretty cool and a huge part of that is that we’re in our fully open source. So a lot of projects nowadays aren’t on but by having all our code out there and a lot of people to inspect it. There’s a lot of people who are interested in contributing to these open source projects, so we have people who do have the capabilities to break it there is probably the statement number of people who are willing to contribute to the project and build it into something that is steel in protective proof.

David: Okay Alex mentioned earlier that there’s a bug Menifee.

Tai: Your question is if let’s say I use Poloniex exchange and I wanted to help a system that I trade on their lot and I want to help their exchange can I dedicate my computer and my pool to help them specifically.

Max: Theoretically it’s possible, so we’re in exchange like bit tricks they can create their own pool and say hey if you want to specifically help us we’re the only side that’s on this pool so just join this pool.

Tai: That’s cool. That’s you should mention that earlier that’s one of the exchanges will be here. Exactly if they want to reduce then they attack their website they take the Gladius technology to create the pool and designate that may contribute to this pool that helps protect mine outside the uninvited customer their customers can use their own experience. Nice I like that.

All right guys, thanks for joining us on this video broadcast guys. If you want to learn more about the Gladius technology you want to support it, you want to contribute to that project there’s a website behind Max right there.

And you guys like these types of boots on the ground type of research that we’re doing that our team is doing make sure you go to

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