FAQ #1 – About Us

 1.  Who is Tai Zen or Leon Fu Dot Com™?

Tai is a Vietnamese refugee who came to the USA after the war, grew up in the ghettos of east Texas, went to federal prison for nearly 14 years with his brother for false drug & firearms charges. President Obama & Trump later corrected their sentences but it only benefitted Tai’s brother since he was already released from prison. Tai previously worked as a trader coach for a US based trading school with over 35 locations worldwide & now lives in the beach city of Da Nang, Vietnam & Bangkok, Thailand.

Leon is a Taiwanese immigrant, immigrated to the USA, previously worked as software engineer on Wall Street & Dell Computers & lives in Austin, Texas, USA.  Both started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2012 in the state of Texas, found financial freedom, and now they are both retired and no longer work for the “man”.  Their goal is  help others find financial freedom & say FU to the man by sharing what they have learned about cryptocurrency trading & investing since late 2012.

2.  What’s the best way to get in touch with Tai Zen or Leon Fu Dot Com™

Use the following emails without the asterisks:
*****[email protected]*****
*****[email protected]*****

3.  Can I give Tai Zen or Leon Fu Dot Com™ my money so they can invest it in crypto for me?

No.  They are NOT licensed to manage other people’s money in the U.S. and do not want to violate any laws.  You can learn exactly what Tai and Leon are doing to grow and manage a 7, 8, or 9 figure portfolio in the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™.  In the blueprint, they will show you how to invest in cryptos for yourself using the battle tested strategies they have developed and discovered from the front line trenches of cryptocurrency trading and investing since 2012.

4.  What’s the best way to follow Tai Zen or Leon Fu Dot Com™?

a) Subscribe to their Cryptocurrency Market Newsletter at:
b) Follow them on Twitter at:  @HeyTaiZen and @LeonCFu

FAQ #2 – Advertising & Product Review Requirements

 1.  How much do you charge to advertise on your site?

We are traders/investors who make our money in trading/investing in cryptocurrencies.  Currently we are busy trading/investing in crypto and have not set up the infrastructure to do advertising on our site at the moment.  Please check back with us in the future for more details when we are ready to accept advertising on our site.

2.  How much do you charge to review our product, service, or coin on your channel?

We review products and services we personally use.  If we don’t use it, more than likely we will not talk about it or review it on our channel.  We do not accept money to review a products or services at this moment because we are focused on making Life Changing Profits™ and that does not come from product reviews.  It comes from trading and investing in crypto.

FAQ #3 – Cryptocurrency Products & Services We Use

(NOTE:  We were NOT PAID by any businesses to list their names here.)

The following list was revised on 2021-11-11.

1.  What exchanges has your team personally used to trade >$1,000,000 USD in cryptocurrencies that requires a background check (AML/KYC)? 

♦  www.Binance.com (Malta)
♦  www.Coinbase.com (USA)
♦  www.CumberlandMining.com (USA & Singapore) (Minimum $100,000 USD/Trade)
♦  www.FTX.com (Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas)
♦  www.Gemini.com (USA)
♦  www.GenesisTrading (USA) (Minimum $25,000 USD/Trade)
♦  www.Global.Bittrex.com (USA)
♦  www.Kraken.com (USA)
♦  www.KuCoin.com (Singapore)
♦  www.ShapeShift.io (Switzerland)
♦  www.Poloniex.com (USA)
♦  www.Pro.Coinbase.com (USA)
♦  www.Remitano.com (Seychelles Islands, East Africa)

2.  What exchanges have you used to buy <$10,000 USD of  cryptocurrencies and does not “always” require a background check (AML/KYC)?  

♦  www.ShapeShift.io (Switzerland)
♦  www.Changelly.com (Hong Kong)

3.  What cryptocurrency desktop wallets do you recommend?

♦  www.Exodus.io (USA)
♦  www.Coinomi.com (Singapore)
♦  www.Jaxx.io (USA)

4.  What cryptocurrency mobile wallets do you recommend?

♦  www.BreadWallet.com (Switzerland)
♦  www.Coinbase.com  (USA)
♦  www.Jaxx.io  (Canada)

5.  What cryptocurrency hardware wallets has your team used to store >$1,000,000 USD that you are comfortable to recommend?

