Gladius Crypto #3 – How Gladius Works

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Tai Zen: Okay, so here’s the thing like you actually built the test software?

Alex: It needs more involvement obviously but it’s now a product that allows you to essentially be you can go on the blockchain you can sign up for one of these pools. You can join a pool of other users together and you can start renting it all not quite yet. But you can actually get the action starts tearing traffic.

David Fong: Okay, so this is just any user who has a computer with some extra internet and some extra storage can just sign up and say I want to participate.

Alex: That’s the goal.

Max: One thing to about that it’s one software be as useful as possible everyone. So if you have a home desktop basis, if you have an expensive server, you can use it.

If you have like a small laptop or Raspberry Pi, for example, you can also download it on there and so we’re trying really hard to make sure that anyone can download their client get very accessible.

Tai Zen: So basically like I’ve worked at places miles young, I’ve worked at places before where they would have like 50 computers at the office and at night everybody just shuts it down, nobody uses it.

So what you are suggesting is that with the Gladius technology you can like a business like that and people who have a bunch of computers sitting around you with nothing that you can actually just rent out the hard drive space and the internet.

Alex: Don’t even need one server is a great example is businesses they might pay for a gigabit connection and it might cost them a significant amount of money a month and they’ve already known they’ve already decided that they’re gonna pay for this.

So what they would do is offset that cost a little bit by at night time when no one’s in the office you can run out that eight hours you can start earning money on the traffic and that’s actually a lot of the Internet traffic happens anyway so it works out very well for businesses.

Tai Zen: Okay so the first thing that would come to my mind is that if I have a computer at home and I can rent it out at night when I’m not using it.

So what my first thing would come to my mind is that what are some of the security issues here because I would be like I don’t want somebody hacked into my computer, I don’t know why the reason why this is okay.

So how are you like that’s to me like when you say that’s like the most obvious thing like we want to rent out our computer.

David Fong: But that’s the risk to me.

Alex: Actually I mean one way we can mitigate that we have a bounty program. We have a bug bounty program so when people are they find flaws in the software that may allow something like that they’re incentivized rather than using them to notify us so we can fix some of them pay them for that.

Tai Zen: But that’s like for me, that’s different fundamentally based on current.

Alex: That’s one way we get in finding those flaws but also the other time I’d be the other way is you’re really not processing that much time. You’re just proxying it away which means it’s bouncing through your computer going somewhere else, so if you’re not doing so much of them you’re not running, it makes it very hard for someone.

David Fong: Okay so some other features that also if you give the user a fee or at least like a whitelist to show us.

Alex: The legitimate site which they site they choose what all they want to sign up.

Tai Zen: To you talked about the pool like so basically what you are doing is similar to like Airbnb or Uber. Your rent camp ours it went down your car when you’re not using it, like everybody renting out a room in your house if you’re not using it.

But like when I use Uber-like there’s waiting or something there that shows that thing, the driver that’s picking me up he’s safe, he’s always been vetted. There’s a bunch of reviews that he’s at for story he saw in the same thing he can see my review and the show that see that I am in causing trouble with any other Uber drivers.

So I’m just thinking that before I get into that Uber car I feel say because it’s already been better than other people.

Alex: Obscenities. When they pause do you have an issue they have America they have a reputation?

Tai Zen: But like what you are running using my computer and I’m renting it out to the Gladius Network. What my concern is that what’s keeping like from hackers, from installing a virus on my computer.

Alex: It’s mostly because it’s pretty hard to do that anyway it’s so if you’re running a web server mostly signature pretty well obviously we can’t guarantee that won’t happen well we’re taking every precaution necessary to know basically make it very very hard for something like that bad.

Max: Also one thing is that when a visitor this is a website that when you would have your note and the data is coming to the note before it actually gets your computer. It’s a pool which is the kind of central thing that anyone can start yeah but that pool can you know have it essentially the net that catches is a malicious attack.

Alex: Oh not my deal. So here’s a couple of areas that we can look at it at the DNS level first so there’s there are three basic places where we can look at traffic before.

Max: So before it even hits your computer we can scan it make sure it’s safe for you.

David Fong: Oh you’re already seen, you’re in.

Alex: Yeah essentially you can look at what type of requesters.

Tai Zen: So let’s just do an example here, let’s just say that you are running the pool.

And let’s say David and me are renting our computers to your pool. We joined the pool we rent out our unused computer unused Internet at night using the Gladius technology we jump into that pool and you guys are maintaining that pool.

Let’s say the audience here wants to visit the website. When they come to the website it pulls the data from the pool but you already filtering that out to an extent. Did you check to make sure nothing bad traffic?

Alex: So you were looking for great length assertive ip-based traffic so lots of traffic thumbs up someone’s sending lots of traffic you are blocking in there but you’re not really analyzing what’s coming through.

So you’re not looking at the actual what’s inside of it and that’s one thing that sort of protects you if you are not processing that traffic at all. So it makes it pretty hard for you to know someone to inject something into that.

Marcelo: To maybe go even a little simpler like you said we’re filtering before it even gets to you and if you want to think of it on your level as kind of just a catch and throw to the end user you’re not like Alex said to keep.

Tai Zen: Oh I’m not storing.

Alex: No, you are.

Tai Zen: Yeah or is it a relay station.

Alex: It’s both. So you’re storing files on your computer so static content like HTML Javascript.

Yes, videos pictures like that get stored locally and then you relay the actual request data, so when someone wants to ask for their user name or something and they’re sending something that has to be fetched from the server.

The application you relay that through and you don’t look at the traffic that goes through it’s encrypted at that point so you’re not actually running if you’re not executing code there.

Tai Zen: Okay so because even if I wanted to capture that data and look to see what’s inside the hood.

Alex: You just get different.

David Fong: So that’s what we’re just storing the static data stuff that doesn’t change. The pictures and some things that don’t actually will we’re gonna execute about our machine.

Alex: Exactly it’s nice to know this obviously you can’t get rid of any every risk but it’s not a huge risk.

Tai Zen: So there’s not gonna be like passwords.

Alex: You’re not storing it anything like that and then one thing you can also do just further mitigate that it’s running on something like the Raspberry Pi have. It cordoned off in your network somewhere.

Tai Zen:  So what stage is the software the Gladius software what stages an app now and what’s coming out?

Alex: When it is relative there right now it’s relatively early fees but by March we’re at least by March not earlier our goal is to have a software that we can we’ve actually execute on and run with we have 4 partners lined up right now who want to work with us and we will be for three of them be their primary. DDoS and CDN provider you got protection and CDN provider so we simply and me delivery network.

Tai Zen: So they’re gonna store, they’re going to use the vice acknowledge to store the data and then when websites need that data it can pull from the Gladius’s notes.

Alex: All right of work we’re gonna be running a pool like that Media their primary provider to sort of test the software it gets some feedback directly from them and they’re not small websites it better on the 150,000 unique provide.

Tai Zen: Okay so you obviously created the Gladius technology. So obviously you going to run the pools

Alex: One we’re special ones yes so anyone can compete with us that’s one of the cool things about the platform it’s an open-source platform anyone can create their own instance of a pool they can build their own infrastructure their architecture around it you’re just a service provider.

Tai Zen: Okay so in and so if we want to run a Gladius pool we can just set up our computers use your software.

Alex: You have to build some other infrastructure so you have to build the server infrastructure for doing the Diaspora. Okay, you could spin up a lot of your computer’s your work private servers and things like that to build an image darker, so you did entirely build up here if you wanted to.

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