Gladius Crypto #6 – LIVE Audience Q&A

Tai: Let’s take some questions from the audience, I mean shotgun.

Audience: Since Gladius follows the ERC 20 standard, I think these questions are relevant as far as a project utilizing multiple blockchains is not far-fetched factum does that. Are there any plans to port over Gladius onto another blockchain say like a NEO, Tezos, AOS.

Another question is Cryptokitties and the whole furble situation that logging a network. Do you think it’s gonna be a problem for Gladius being a GRC 20 token as far as congestion on a network? Is that kind of affected what you’re planning on doing or is that just gonna affect the token itself.

Alex: I mean as far as the porting to the blockchain, we don’t have any plans to do that currently Mr. Smart contract along with a lot of the issues really expensive to use or is really accessible fully developed, but we made if we could be.

But we like the theory of and it’s got very defined roadmap as to where it wants to be in the next few years in terms of scalability as well, and I think that I so understand like we’re just gonna be delaying payments.

Basically payments and certain changes get delayed, but extra protection happens off-chain, so you’re even if theorem goes down might be very delayed but it won’t break the service. People just won’t get paid until a later date and if you couldn’t make certain changes but you can make those manually, so if you called up an email before provider they can also change them you just wouldn’t be able to do it as quickly if the interface.

Marcelo: Kind of like what Alex just touches on that websites still get that protection what I say still get their content delivery. We do a fair amount of just service off-chain to prevent that from happening. We don’t want change the blockchain slows down Cryptokitties our breaks completely.

That’s unacceptable growth of our clients, yeah and we found a way to fix that by putting some of that off-chain but like I said there are certain things that are affected are delayed like payment. But in terms of actual protection and actual service to our customers that will still be fully functional even if the Vaakya break.

Alex: Joining pools and purchasing and protected also people in.

Tai: Somebody else is on this.

Audience: I have a couple of questions. The first one is can give these separate my hard disk courses they need an affirmation coming it’s both.

Tai: Thank you, repeat the questionnaire.

Alex: The question was about hard disk usage and your internet connection that you need to have both, right? So you’ll need a little bit of hard drive space but the goal is to minimize that less than 10 day which most people can have some air on their hard drive maybe.

Tai: The hardest drive like 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte.

Alex: We’re not looking into being a content delivery network for YouTube, so the amount of that content that people are looking at service is but if every website probably about 100 megabytes may be a bit less you can have a lot of website for pool and still effectively serve all the content that they have.

Especially because most people don’t put their videos on their site, they put them on YouTube and things like that. The big content hard loggers are not really kept on websites anymore.

Tai: So your question?

Audience: Given this be separated between my hard contrary usage.

Alex: You can do choose a maximum amount of storage but then you’ll earn less rate so if you only store 5 out of the 20 websites on the pool because that’s maximum hard drive usage you just won’t hit the traffic from the other 15. So you won’t meet paid for the traffic that would otherwise see if you store all of the static content.

Marcelo: So you couldn’t separate completely. But you can’t say “I have the only the internet” and no harder than.

Tai: Clarify this also for the audience with Zen’s home when you say earn or payments you use those turns your talk about learning the Gladius token because somebody who wants to use it needs to transfer Gladius tokens, people to use the network.

Max: Yes, if you’re a website, you need these tokens to actually purchase the DDoS protection in CEN – a method transport. The website then automatically pays these poolers, the surmount of quite stony based on the rate that cool set and then the pools then take four seconds for themselves for running the pool. But then they distribute to each of the user parts of the pool however much they’re contributing.

Tai: So little kids I see why so about to prevent somebody from spamming the network. And so they would have to acquire the Gladius tokens.

Alex:  No it’s more are you talking about a man like it as a website why you think

Marcelo: It’s talking about probably anyone who is malicious or would want to interfere with our network they would have to have a certain amount of Gladius tokens to put up as a barrier.

Tai: So it would be a financial cost to do something.

Marcelo: School correction node and pool both have to put a financial incentive on the line and now that would prevent or at least deter someone who is anything malicious because they know would be getting up.

Tai: No problem.

Audience: What was the biggest challenge you ready to overcome to get this father enough.

Tai: We just repeat the question. So he’s asking what’s the biggest challenge that you had to overcome to arrive at where you’re at today with the Gladius project.