♦  www.Trezor.io (Czech Republic)
♦  www.Ledger.com (France)

6.  What companies has your team used to custody >$100,000 USD in cryptocurrencies?

♦  www.KingdomTrust.com (USA)

7.  What decentralized exchanges has your team used to convert fiat to crypto or vice versa?

 ♦ www.Bisq.Network (Spain) (Previously called Bitsquare)

8.  What cryptos do you currently have in your portfolio?

We invest in every crypto that we discuss on our YouTube channel except for Onecoin.  Onecoin is a scam so do not invest into it.

9.  Do you recommend using a password managers? Which one?

Yes it is MANDATORY you use a password manager in crypto land.  Previously our team recommended Lastpass (for iOS) and Keepass (for Windows) for more than 4 years.  We currently recommend Bitwarden and back it up to Keepass in case Bitwarden goes offline because:

♦  More user friendly.
♦  It can be used across multiple operating systems.
♦  Allows for company & family password databases.
♦  Easier to set up 2FA and a Yubikey.

10.  Do you recommend using a hardware key?  Which one?

Yes, we highly recommend using a hardware (security) key on your emails, exchange accounts, etc.  We use the Yubikey by Yubico.

11.  Do you recommend using Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?  Which one?

Yes, we highly recommend using 2FA on all your emails, exchange accounts, social media, etc.   We use Google Authenticator on Android & iOS.

12.  What charting platform do you use?

♦  www.Indexes.Cryptocurrency.Market
♦  www.TradingView.com

FAQ #4 – Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™ Security

NOTICE:  The guidelines we set forth here will seem harsh and drastic from a “social” perspective but we need to do everything we can to ensure the safety and security of our bootcamp attendees while providing the best learning experience possible.

1.  Why are you sending the Dell laptops and hardware wallets to our house?  Can’t we pick it up at the bootcamp?

We prefer to ship the laptops and hardware wallets to you directly from the manufacturer so you  know that no one has tampered with the laptop or hardware wallet.  In special circumstances where we can not ship the laptop or hardware to you directly due to customs issues then we will call you to make special arrangements individually.

2.  Can you recommend another bootcamp attendee who would like to be a roommate and split the hotel cost?

No! We do  NOT recommend sharing a hotel room with another bootcamp attendee for security reasons because you do not know the attendee or their computer skills.  What if you share rooms with them and they steal your laptop or hardware wallet or passwords to your crypto accounts?  The few hundred dollars you save in hotel is not worth the security risk. Therefore, we do not recommend you try to share hotel rooms with another bootcamp attendee that you don’t know.

3.  Can we bring our personal laptops and hardware wallets?

No!  You are only allowed to bring the Dell laptop we sent you.  We do not want to be liable for anyone losing their bitcoins or cryptos and blame it on us at the bootcamp.  During the bootcamp you will not be allowed to trade your own cryptos in your own accounts for security and compliance reasons.  You will only be allowed to trade on the accounts provided by Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™.

4.  Can we hang out with other bootcamp attendees for dinner and a drink at the end of the bootcamp?

Yes, but we do not recommend it for security reasons.  We want to remind you that you are here to learn how to make Life Changing Money™ at the bootcamp and that you are not here to make friends or find a drinking buddy.  You do not know the other person.  If you have a 7 or 8 figure portfolio, do you want that to be known?

5.  Is it okay to share investing ideas and strategies and collaborate with other bootcamp attendees?

We do NOT recommend it for several reasons:

1.  Keep in mind that you originally invested in us to share with you what we know about crypto investing.  You did not invest in the other attendees because if they already know how to invest in cryptos successfully they would not be at the bootcamp.

2.  Our team members have a professional trading background in the traditional stocks, futures, forex and options market already long before cryptos came along and we have over a decade of teaching and coaching experience to help new traders and investors become successful.  Therefore, you want to take advantage of that.

3.   You are getting coached for approximately 1 year after the bootcamp to make sure that you are implementing everything you learned at the bootcamp correctly.  You do not want to deviate and reinvent the wheel after you leave the bootcamp.  If you have questions or need help or confused about anything, we invite you to reach out to us and not another bootcamp attendee because they did not develop the strategies and methods we showed you at the bootcamp.