Gladius Crypto #5 – Finish College or Build Gladius?

Tai Zen: Okay so this sounds really exciting, what you are doing? I wish I was doing this kind of stuff when I was 19 years old. Instead of running around causing trouble in my neighborhood, I’m just curious.

Why I’m sure you are also curious out this writing like what about the college stuff did you get mad to leave college. Okay, you are from the Washington DC area with your parents, say about this. I mean when you leave your college to focus on this Gladius Project.

Alex: My parent’s release was pretty. My pretty kindly about it overall because you know they saw the potential of a company and it’s actually pretty industry-changing we hope so they were there pretty on board and in the early stages.

Max: Might not be continuing taking in classes or took one horrified that. I wanted to stop going to the class but we saw this, but you as time went on they saw that the know the community we were building.

Tai Zen: This how many people would interested in this project.

Max: Exactly! Myself coming in. I mean how to change everything. So now no they’re much happier, the current station we were backed up earlier this year.

Marcelo: I mean my parents were pretty skeptical. I’m for some reason like they only see me as like they just don’t see me as a software developer because they just don’t understand what I do at all. So they were extremely skeptical about the whole.

Tai Zen: When they were scheduled it was, it’s because you are 19 years old. It’s skeptical or where they’d like was they skipped about the blockchain technology.

Marcelo: They stay didn’t understand blockchain at all. There’s no like couldn’t even fathom.

Tai Zen: Okay I just thought if you guys can follow our channel for a while. Now you know that we were broadcasting about Cryptocurrency over four years ago.

At that time people thought we were nuts, they thought we were crazy. I remember somebody telling me well not just someone multiple people at work were David I used to work at and they would be used to say that I was like the dumbest Asian but they never met.

Real quick! Raise your hand if you’ve had people say you were nuts when you talked about Bitcoins blockchain like everybody except for you.

Since you are 19 years old when we interview my talent viewings of the founder of Ethereum. It’s not like that multi-billion-dollar project now, massive value lots of people are using it. We were talking off-camera sometimes when you were inspired by what talented did at 19. To talk about some of that stuff that inspired to follow in his footsteps.

Marcelo: I mean just from the perspective of him being 19. Him being in the blockchain space, him just being an expert in software development that’s what we really strive to be and that inspired us to be.

You think of traditional business as an old white man’s game. We are not that and when we saw Vitalik this for 19 years old who was just amazing at coding we were like well we’re 19 years old.

I’m foreign and I’m pretty good at coding so it just kind of inspired us to be like “Hey like we belong here and if the technology is there, how can you beat that? How can you debate my code?” You can.

Tai Zen: Because my time remember him saying codes long. So many codes.

Max: And it’s in gear like when I first got the bucket space, I didn’t know anyone else in it. As I was falling in through the years, I saw some guys getting on board and pretty huge things and seeing if they are him pick up a master coin also.

I was inspired really seeing that anyone can get to space how it’s so new literally it’s like clay mold so we as people and programmers them have that potential to page will.

Alex: Yeah I think it really lowers the barrier for entry because there’s a lot of these really cost a lot of money to build these projects and it’s you can build these decentralized applications that use resources that you otherwise have to pay for not an insignificant about to build products like this look if we wanted to build.

A CDN DDoS protection service from the ground up, we’ve lost millions of dollars but if you probably honestly probably the tens of nine dollars to buy all. The infrastructure will read all the infrastructure and try and make a name for yourself. It’s not a small initial investment versus we do it this way we can actually use other people’s resources we can build you know something that’s more effective and hopefully a lot cheaper.

Tai Zen: So basically all the hardware is out there already and a lot of unused. And it’s like you just build a software that allows.

Alex: Get loads the very eventually for companies that are doing really big things you can do these massive projects that don’t have massive rock star causes.

Software-based but we’re really more than anything else the software project we’re not going to control a lot of hardware but it’s not going we’re not going to own anything really.



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