Alex: There’s a lot of noise in the industry, so there’s a lot of these other products that exist they’re different for a lot of different SEOs and things that exist soap, kind of get your name out, there is very hard work all 20 around there. So that’s also a challenge.

Tai: What we knew that you.

Alex: You know people don’t take you seriously it’s all inside.

Tai: Here’s the thing that I would say is that when we interviewed Vitalik, when he was 19 back in early 2014 when he came on stage and then when we were interviewed him, I remember thinking the same thing but there was huge lesson that I learned from interviewing Vitalik was at that time, the first thing was going through my mind was that this guy’s 19 what’s he know about building professional-grade software but what he’s proven to me over the years is that it’s usually the young kids.

That is in the field that would come up with some like it’s not going to be some 50 years old or some 60 years old software engineer that’s going to come up with something that’s what we know.

David: And history is littered with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg like other what’s Hallie.

Tai: Like in tactics it depends on you, that’s not like an old man’s game, that’s a young man’s game.

Marcelo: My thing for me, personally, I started this out as a software engineer, I started this out just programming and we’ve had to go from being suffered and engineers to being entrepreneurs, being a businessman and that’s kind of goes along with the age thing and people will take you seriously.

But learning a completely different field, it’s a completely different game and just picking that up on the spot. That’s very difficult, especially for people our age dealing with people who are older. People who are established and have a lot of money, personally.

Tai: This is one thing that I will share with you and you may not be aware it is. So we spent some time last night who would net them for dinner. One of the things that I like about what these guys are doing is that most 19-year-olds what are they doing right now playing video games, watching sports, goofing off and jacking around.

One thing that is respected about what these guys are doing was that last night, we’re going to stay out late and instead, they were like “hey man if you don’t mind, we’d like to get back to Kobe.

That’s what I want to hear what the matter is? It’s midnight but we got a bunch of code, we got the same and they were like “hey man you get over there write this stuff and we’re gonna go ahead and write two more in this code and stuff”. And I’m like when I was 19 years I was running around people’s cars and stuff. I want to worry about writing coding stuff.

So that’s one I appreciate when we heard about these guys and there are many times when I would hit him up once what I like to do that way to hit these guys up at 2 o’clock no morning to see what they’re doing.

In front side were way in they’re awake that was one thing that caught my attention the first time I heard about them was that way let me see what these guys texting on the Skype, that 3 o’clock in the morning to a car back, they have some random questions “hey what about this thing about your project” and then answer back. I did that a few times like “what the hell you are doing up at 10 o’clock in the morning.

We got more code, and that’s one thing that I really respect. Most 19 years old out there around screwing around and these guys out there learning, watching, writing code. I’ll talk about some of the places that you have traveled to already to generate a project.

Max: We went to us that’s really where the crypto Gladius. Sometimes we met the commune either some government officials, so there’s really great experience.

Tai: You do have on some of the criminal Valley, right? Now some of you may not know this at home, but you have to be invited to go to that. You can’t just let me sign on the way out I want to be there.

Okay, so you got invited to go to speak out. Now, what are some of the other plays that you have been to talk about?

Marcelo: We were recently in San Francisco just had some meetings there and it was really exciting.

Alex: Talking about the product and a couple of places in here.

Tai: What kind of responses were you getting from people when you share this technology.

Alex: With a pretty positive so I mean a lot of people think it’s going to be just wrong and I think that it’s great to hear that people think that you can disrupt steam or  $20 billion industry.

Tai: 20 years old building some exciting technology.

Alex: We saved as much a couple times people like oh how do I get involved which is really cool to hear when you picked your product then you talk for 1.5 hours.

Tai: You want to plug your site in real quick?

Alex: Yeah, Gladius.

Audience: I have a question to kind of work off of what you’re mentioning on the hike to the whole 19-year-olds. Generally, I mean playing the video games, I’m sorry that’s one portion, there are the worker bees that know about code like you and then there are the others that don’t have access to either of these.

So two-part question, the first would be what are drivers within your own environment that have facilitated your interest in code and also gave you the resources to follow through on that. The second would be how would we as a community kind of address that gap for those data though doesn’t have to access to you.

Alex: The first one, it’s a school we all had a signing class but we don’t get you all hooked together we were interested I picked up my creators great.

Tai: But they mean for the people at home.

