Gladius Crypto #4 – Difference Between Gladius vs. Akamai, Cloudflare & Amazon

David Fong: Anybody who wants to join the pool they can but they probably need to get a little more hardware and sometimes if I decide ribbon.

Alex: So that one of the interesting things I think that’s really powerful about the platform is the competition that it brings and the really the customization.

So if your website now and you want to purchase from Akamai to CloudFlare, you basically they have one plan for everyone or maybe they have variants of the same plan but you’re paying for a global delivery network rather than something might meet your needs better.

So a great example of Australia, you don’t see much traffic flowing there but they don’t have much there the infrastructure there for a lot of these content delivery networks DDoS protection providers doesn’t exist.

Tai Zen: Okay so this is more so where you are going to come in really handy is that to handle like a local level.

Alex: Almost yeah so we can really tailor our experience to customers and so specifically in lots of places like South America, most of the continent of Africa there aren’t many notices for many of these providers and something it just doesn’t have any CI.

It just doesn’t have all the Inode structure, just isn’t there and it’s something that could be there pretty easily and there are billions of people that are pretty underserved there. They’ve all got everyone, most of the planet has access to the internet now.

Tai Zen: So it’s easier for like those local areas like that to just set up the Gladius technology that makes in the pool to help these websites versus Amazon coming there to be illegal server almost.

Alex: So yeah the big thing that they have is when we can offer services for less because when they have to build something like that there is a massive infrastructure cost to them. They have to have a lot of lands, they have to fuel cooling is a huge thing.

It’s a huge cost to them and they have to recoup that somehow so they have to charge a lot well this is what we strive to do is use resources that are repaid for.

Tai Zen: Okay, that’s unused.

Alex: Yeah exactly so someone, your business internet connection or even if your data center that’s already built this infrastructure out and just you have it if you’re not selling.

Amazon or someone like that because they don’t really do that they like to build their own infrastructure. You’ve got probably 10 or 20 racks just lying around that you built a new part that you’ve you’ve paid for that.

And there’s not you can sell that much lower cost than the competitors can because you don’t have to pay for that infrastructure it already exists.

David Fong: And the software scales when you have a little laptop.

Alex: There’s something that we’ve been looking at most we’ve been talking again we’ll talk later. But more about the sort of people that we want to go for Tier 1 providers that have a lot of extra space and capacity in their networks and they could sell it both as a primary as an upcharge from their customers.

So they could run a full rate with maybe 10 or 20 other data centers that haven’t been doing this already they up-charge their customers for that and then they can also basically they can then sell that as well to other people and then some tokens that way as well.



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