Alex: What’s wrong I thought my plots for everything. It’s not a snake, it’s programming language so I have a teacher in 7th grade told me that I should learn Python, he got me a book. So then I got lucky in that regard that’s someone decided to tell me I should do this, give me a little bit of guidance there, so I think more they think I got lucky and then you’ve got that sort of organically.

Max: So I mean back when I was 19 years old, Christmas like uncle got me this HP lap, our desktop is beautiful at the time but it was awesome. As a typical kid, I would play new games but like as I played, I kind of got bored of the game and start looking into the game’s code because that’s always modifying the game and they had a new thing. It suddenly caught my eye because I was always really creative like creating things. But when I was that young, I was looking on online, we’re doing a formal set punt by modifying games and stuff like that and so just from there organically I  picked up coding it and all that.

Marcelo: For me, I was a little bit later in the game. I would say that kind of fostered my interest in computer science was just creativity in general, so are writing stuff like that gives you a least a childhood creative side to a creative mindset and then kind of my medium that I wanted to work off of when I got older it was technology so it wasn’t like I was interested in code at all but I was interested in creating and then I applied that to technology and that’s kind of where I found.

Tai: What she was asking also it’s like what inspires you to do that though so they’re pushing 19 years old because like we said almost 19 years old off goofing off playing video games or don’t know. You asked 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning pulling away on this black change out what was pushing you back on it.

Alex: I mean I think you have to enjoy it, a certain well. I really like it. It’s really fun for me personally my challenge that sort of gets me going.

Max: For me I mean my mother was boarding your colon and then she came over back when she was 3 years old. She started off with not much and she grew up from there and fortunately enough I mean I had a great childhood and kids are doing that and understanding that know things you have to build things up in the ground up.

Tai: So I didn’t she was asking also like there’s other 19 years old out there that if they have an interest in blockchain technology and want to pursue something like what you are what works to you of encouragement that you have for them?

Marcelo: I mean where’s Ben gonna tear the words of encouragement it’s once you’ve explained the point what blockchain is and it’s super interesting just itself. There are, to be honest, there are a ton of good document like now it is there’s a ton of good documentation of just how to begin a tutorial YouTube, that’s where I started, that’s learning from someone else we have so many resources nowadays on the internet that’s really not hard to just search up how to do X and then you just expand on that.

David: It’s just the curiosity. The curiosity of how to do.

Alex: There are a lot more resources that exist. There’s a very stretchy have gone down a bit headaches but the issue is still getting people interested in an early age. Maybe schools can do a better job with that.

Tai:  Oh no you’re gonna just take a jab at the school computer science class.

Alex: It wasn’t very good and it was until 11th grade.

Tai: What was your computer science professor saying now that you got thousands of people that are supporting your project?

Max: We didn’t hear them tomorrow.

Alex: We’re actually talking to the young media, here’s a nice program on their podcast and smart. University education, that’s great it’s just at a younger age just people don’t get involved. That’s kind of important if you wanna show up to your university and some kids have had a serious advantage and taken all other classes or they’ve had a lot of personal interests versus where a lot of other cases you’re starting from scratch you get a lot. There are people who have a serious disadvantage there’s a big discrepancy in how many people know, so that’s a big issue.

Tai: Any other questions from the audience.

Audience: I have many questions. First of all, it’s not you but if there isn’t a guarantee that you turn around is our money and just among the project.

Tai: The question is that if people out there in the world support your project and they want to participate in it and like what’s there a human you won’t run off and abandon the project.

Alex: I think we have our faces attack we’re sitting here, you know our names. Now, where we went to college. There’s a certain guarantee in that regard and also there’s a legal guarantee that’s broad if you do that.

Tai: Washington DC where all these regulators are.

Alex: That’s nice fraud right there so that less it, that’s a good guarantee and also we have every incentive like we want to build a profit potential is huge. We think it’s a huge industry, there’s much more effective to a long term strategy if you want to build a company then if it is just run away with a couple of my dollars.

Tai: This is what I always say to all the new startups in the blockchain space is that the reward is massive if you can do what you say than to run off and abandon the project.

David: So our members, we always talk about what Leon Fu Dot Com we’re like they would make so much more money if they just made a good-faith effort toward the problem they’re solving rather than scale.

Tai: So rather than runoff. So other questions?

Audience: For the younger generation as well as some of us older folks that are still interested and learning how to code on an idea. What would you folks actually say would be the best entry-level coding language?

Tai: So let me just repeat the question. The question is for the older crowd what’s the best way to get started and what computer language to start?

Alex: I really just like Python and JavaScript those are really good.

Marcelo: I would say JavaScript used to be Java but with all the web stuff emerging these days, I would say JavaScript has a ton of resources.

Alex: I don’t have a lot of features might kill someone.

Tai: Here snakes and coffee, all here.

Marcelo: But I would say like just important in terms of like a mental aspect of like keeping yourself interested in like personally because a lot of people like to start and then they get bored. I mean that’s what I did at your boarding class no matter how interesting the topic.

I would just say you need a good fundamental, so like some kind of thing that is boring, that is textbook it shows you the basics but then did some interested if your projects it’s something that will keep you that you can apply those things you’re learning that will keep you interested and that’s what kept me going.

Alex: Anyone I create a resource for quickly letting a programming language learn an X in is an awesome resource or just like it does a whole breakdown of every language click on the one you can see the syntax and all the external a bunch of language features.

Tai: Did you have another question?

Audience: ERC 20 tokens they received their security and decentralization from Ethereum network itself specifically from the miners and the nodes store all that information and Bitcoin running a node is voluntary. So you’re using your own electricity paying it out of your pocket. Why would somebody can somebody run a Gladius note who would be qualified and are they incentivized to do that?

Alex: So the incentive is that it’s already a sunk cost for everyone. You own here you pay for your internet connection on your computer and you pay for the electricity already and I’m guessing all of you can turn your computer off when you left your house. But most people forget to anyway, so you’re already paying for all of those things all you’re doing by running a body is notice offsetting that.

Max: Another cool thing is that Gladius knows you don’t need like a huge b2 computer it so with the clean lighting need some really nice hardware which less hardware or a 6.

Audience: So participating in the network doesn’t automatically make you have to choose to be a node.

Alex: You have to choose to be a node, so it’s not like you are doing the proof of work or anything like that really you’re not doing anything on the blockchain receiving payments and transmitting information that way you’re all the infrastructure happens option.

Audience: And in seven and then being incentivized how are they incentivized to do that?

Alex: You’re paying lobbyists over.

Audience: But I have to put up like the state myself.

Alex: To become a node do you have to put up a state for bodies tokens? Yeah we do that too disappeared spam and so you put that up and that goes to the pool is basically an application fee almost or deposit. What it allows you to do that way is it would cost a lot of money to mix and 2,000 applications to a pool that they have to look through with all garbage information.

So it basically creates an economic incentive to not do that it also creates the same incentive to be like a good node yet not doing bad things because to be rewarded or you want to earn that back breath you don’t want to just do something bad that leave immediately because you’re gonna lose money.

Tai: No more questions? Thanks for joining us on this broadcast like you said you want more information because we want to make sure that we have a correct website up because there’s a lot of people trying to fish have phishing websites and want to make sure we have the correct so while Marcelo is pulling it up.

If you like these types of videos give us a thumb up. Like you don’t like it give us a thumb down, we won’t be hurt about it. Alright, you like more of these videos go to and subscribe to our newsletter over there. That’s how we told everyone here about our meetup there. Did you have another page up earlier?

Marcelo: Yeah but gone.

Alex: You won’t learn more about the project, we’ve got a white paper on there. You can read more in-depth. You can see all that information up there.

Tai: So make sure you go to a I am an India, O an Oscar to make sure you go to the correct website because there were a lot of phishing websites happening we want to make sure you go to the correct website to look up the information.

So thanks for joining us today this broadcasting at the Marina and supporting this blockchain meetup for anyone and then go to the website you want to participate in hey what’s the best way to follow you also telegram on Twitter?

Max: We have telegram Twitter. Facebook, telling him if you want to talk to us directly. We’re on the air like 20 hours a day

Tai: Yeah over 4,000 over 6,000.

Marcelo: I say directly but we definitely have no problem reaching out to anyone the community just through email.

Tai: Okay and where’s your next event?

Alex: Eye now Dubai generates 9. But we might plan something in DC, so we’re in the area.

Tai: If somebody wants to follow you, come meet you and course and stuff like that I was out on the Telegram, Twitter eye-opener.

Marcelo: We’re in DC so if anyone was ever in DC, we are happy to talk to you.

Ta: So you really want it really simple right? Alright, guys thanks for watching these guys and we’ll see you in the next video.

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